Episode 45 – Sarah’s slowly start to submit


Sarah felt the semi hard cock of Daniel against the side of her face, she opened her mouth as the tips slide past her lips. She paused waiting for instruction. When there was none, she closed her mouth around the head. She knew it was a test to see if she remembered the difference.

Daniel was pleased that she paused that moment to see if he was going to instruct her. When she finally closed her mouth around the head, using her tongue to make it wet, he was pleased. She was indeed learning.

He knew that he could not allow her to keep sucking him. If she slide further down on him he would end up cumming in her throat again and he had other plans for her. She was running her tongue over the head and under the rim. Her tongue twisted over him making it harder to pull his now hard shaft from her mouth.

“Very good girl” Daniel said as he was catching his breath.

Sarah sat there waiting for her next instruction. She could hear movement but the blindfold we still in place. All of her senses were heightened. She could hear the movement of something the wheels make a slight squeeze as it rolled across the floor.

Sarah felt a touch on her shoulder, his fingers caressing her lightly. “Stand, girl.” Joshua said, “take my hand.” Sarah held her hand up and felt his clasp around hers. He helps pulled her to a standing position. He waited for her to get her balance.

“Thank you, Sir.” Sarah whispered as she took a step.

Her legs were weak from the kneeling position. She was happy to have his hand on hers. She felt the cold floor against her feet as she walked with Joshua.

Joshua’s grip tightened on her hand as they neared the table. He couldn’t wait to have her. He had wanted to feel her around him for weeks. He had to make himself calm down.

“Bend over the table girl.” Daniel said from the other side of her. She turned her head as the voice was so near her. She did as ordered, feeling the cold leather against her stomach and breast. She felt the leather restraints against her ankles then tightened, she knew to stretch her arms out as felt those restraints added as well.

“Good girl.” Daniel said as he leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“Thank you, Sir.” she answered back.

Sarah felt a fingers slides down her ass and between her folds to her clit. She knew she was very wet. She almost was dripping with desire.

“You are so wet.” Daniel said as his finger began to rub against her clit.

His fingers slipped inside her making her moan with pleasure. He opened her just a little. “Nice and tight,” he said to her as he slides his fingers out and up to her ass. His finger circles around the rim and pushes in just a bit.

His fingers slides in a bit more and then she feels his cock pressing against her pussy opening. His finger and cock both enter her fully in one quick motion. Sarah cries out as she is filled and his cock pushes hard against her wall. His finger is deep in her tight ass she feels it gripping her.

Sarah wants to move against him but knows that is not what is expected. He slowly withdrawals and then rams harder inside her. He has missed feeling her around him. His finger and cock start to keep rhythm with each other as Daniel starts to fuck her slow with long strokes burying deep in her. He feels the wall push against him as he pushes deeper and deeper until he is fully inside her. She is tight around him, squeezing his cock making him want to lose control and fuck her hard. He knows that doing that he will cum fast and wants to enjoy the feel of her as long as he can. She really was very good at wanting to please she just needed to understand why and the reward she would feel when she finally submitted fully.

Sarah felt him fully inside her, filling her completely. His cock pushing against her wall and she knew he was not completely inside. He was pushing slowly to make her stretch more. She knew she would have to concentrate and control her orgasm. It had been so long and she would need a release. She felt him start to increase the pace. Still long strokes as his cock would push against her then pull back to the head and slide in again. The long strokes were stroking her desire and building her climax very fast. He sped up again, faster sliding in and out.

Daniel removed his finger from her ass and grabbed the cheeks, spreading them apart as he watched his cock slide in and out of her pussy. The pushing in and out of her, he loved the sight of her pussy swell as he stretched her. Her opening going in as he pushed deep and then come back out as his head was barely in her. He wanted her, he was getting very close and knew he wasn’t going to hold on much longer. Seeing her pussy swallow his hard shaft was more than he could take but couldn’t stop watching either.

“Oh yes, girl you are going to make me cum.” Daniel pushed hard and deep. Burying his entire shaft in her. Sarah cried out as the pain of his cock pushing completely inside her. The pain was replaced by sheer pleasure as she felt his cock swell more in her. Her climax was surprising at the very edge. She tried to hold it as she pleaded. “Please, Sir your hard thick cock pushed deep makes me need to cum.” she holds her breath hoping that will stop her. “Please, Sir….please?” she begs. She knows she will not be able to hold it much longer. Daniel knew she was not going to be able to hold it any more than he could stop his. Her pussy was already starting to pulse and the more she did the closer he was to exploding in her.

“Yes, girl cum on me.” Daniel said.

Sarah found her release, she squeezed against him. The minute her juice squirted on him it triggered his own climax. Daniel pushed deep in her and started to cum. He lost his control and fuck her hard and fast. His cum shooting into her mixing with her juice.

His cock drained inside her as she finished milking him. He leaned over her body as he caught his breath. His now soft cock slipped from her letting their climax drip out of her and run down her leg.




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