Episode 46


Sarah’s breath was fast and hard as her climax consumed her total being. She had missed feeling Daniels cock inside her. He was careful to not push too hard until he stretched her as his shaft did not fit completely inside until she was about to climax.

She felt the cum running down her leg, Daniels mixing with hers. When he went fully limp inside her more streamed down her leg, but pours when he removed himself from her now blushing pink swollen pussy.

Smiling at all the cum flowing down Sarah’s leg, Daniel touched the inside of her thigh causing her to jump at the touch. Her entire body was alive with sensation. The air in the room seemed to caress her. Daniels run his finger up her leg and to her folds wanted to feel the puffy lips with his fingers as he collected their cum.

“Open your mouth you very good girl,” Master Daniel said

He slowly slides his dripping fingers in her mouth, “Suck us of them, my little slave.”

Sarah did as she was ordered, sucking the taste from his fingers. Licking and sucking them in her mouth, smiling as she did. It was a gift to have both of the cum mixed on his finger. She knew it was a big deal, it was a gift. Sucking his cock to clean him after he had cum was one thing, this was totally different. It was a true mixture of them not just a little taste. But not just that, it was his words. They meant so much there were endearing and touched her more than she could have imagined.

When he pulled his fingers from her mouth she wanted to express her gratitude. “Thank you, Master for the gift I was just giving,” she smiled more. “It was an amazing gift of your cum mixed with mine.”

Daniels smile spread across his face, in that one moment her submission was getting closer. He knew she grasped the sensation of tasting them together but knew that she always listened and heard his words.

Joshua had watched as Daniel filled Sarah with cum and watched it pour down her legs, he couldn’t wait to take her. Her ass would need a little work before he could even thing about sliding himself into it. He pulls the plunger back on a third cylinder of lube, he figured two would be enough be thought since it had been so long she would maybe need a bit more.

His cock hard and stiff, more than ready to claim her. Joshua was sure if he wanted to clean up the mess she made all over her or let it keep running down her legs. The thought of adding more to her mess was exciting him to no end. He decided to leave it there.

“Take it slow,” Joshua as to himself as his fingers slide between her ass cheeks. Daniel now breathing normal held her ass open for Joshua as he placed the tip of the tube at Sarah’s opening. He put a few drops on her before taking his finger, running it over the rim and pushing in just a little. Daniels fingering her ass previously had done nothing to loosen it up. Joshua knew it was going to take some time to get it open. It was a problem because of the waiting but oh the feeling was so much more worth the trouble of her ass being so tight. He didn’t think he could ever get it gape even with training and being used all the time. Just a short time after having a plug in it was like a virgin ass all over again.

He needed to concentrate on what he was doing before he starts to get too excited and hurt her from rushing. Adding a few ore drops of lube to the opening and his finger he slowly inserts it inside. She opens just slightly as his tip slips inside.
“Relax like a good girl.” Joshua encouraged. He could feel her tightening around his finger.

Sarah moaned with pleasure as his finger slides just inside. It feel amazing and she felt herself tense as his finger seemed the side of a truck going in. It had been a long time since she felt this sensation at all. She was starting to like this strange mixture of pain and pleasure. She actually realized she was turned on by the pain of it.

Joshua worked the rest of his finger inside Sarah’s ass sliding back and forth before removing it. He once again reminded her to relax as he slowly inserted one of the tubes tips inside her ass. They were slightly smaller than his finger and did seem to go in rather easy, actually a little better than he had first expected. When he pushed the plunger down and started to fill Sarah with the oil mixture her moans were of pure pleasure.

“Does the slave like her ass played with?” Daniel asked as he noticed the same moans.
“Yes Master, I do.” Sarah relied.

Joshua was encouraged as the tube was emptied in her ass, he slides his finger back inside. She was relaxed and accepted it without much resistance. Smiling he knew it would take just a little more work and he could have it wrapped around him, feeling the tight sensation grasping him. Joshua needed to calm down again.

Moving his finger faster in and out Sarah felt that sensation again, her climax building. She loved that feeling. His finger sliding in and out making her open for him. She knew he was taking his time to make her ready for him, but she wanted to feel him inside her.

She felt the resistance as Joshua tried to add another finger to her ass. Daniel asked if he needed more lube. Joshua curled his finger and pulled some out of Sarah’s ass then rubbed the opening. Instructing her to again relax he pushed the second finger inside her. The pain almost caused her to cum right then.

Daniel felt her tense and looked at Joshua. “Does the little slave need to cum?”
Sarah shook her head vigorously, “Yes Master, please…please make me cum!”

Joshua slide his thumb over Sarah’s swollen lips and between the folds finding her clit. Small circles making her body move as much as it could against him. He felt the jerk as her clit swelled and pulsed. “Come my good little slave,” he said.

