It felt like my very soul was aching because I had again broken a rule that my Master had given me. I could not control myself. I seen the look on Sir Joshua’s face and knew that I was in trouble. There was disappointment mixed with the anger of breaking a rule. Sir Joshua released the suction on my clit by pushing the plunger back on the syringe. There was a weight of disappointment with his movements. Then he released my nipples. They were swollen and very long and hard. I would have figure at least a pinch or a flick but there was nothing. Read More →

After I had showered I was more than ready for bed. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open as I walked to my bed. The sheets had been changed during my shower and my silks were laying on the chair. I was alone in my room again. My head touch the pillow and I was asleep…… It felt like only minutes and I was being awaken again by the pulling on my ankles. There were ropes being added. Not rough but gently. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Sir Joshua wrapping the ropes around them. He pulled themRead More →

I awoke to feeling the folds of my pussy opening.  My eyes open but I could not see anything,  there was something on my eyes. I had not felt anything from the time I feel asleep until now. I tried to move but found that my hands were tied together and tied above my head. My legs were tied to each side of the bed. I felt clamps being added to my clit lips. I cried out as the pain was overwhelming. I then felt a finger begin to rub my clit making me forget the pain. Then a finger sliding inside the opening ofRead More →

  The warm water hit my body and ran down my ass. There was still a slight tingle to my ass, almost like there was still a ball inside. I applied soap to my hair and rubbed my hands over my breast, cleaning my nipples but not playing too long. I washed the triangle of hair between my legs and made sure to clean any cum from the folds.  I took the bottle down from the shower and filled it with water to wash myself out.  Master said that there would be more training tonight, I am not sure if that means just the silksRead More →

  I glanced at the clock and noticed that I still had a bit of time before dinner would begin. I started to notice that everything in this house had a set time. There was complete control I don’t know why I never noticed that before. I knew when I was to get up, go to school, and eat. I could see where that would be a pain to some people but it felt that I always had time to get everything done. I wasn’t rushing to get an assignment done or making sure that I had clothes to wear the next day. Now IRead More →

  It felt as if I had just gotten to sleep. I rolled my legs off the side of the bed. I didn’t even take my robe with me to the bathroom this time. Since Master had told me the rules were a bit different in this room than they were on the outside.  I still was not clear what he wanted but thought I might ask when I got a chance. I could of course ask Sir Joshua but I was not sure that he would actually talk to me and if he did would he still be angry. My thoughts were distracted while IRead More →

I was not sure how long I was attached to the cross, but my mind would not stop replaying this morning. Behind the blindfold there was no escape from the darkness that allowed the images to appear. I kept telling myself that I would do better, I would be a better slave that I must please them. I make a resolve to only do what I am told, to be a better slave to accept what I am. With my final resolve firmly planted the door opens again. I hear the footsteps and can tell that they are bare feet, but I was not sureRead More →

  The alarm sounds at 6:30 am; I fold the covers back and slid my bare legs off the bed. There is a robe placed neatly at the end of the bed. It is made of a rich blue silk. I run my fingers slowly over the soft fabric. I slip one arm in the robe then the other feeling the cold fabric against my bare breast. Any touch to my nipples caused them to become erect and hard since they had been clamped. I tied the robe loose around my waist as I made my way to the shower for what was my MastersRead More →

After cleaning Joshua opened the door for me to step out of the shower. I reached for one of the towels and turned to him to dry his body off. I had to assume that was my job. I was a slave, but you know it didn’t feel like all those stories that you read in history. But again this was a bit different. I was finding a more sexual side to myself than I had before. It was one of wanting to please my Master in every way. And since Joshua was to be considered the same as my Master when he was notRead More →

“Your training in controlling your orgasms shall continue.” Daniel said then I felt the pressure at the opening of my pussy again. Daniel slide a finger over my swollen, clamped clit my body instantly jerked at the sensation. I felt the clamp release and the pressure of Daniels rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger. I felt my pussy begin to tighten as I seem to be right on the edge of an orgasm. I continued to tell myself that I could not cum, but telling my body was another thing.  Daniel released my clit from his torture and I was posed there, between theRead More →