Episode 50

Sarah was shaking, she was only slightly aware she was being moved. She felt his arms tight around her, she was tucked against his hard chest. Her mind swirled around with tingles and emotions. It was like drowning, sinking further into the darkness. When the bath was half filled Joshua lowered himself and Sarah into the hot water. He held her body next to him using his hand to pour the water over her shoulders. His arm wrapped tight about her waist, keeping her pulled against him. He whispered against her ear, “Such a good girl,” kissing her cheek and neck. Letting her know he was still there, “You are safe little one.”

This could be a dangerous place the first time. He did not think she had ever been in this space. His hand soothing her cheek and running over her hair. As the water started to cool, Joshua continued to whisper caring words to Sarah until the shaking subsided.

Sarah was only slightly aware of her surroundings. It felt like she was sinking deeper into the darkness she heard his words in her head drifting around.

Pulling her out of the tub with him, he put her feet on the floor, checking to make sure she could stand on her own. Her eye still glossy and although open she was not seeing her surroundings. Joshua grabbed the towel from the shelf and wrapped it around her. She looked so small as the bath towel was draped around her shoulders.

When his towel was secure around his waist, Joshua pulled her to him hugging her tight kissing the top of her head before scooping her up and taking her back to bed.

The sheets were a complete messes, Joshua smiled. He put Sarah on the edge of the bed pulling the soaked sheets off the bed and tossing them in the floor. Joshua put Sarah in the middle of the bed taking the damp towel from around her  He pulled the blanket over her small frame. Dropping his towel to the ground sliding under the sheet pulling her back against his chest.

Sarah woke the next morning her hand against Joshua’s hard chest. She breathed in his scent.  She was not sure if she has just been dreaming the night before. Her mind was cloudy but little flashbacks to what happened the night before. She closed her eyes the scene played in her head like a movie but she could feel the sensations, every touch every nerve in her body tingling. She body reacting to the memory of the sensations. Her body moved in a haze. Joshua was pulled from his slumber as Sarah legs straddle him, her small hand gripping his semi hard waking errection. She ran the tip between her still swollen lips and plunges it inside her. The sounds from her lips was a mixture of moaning and purrs, lowering herself to take him fully into her. Her eyes barely open. Looking closer, Joshua knew by her expression she was not aware she was actually slowing moving her body up and down on his now fully hard cock. He knew he should stop her, pull her from this awake dream. She was still in her sub space. His body was reacting to her more than the absence had caused. He felt the need to drive hard and deep inside her. His brain overriding his bodies desire. He left his hands at his sides allowing Sarah to have her feel. She was making it hard to keep his concentration on her to make sure she did not sink too far down. Her hips lowing her down taking him deep, she did a slow pelvic thrust forward each time causing his tip to push against her wall. He felt her fingers digging into his chest, her breathing more labored as moans of pleasure filled the room. His control was wavering, he dug his fingers in the blanket that was covering the bed from last night’s ecstasy. Sarah’s eyes were closed, her back arching pushing her perfect orbs outward. Joshua fighting the urge to take one of the long hard nipples into his mouth and suckle until she drained him. His own thoughts were starting to consume him. He needed to have her hard but need to make sure she was not too deep in her space.

Joshua reached up placing one hand on her side, pulling himself up as his other hand caresses her cheek. Sarah’s eyes open realizing she was not dreaming, her body almost going into a shock. Joshua pulled her lips to his, whispered against them, “You are safe” not allowing her body to stop his torment. Wrapping his arm around her waist pulling her close to her, his body thrusting up forcing himself even deeper. Sarah panting against his lips as they open kissing her deeply. His finger slide into her hair holding her mouth to his. Joshua moves his lips along her cheek, his voice husky with desire. “Cum for me, Sarah.” Almost as his command was heard her body tightened around him, he felt her tense in his arm. Her pace quickened as she start to pour her cream all down his shaft. Unable to maintain his control, Joshua drove up hard into Sarah. His hand pulling her hair forcing her neck back. His mouth claims one nipple and sucked hard. He felt her body squeeze him again, smiling as he knew she was having another orgasm. His fingers released her hair and covered her other breast. Sarah was still riding him, up and down squeezing his shaft tighter. His lap soaked with her juice. Her moans driving him to insanity. His mouth still on her nipple sucking harder wrapping both arms around her holding her as he started to drive hard, thrusting deep inside her. Her wall stretching allow him to push deeper inside her. He own breathing labored now as his plunges deep and holds as his send hot pulses of his cum inside her. The intensity of the orgasm made him shiver as he kept release himself. Joshua released her nipple and put his sweaty forehead against her breast. Her hand touches his hair. Joshua felt something in the touch that he had not expected…..


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