Joshua words pushed her over the edge. His fingers wiggled and moved in her ass as his thumb rubbed hard against her clit. Sarah felt herself cum hard squirting herself and cum pouring out of her.

When she had finished her climax, Joshua removed his thumb from her clit. Joshua felt Sarah’s cum running down his own leg and smiled. “You should be spanked for getting me wet with your cum, slave.”

Sarah heard to laughter in his voice as his threat to spank her also made her smile. Not just from the thought she had cum hard enough to cover him but at the thought of the spanking. There was so much she started to feel as the day went on. She felt Joshua start to move his finger in her ass again, when he reminded her to relax.

Joshua couldn’t stand much more. Her cumming on him and her tight ass wrapped around her finger was making him so hard. He knew he was going to hurt her. There was not denying that. He wanted too much and knew the feel of her tightly around him was going to take all of the control he thought he had.

Joshua spread his fingers apart as much as her ass would allow. He added more lube to his finger and started to add a third finger inside. As his finger slipped inside Sarah cried out as it stretched her open and caused pain. He didn’t want to cause any pain but knew that with her ass being so tight he would a little and he tried to slow himself. “Relax, Sarah.” The concern in his voice was so soothing. She felt herself relax and his fingers slide in. “Good girl” Joshua said.

Daniel was watching as Joshua’s fingers disappeared into Sarah ass, he felt himself getting hard again. Her tight ass opening up to his fingers he was going to have to take her ass again before long he knew it.

Using his free hand Joshua squirted the remainder of the second tube on his ram hard cock and was stroking it in rhythm of his fingers in Sarah’s ass. Making sure to completely cover himself. He needed her around him and he couldn’t wait.

He was just glad his height allowed him full access to her ass. Removing his fingers, he reminded her to relax and just as he sensed her muscle loosen he pushed himself inside her. Just the head as her body protested and squeezed so tight against him he had to hold himself inside or she would have pushed him out.

Sarah bite her lips as his cock entered her. She felt the immediate pain and cried out her muffled moans of pain. She tried to relax but couldn’t.

Daniel sensing her pain stroked her hair and encouraged her to relax again. He felt the tension releasing her body and pulled her ass cheeks back again.

Joshua slowly pushed himself inside her. Every inch of him felt the tightness of her ass squeezing against him. He waited a moment when he was half way in waiting to see if she would relax more. He felt her accepting the pain that was starting to turn into pleasure and buried himself fully in her ass. He felt her tighten around him again. Waiting for the pain to subside again he was having trouble controlling his needs. The ones that made him want to fuck her ass so hard until she was squeezing him so tight he cum inside her.

Slowly he pulled back out to the head and push in again slowly. With each stroke her moans were of less pain and more pleasure. Encouraging him to move faster and deeper.

He was losing control. Her body started moving back against him, opening up, taking him, squeezing him. She felt so good wrapped around him, her body accepting his hard shaft deep inside. He slowly added the last tube of lube all around him as he started to increase the speed. He felt her tighten around him. Her climax was building too. He knew she would like her ass taken and that fact almost pushed him over the edge. He wanted her to cum again. He wanted to feel her squeeze him so tight.

Before Sarah even had a chance to ask, Joshua said, “Cum my little slave, cum on me again.” She didn’t need any more invitation to cum. Her body was consumed with this raw sensation, almost animal like. Her moans sounded more like low growls.

Joshua heard her growls of pleasure and when her body tensed around him he could not control himself. He started to fuck her ass so hard and deep his balls were slapping against her wet pussy. The sound of the oil as he thrusted hard in her was pushing him closer. Sarah soaked his balls with her cum as he exploded inside her, buried as deep as her tight ass allowed. Ramming faster in and out as her ass squeezed and milked him. Sarah’s cried out in pleasure as she cum harder than she ever did.

Joshua was breathing hard and feel against her as he could barely stand. His cock still buried deep inside her. He felt her body shaking and hoped he had not hurt her badly as he has not controlled his needs.

Slowly pulling himself out of her he looked down to see a pool of cum on the floor, mostly hers as she was getting very good at squirting and gush which turned him on more.

Daniel started to remove the restraints from her arms and Joshua did from her ankles. He fingers fumbled with Velcro.

When she was released from the restraints Daniel covered her with a blanket and picked her up from the table and get back to the pillows on the floor and sat with her in his arms. He slowly removed the blindfold from her eyes and stroked her hair. She was still shaking.

Sarah felt the warmth of his body next to her but could not stop the shaking. Her eyes squinted to adjust to the light. As usual the light was dim as it always was when they blindfolded her.

Sarah heard the water running and knew Joshua was in the shower. She felt herself falling gently into a sleep.


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