Sarah sat in her chair, trying to concentrate on the book in front of her. It was proving to be much harder that she had originally thought. Each time she moved in the chair the plug would move and she was moan at the sheer pleasure, which would cause her pussy to contract and move the ball inside. Each movement was followed by a tightening of her pussy muscle to keep the balls inside which would cause her ass to pull on the plug. It was sweet torture. Minutes seemed like hours as she waiting to be called for dinner. Would she be dining inRead More →

I awoke at the sound of the alarm wishing I could have had just another minute. It was like real life was affecting my dream state. I was not allowed to have an orgasm in my awake state and it appeared that my dream state was not going to allow it either. I drug myself out of bed. Even though I had waken in the night I still felt rested. I was not sure when Master had allowed me to please him but it was actually heaven. Maybe that was why I didn’t feel tired. Not to mention, my day of not doing anything hadRead More →

I was never more glad to hear the words “Dinner is served.”  Master came back to take my arm escorting True and myself to the dinning area. He dropped me at my chair to the left of him and went to pull the chair out for True. Sir Joshua took my arm and guided me into the chair that he had pulled out for me and took the seat next True. The was a formality to the dinner and although my clothing was barely covering my body I still felt formal. My nipples hardened at the cool air that filled the room.  The conversation seemedRead More →

I returned to my room and showered again even though I had just been showered in the playroom. I did not know the rule about that. I would have to remember to ask Master. As the water hit my hard nipples it called my attention to them. They were swollen and much larger around as well as longer. They were at least 3/4 of an inch long. They stuck out hard even against my touch. Even the touch was sending pulses straight between my legs. I did not even want to wash between my legs as I was having trouble already controlling myself. I turnedRead More →

After dinner I was allowed to retire to my room. I used the suction on my hard nipples and my still swollen clit. I showered and tried to read for class but could not keep my eyes open. I found myself drifting off the sleep The next thing I knew it was morning. I woke up and my books were off the bed and on the desk, my suctions were on the night stand next to the bed and there was another note for me. Slave: You looked very tired and you were asleep when we came to finish your daily training. You will needRead More →

After I left the playroom it started to wash over me that I liked pleasing Master and Sir Joshua.  I was feeling great shame in not being the perfect slave. I wasn’t sure there was a perfect slave, well maybe True was. I never seen Master look cross at her or ever hear of her punishment. Maybe one day I would be a good slave like her. To be able to share the bed each night with Master and if I am lucky share it with Master and True. After my shower I looked toward my desk and noticed that was several pieces of paperRead More →

I stood there with the blindfold clinging to my wet face and the ball gag filling my mouth. the water was dripping off my body and splashing against the wet ground. The air was cool against my wet skin. I felt the leash being grabbed from it’s hanging position on my collar. Master tugged on the leash letting me know it was time to move. We had only taken a few steps when I was greeted with a towel over my head, drying my hair and running down my body to dry it off. I was not a gentle drying but then again I wasRead More →

I could only feel the suction being released from clit and the tube being removed. The breeze blowing across my swollen clit cause my pussy to start getting wet.  I had to find something to think about that would cause my excitement to get under control. It came to me in an instant, that look for disappointment when I opened my eyes and seen Sir Joshua standing there and the disappoint on Master face this morning. It was more than I could take. I felt the tears of shame running down my face and I was not thinking about my exposed swollen clit. Masters spokeRead More →

I took my time eating. I did not want to be on those kneeling cushions again. My legs were still hurting from the day before. Each bite I chewed as long as I could. Then it occurred to me that if I was to take longer to avoid the cushions and Master or Sir Joshua was to enter the room and noticed that I was lingering to avoid what I was assuming was punishment they would be madder and my punishment might be worse. After that thought I decided that it would be best if I just finished up and took my punishment for whatRead More →

I knew that I was going to be punished that was what I had been waiting on all night. The waiting for the punishment was killing me. I kneeled all day waiting for Master or Sir Joshua to return and hand out my punishment, but they never came. Now it was day and there was the note sitting on my dress. Although I could not see the writing on the outside it was screaming at me. My mind was working over time wondering what was in that note. Were they ready to say I could not be trained and releasing me back to my lifeRead More →