Slowly waking from her slumber, Sarah felt like she had been asleep for days. To be honest she wasn’t entirely sure that was not the case. It took her a moment to realize that there was an arm around her waist. Sarah knew it was Joshua by the feel of his rough hand on her stomach and his scent. He always smelled like a combination of Polo and man. She liked the feel of his arms around her. Sarah wiggles just a little bit trying to get closer to Joshua. His chin almost resting on her shoulder. His voice was husky from sleep when herRead More →

Sarah’s breath was fast and hard as her climax consumed her total being. She had missed feeling Daniels cock inside her. He was careful to not push too hard until he stretched her as his shaft did not fit completely inside until she was about to climax. She felt the cum running down her leg, Daniels mixing with hers. When he went fully limp inside her more streamed down her leg, but pours when he removed himself from her now blushing pink swollen pussy. Smiling at all the cum flowing down Sarah’s leg, Daniel touched the inside of her thigh causing her to jump atRead More →

Sarah felt the semi hard cock of Daniel against the side of her face, she opened her mouth as the tips slide past her lips. She paused waiting for instruction. When there was none, she closed her mouth around the head. She knew it was a test to see if she remembered the difference. Daniel was pleased that she paused that moment to see if he was going to instruct her. When she finally closed her mouth around the head, using her tongue to make it wet, he was pleased. She was indeed learning. He knew that he could not allow her to keep suckingRead More →

Joshua watched Sarah as she took Daniel into her mouth. He felt his desire and want start to override his brain. He had to remember that she was still learning and although he would love to take her, she needed to learn restraint just as he did. As Daniel’s hand wrapped in Sarah’s hair he knew what was coming. His own cock throbbed with need. Seeing Sarah taking the full length of Daniel in her throat was more than Joshua could take. He needed her, wanted her and would take her but he had to control himself. He turned away, not knowing if he couldRead More →

Sarah, reminded of her position, remained in her kneeling positions. She was a bit shocked by his action as she had never had him deny her anything but his cum or her own orgasm. She started to wonder if she had done something wrong again. She hoped that since she was not still on the horse that her punishment was over, but it appears that it was not. Sarah thought she had pleased them with her apology during her punishment, but it appears that she had more learning to do. Sarah let her head fall forward. Her blindfold locked out the room, it was onlyRead More →

As we say goodbye to another year and look forward to the next, remember only the positive and happy parts of 2014, don’t waste your time remembering about anything else. We have a new book titled “2015” with all blank pages just ready to be filled. I look forward to bringing you all along on my continued journey with new episodes this coming year. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 Yours Truly, SarahRead More →

When Master Daniel had once again gained his strength, he pushed way from the wall. He looked down at the face of his slave, her eyes were now questioning, where once she thought she knew how to please, she now was ready to put that aside and question if she had pleased him. He smiles as she continued to look for her answers. He was always hard to read, but that was part of the training, she would have to learn his likes and actually learn them, not just the mechanical part. His smile put Sarah at some ease, but there was something else inRead More →

The silence seemed to spread around the room, closing in and weighing heavy on her. Sarah thought because he was sitting there, in the chair, the one that he always occupied that her training was to continue. The smile started to vanish from her face as she started to realize this might be her last day here. She kept her head bent low willing herself not to look up. She tried to remember the expression on his face. But she had been so happy to see him sitting there that she didn’t think he might be disappointed. Sarah wanted to ask again if should couldRead More →

The tenderness in Master Daniels touch soothed Sarah more than the lotion he applied again to her ass. When he told her to stand she did as ordered without hesitation. He stood behind her and turned her toward the cage. “This is your home for a while.” Sarah remembered the feeling of that cage, the beginning the excitement of what she had just done. It was the beginning of her training and journey. The cage was the beginning and she knew that. Master Daniel had said early that she was going to start her training all over. She felt her head bow further and heRead More →

The buzz of the alarm woke Sarah as she stretched and did her now normal routine. She rolled to her night stand, took the suction tubes and placed them on her nipples then walked to the chair to suction her clit. She set the timer and leaned back in the chair, with her legs spread open. As she looked in the mirror she seen what Master Daniel had been talking about. She was still swollen from their play almost 2 days ago. She was slightly bruised from their pounding. She remembered with delight the feel of both Master Daniel and Sir Joshua deep inside her,Read More →