When Sarah did finally awake from her sex induced slumber she was amaze that she had slept for more than 15 hours. She could not remember a time when she had slept that long, nor could she remember a time that she had that many orgasms. She could still feel the tingling in her body as every nerve seemed to be alive. She sat up in her bed and looked around. She was not sure how she had gotten here but she immediately noticed the note on your night stand. She reached for the note and began to read…. “Afternoon, slave.   I hope thisRead More →

Master Daniel felt his cock growing harder as he seen her juice cover the dildo and felt it’s warmth on his hand. She was so wet now that each time he pulled and pushed the dildo inside her it made a sloshy wet sound. He found he loved that sound.  Her cries of ecstasy were very exciting. Sarah’s body jerked as Sir Joshua continued to hold the wand against her swollen clit. Master Daniel could see her lips contract as it continued to pull the dildo deeper inside her. Sarah felt the orgasm start to consume her as her body jerked, one in trying toRead More →

Sarah remained as ordered on the floor in her kneeling position. She could feel the sweat running over her body and the cool breeze blowed across her harden nipples. She could not see them but she knew they were taut and still dark pink. They were getting longer each day. They were swollen and sensitive to the touch. Just the slightest breeze or touch caused them to ache and send a tingle straight between her legs. Her head was straight and it forced her to sit straight up in her kneeling position. Her shoulders were up and her breast were thrust out. Her hands faceRead More →

Sarah thought her heart would beat out of her chest as her body was shaken with the intense orgasms. Her entire body was covered with sweat and was as limp as her restraints would allow her. She felt completely spent and drained but energized at the same time. It was such a confusing feeling. She thought to herself that the wait was worth the weeks of denial. She totally understood why she would ever be ordered not to find her release. It was not just a way of control there was a reward. Sarah had never felt such an explosion, she felt the moment herRead More →

The nubs from the Syrian device was pushing softly into Sarah’s exposed swollen clit, making it difficult for her to sit still. It was making her want to rub back and forth against them, however, each times she moved just the slightest it would rub her and make her regret that movement as the pulses were sent over her entire body. Each part of her seemed to be sensitive. She didn’t know if it was from the excitement her training was continuing or the fact that she was not allowed a release in weeks. As she sat there with herself exposed, trying to keep herRead More →

Sir Joshua left her kneeing on the cold concrete which did nothing to cool off what that vibrations had starts earlier and the fact that she was still excited that her training was moving along into another phase. She was smiling on the inside and hoped that it did not show outside, she was not sure if it would be right. Of course it was harder to smile with a ball gag in her mouth. Sir Joshua returned to stand in front of Sarah, he was still nude and with collar on she could not shy away from the limp cock that was in frontRead More →

When Sir Joshua and Sarah arrive back home, Sarah followed her previous orders and went to the front room and undressed. She then assumed her kneeling position where her collar would be attached, however, today the collar was missing from the table. Sarah was not sure if that was a good or bad thing. Had she cause them to decide she was not worthy of their training? She bowed her head, not just as part of her training dictated, but she also did so because she knew that she was not being a good slave. She didn’t always do as she was told. She thoughtRead More →

Sarah had drifted off to sleep smiling that she had pleased not only Master Daniel but had even managed to please Sir Joshua. She was finding her pleasure in pleasing her Master. Sarah was still smiling when the alarm woke her for another day of school and training. She was starting to look forward to the training more and more. The pleasure she felt when she pleased Master Daniel and Sir Joshua was now making her smile more. She hurried to get ready and find out what she would be wearing today. She was amazed how Master Daniel could make her look so refined withRead More →

Sarah followed Master Daniel to the shower where he turned the shower on and stepped inside. She stepped inside the warm shower and the warm water ran down her body and over her swollen well fucked ass. She resisted the urge to feel her ass as she had often did before. Master Daniel released the one hose that looked like a plug. He grabbed the body soap and added it to the head of the plug then turned to Sarah, “Turn around and lean forward.” She did as instructed and leaned forward grabbed each ass cheek and spread them apart. Master Daniel slowly inserted theRead More →