After the door was closed behind their retreating bodies Joshua ordered me to my feet. He pulled me to the table by my nipple clamps and told me stand still while he removed the chastity device. The device was removed and then I was ordered to get on the table on all fours. I did as ordered. Joshua grabbed a very long piece of rope and came back to the table and removed my nipple clamps. He folded the rope length in half, wrapping it around just under my breast. Sliding the rope through the loop the two halves made. He pulled it tight andRead More →

I heard the door opening which woke me from my nap. My back was arched and my nipples were still hard and pointed upward. Daniel walked into the room leaving the door open, Joshua followed him into the room.  They both walked over to the within reach of me. “I just love these long nipples,” Daniel said pull on one then the other, “they will make such great play toys.” Joshua had walked to a cabinet on the wall and opened it. I could not see what was inside but heard the sound of metal like a chain. I could see Joshua moving toward meRead More →

That when I felt pressure on my ass again, I could feel something being inserted. My eyes open wide as I began to feel the cold steel against my ass and the feeling of my ass being stretched open. It was a little and Joshua would hold it there, then a bit more and he would hold again and even more. “You must relax,” Joshua said in a commanding voice, “it will open easier for the stretcher if you do.” I nodded, “Yes, Sir.” I was trying to relax I thought about warm sand and tropical breeze. The feel of the hot sand on myRead More →

I was kneeling on the cushions that my Master had left me on for only a short period of time before I heard footsteps in the hall. I was not sure how long I was in the basement but the sun was bright in the sky and streaming into the room. I could now hear voices in the hall, there were of two men talking. Daniel must have business today I thought to myself. The door opened and two men were standing there, Daniel and a gentleman that I had never seen before. They continue the conversation as if I was not even there, kneelingRead More →

I laid there on that table for what felt like hours. If I moved more water rushed into my already full ass. The pain from being full was causing my nipples to harden even more than before and my pussy began to get more wet. This is a sensation I had never felt before. I liked the rim of my ass to be played with but no one had ever inserted anything in it before, much less a plug and all this water. I decided to experiment a little. The water would move each time I moved my hips so I wondered what it wouldRead More →

The click sound of the being opened woke me from my restless night of sleep. The cage door was opened with the slightest sound, indicating that the door was well taken care of. I opened my eyes to see Daniel standing just outside the cage hanging the unhinged lock on the cage. Daniel smiled and said, “When I open the cage or if you wake before I return in the morning you are to be on your knees in the center of the cage. Your hands on your legs with palms up.” I shook my head and assumed my position in the cage. “Did youRead More →

After about 20 minutes of being in the pool watching True’s bathing suit slip down and the water clinging to those firm round breast I had to get out of the water. We sat by the pool and talked about class and the things females talk about, shoes. I told her that she always dressed like a “Lady.” She told me a bit about her background growing up in a very strict house where you could not have anything out of place. Which pretty much explained much about her. We decided it was getting hot and went inside. She told me to come to herRead More →

Instead of going to class on the Friday of the dinner I decided it was a nice summer day I needed to go shopping. They had a pool so I would need a new bathing suit and maybe a new dress, something casual. I was not sure what all we would be doing that weekend but I was very excited to get it started. True and I had been talking about it for the past few days and I could not wait for 8:00 pm to hurry up. I had to keep myself busy so that I didn’t just rush right over. I didn’t wantRead More →

I decided to keep an online journal of my life with my Master. I guess I should start with how I go into this lifestyle. All through my high school I would always find myself attracted to a certain type of person. And in my sex life it was not any different, I always wanted a man to tell me what they wanted and took it. In college I met this absolutely beautiful woman. I remember the first time I seen her coming into class, I felt myself getting very wet. I had never really been attracted to women before, but there was something aboutRead More →