10 Benefits of Morning Sex……

  • Best Way to Start the Day

Upbeat for the rest of the day and morning sex can also strengthen your immune system, creating antibodies that help protect against infections

  • You can skip the Gym

Who doesn’t like to stay in bed a little longer? By having morning sex, you can burn as many calories as a 30-minute jog. So not only are you getting a work out you are giving yourself extra time. It can also lower your risk of heart attacks and stroke

  • Your Clothes are already OFF

No clothes to get off and do your bedtime routine…that’s already done. You are full of energy. You are less self-conscious in the morning because you are still groggy from the sleep. Which can add to the low inhibitions creating an amazing morning sex orgasm. Not to mention…. the filtered light is also very flattering.

  • Spontaneity!!!!

There is not enough adjective that can describe how hot men view spontaneity. And it is a nice change from the normal schedule.

  • Intimate

You start your day off with your partner, their pleasure is linked with you physically and emotionally. You are making your partner a priority in your day and life. It can make a stronger emotional bond.

  • Promotes Better Mood

I mean who doesn’t want to start the day with a smile? Morning sex encourages you to wake up instead of hitting that snooze that can actually make you more tired and grumpy. It puts you in a positive mood to start your day rather than dreading that morning commute and makes you full of cheer that can affect others….in a positive way.

  • Relaxes You

Morning sex will relieve certain tension in your body helping you relax. It can call let you start the day with an orgasm not a to do list.

  • Turns Your Brain On

No auto pilot for you while brushing your teeth. The physical activity wakes the entire body and gets it moving. It will cause you to breathe deeper and your brain gets more oxygen and activates your entire body

  • It’s Fun

It’s a change in your routine. It can help you get out a rut even just once a week. Break that schedule and wake up horny and do something about it. Also ladies he will last longer in the morning. Men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning. He will have all the energy so you can let him do all the work.

  • Really? Why Not?

Because sex is fun and amazing anytime why not just try it in the morning. It is a great way to start the day and put a wicked grin on your face.