Episode #44 – Continued Lesson

Joshua watched Sarah as she took Daniel into her mouth. He felt his desire and want start to override his brain. He had to remember that she was still learning and although he would love to take her, she needed to learn restraint just as he did. As Daniel’s hand wrapped in Sarah’s hair he knew what was coming. His own cock throbbed with need. Seeing Sarah taking the full length of Daniel in her throat was more than Joshua could take. He needed her, wanted her and would take her but he had to control himself. He turned away, not knowing if he could restrain himself. He took his time making sure all the preparations for the next part of her training were ready. He could hear the sounds of Sarah sucking hard and the wet mess it was causing on her face. The breath she took each time she could. He heard Daniels breath quicken and moan with release. He knew that she would suck harder as she was ordered to milk him. Joshua knew he had to calm himself or he would never make it through the next phase. He turned just as Daniel told her “Good slave” and backed away. Her face was a mess of saliva dripping down her chin, her lips darken and swollen making them appear to be a slight pout when she would put them together to swallow. Her eye still blindfolded and her hair a slight mess from where it has just been grasped. It was all he could do to stop himself from filling her mouth with him. Joshua slowly walked toward Sarah, needing to take it very slow and give himself time to calm down. He run his hands through her slightly tangled hair, caressing your. She leaned into his touch. He couldn’t be sure if she was aware of who’s touch she was feeling. But he hoped that she knew. When her hair was smoothed he leaned down just above her and tilted her chin upward. He took a wet wash cloth and cleaned her face, being gentle as he rubbed him thumb across her lower lips. She opened her mouth slightly as he rubbed back and forth. He upturned face, unseeing eyes looking at him. He complete trust in them was amazing. Joshua slide his thumb into her mouth, she run her tongue over it making it wet. He pressed down on her tongue to stop the moment, “Slave, I didn’t tell you to lick my thumb.” He could feel her immediate softening of the tongue and her shoulders drop. He tongue running along his thumb was exciting him more than it should. But she needed to understand orders. They didn’t want her to just automatically perform any task. She was to actually feel, to like, to feel the mutual pleasure. She was not in a scripted porn this was to be mechanical. He leaned toward her, he didn’t want to completely break her spirit, “Although you are very exciting, sometimes too expressive.” Sarah could hear the tone in his voice, very light but fully sexual. She understood what he was say, she was wrong in assuming, the effects were not lost. She didn’t smile but she got the full impact that he was not disappointed. She also have felt his tenderness when he first touched her hair. She knew it was Joshua. His touch was usually more rough, she now understood that it was not always his intent. Even in his gentle touch there was a demand. She leaned into his hand  over whelmed that he was not disappointed in her that he would take the time to touch her in such a way. Joshua’s thumb still in her mouth his fingers grazed the side of her face. He wasn’t sure why he felt the need to touch her, but the more time he spent just touching her, the more his body could calm down. Not that this was not causing his body to react, but it did allow him to get more control. Joshua slid his thumb out of her mouth and ran over her lips making them glisten. He couldn’t wait to feel them wrapped around him. He stood and grasped his balls in his hand and the base of his cock, pushing the head against her full lips. “Open your mouth a little slave.” She opened just enough for the tip to fit inside. He resisted the urge to force in deep in her mouth. Her warm, wet swollen lips pressed against the head, letting just the tip inside. She held her lips slightly open as Joshua slowly pressed against them. “Lick the tip, slave.” Her tongue touch him and he couldn’t control the moan of pleasure that escaped him. Sarah was driving him crazy as her tongue circled the tip of him. He pushed a little deeper as her lips slide just past the rim. Her tongue slide over the head making wet with her warm saliva. Joshua put his thumb on her chin, “Open wider,” as she opened more, “good girl.” He slide his cock just a little more in her mouth. “Now be a good slave and start sucking,” he said as he slide it back just a bit. Sarah’s mouth closed around him and her warm mouth began to suck him, pulling him deeper in her mouth. “Slide your mouth up and down the shaft.” As she started to move he moaned that she was a such a good girl.  He remained still with his hand still around his ball and base of his cock, not allowing her to take the whole thing in her mouth. Joshua was going to control his orgasm as much as her mouth would let him. This was definitely one area that Sarah would read their desire and respond. But they needed to make her understand they were in control not her, but could she make him drop to his knees. Sarah heard Joshua’s breath coming faster as she slide up and down him. She slide back and forth hitting his fingers that were wrapped around him. Slowly taking what he was allowing her to have. She wanted to please him. She had missed him in the last few weeks. She listened to his commands and his bodies reaction. She would learn what exactly he wanted. “The goal is not always to make me cum, slave.” he said as if he was reading her thoughts. She wanted him to cum, by that she knew she had satisfied him. But she was wrong, he wasn’t going to allow her to make him cum. “It’s the journey not the end result.” Sarah started to understand, it was like her own orgasm the feeling of getting there. That moment before her orgasm started was amazing which is the feeling she always wanted to capture with each one. And when it was with held from her she understood that prolonging that feeling was amazing. Although she didn’t get to have an orgasm, which was amazing, the almost was pretty good too. She continued to stroke his cock with her mouth. Running her tongue over the shaft as her lips went up and down. He was actually getting harder in her mouth. Joshua knew he couldn’t hold it much longer, her tongue making him wet as he slid in and out of her mouth was too much. Her lips swelling more as she sucked him turning them a dark pink almost red color. He released his cock, grabbed the sides her Sarah’s head with both hands. He held her head still and pull himself out to just the head. “I am going to fuck your mouth hard and fast now, slave.” Sarah gave a slight nod as much as his hand would allow. Joshua slide himself slowly in her mouth the first time to just the back of her throat then withdrew. The next stroke he plunged completely in her, burying himself deep in her throat. She tried to pull back at the shock and the fact she could not breath. He held her head there for just a moment then released. Just his head pressed against her open mouth, then he rammed inside her mouth again, pausing then releasing. He knew he was close, just needed to make her understand he was going to fuck her throat and prepare it. When he buried himself the last time he slide only part ways out and started to fuck Sarah’s mouth and throat fast. Joshua’s fingers twisted in her hair as he moved faster and faster. He cock barely leaving her throat except to let her take a short breath before diving deeper in her. He knew he was going to explode in her mouth at anytime. His body tensed, his eyes watching her mouth take his entire cock, his balls slamming against her chin. He grabbed her head, holding it to him as he poured cum in her throat. He slowly let himself slide out, “Suck me dry, slave.” Joshua’s breath was fast and uneven. His cum coating her tongue, Sarah sucked and licked taking every drop of him in her mouth and loving the taste of him and the gift he had offered. She knew when he came in her mouth that she was now back in her training and had pleased him enough to deserve his cum. She knew she was dripping wet as it started to run down her leg. She didn’t know if it was making a pool under her or not but she was wet. When Joshua was completely empty his balls drained he pulled his cock from her mouth, smoothed her hair, “Good slave.”   Before Sarah could completely relax the side of her face was against slapped with a semi hard cock.


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