Episode # 40 – The Cage…..


The tenderness in Master Daniels touch soothed Sarah more than the lotion he applied again to her ass. When he told her to stand she did as ordered without hesitation. He stood behind her and turned her toward the cage.
“This is your home for a while.”
Sarah remembered the feeling of that cage, the beginning the excitement of what she had just done. It was the beginning of her training and journey. The cage was the beginning and she knew that. Master Daniel had said early that she was going to start her training all over. She felt her head bow further and he shoulder drop from her shame in disappointing Master Daniel.Master Daniel had just told her how well she was doing,now she was back at the beginning.
Sarah felt the weight of her mistake when she entered the cage and heard the lock click behind her. She sank to her knees in the middle of the cage. Her head low she spoke in almost a whisper, “I am very sorry, Master.” When he did not respond she continued, “I was wrong for not being where I was told to be.” she felt the tears coming now.
“I am very sorry that you are disappointed in me I should have been home,” she said as her breath caught. Sarah continued after a small pause to collect herself, “Master Daniel, please let me continue my training, I promise to do better.”
Master Daniel was glad to hear her words, even with the punishment he needed to know that she understood what she had done, that she was sorry for it and would not do it again. That was part of the training, them learning. It was not something you could warn them against, but it was a lesson that was hard to learn. Just saying that you would not do it again was just words, when they fully accepted what they had done was wrong, not because they shouldn’t do it as an average person, but because they were not allowed to or ordered not to do it.
Master Daniel knew this was the hardest part of the learning. Training a body to get and give pleasure was easy, the body knew what it wanted. But the mind was the hardest to train. It was the part that took patients and both learned in the process. Even as long as he had been a Master, she was teaching him something. That submissive strong willed people had a different way of doing things. He didn’t want to break her spirit, but wanted her to understand that she was his.
He would have to change the way he did her training. People were not a one size fits all and Sarah was proving this point more than any other. She would push his patients over time he knew it, but it was a challenge that he was willing to continue and was looking forward to training her. With that thought, he erased the smile that had appeared on his face as the thoughts of her training filled his mind.
“Good, slave.” he said with a stern voice, not allowing any of his previous thought to filter into his voice. “I see we need to adjust your training a bit.”
The moment those words were out of his mouth Sarah felt herself excited, “adjust her training…” that meant that he was going to continue training. She kept the smile from her face. As she sat there. She knew that he had more to say and that she must concentrate on his words as that is what usually got her in trouble.
Master Daniel told her since her school was over for the summer that she would be training all days. He also told her the Sir Joshua was called away for longer so she would be expected to learn more control over the next few days.
He would give her a list of things to do each day, she was to complete them as she was told, not to finish too fast and not to take to long. She had a time that she was to do them and was expected to do just as he said.
Master Daniel explained that she was to stay in the cage over night and would be released in the morning.
Sarah was glad to have the chance to continue her training. She had said it countless times before, but this time she was was going to make sure she did not make more mistakes. She understood that it wasn’t that she was out with friend, it was that she was expected to be somewhere at a certain time. She was expected to do things as they were ordered and expected.
The more she thought about it, she started to understand the reasons. It wasn’t just that she didn’t call, it was that he had been there waiting on her, she should have been there to please him and to do it to please her in the process. Sarah was grasping the entire idea that if she made Master Daniel proud and happy she felt the same thing. There was a reason he wanted her to do certain things, she might not understand why, but she was not to quest ion it.

Sarah was awaken with the click the lock on the door. When she opened her eyes she seen the back of Master Daniel as he left the room. She stretched and noticed there was a note left for her on the door.

Good Morning, slave;

I hope you had time to reflect on your actions yesterday. You apologized for not being here yesterday as you were instructed. That is just part of the problem. You should have been here because you were told to, but also because you wanted to be to do as you were told. There is a reason for the instructions that you are given. I had been so impressed with your training and the fact you had completed your courses for the semester that I had a gift for you. I am not telling you this to make you feel bad, I want you to understand that there was a reason. You disappointed me because you thought it was okay to do as you wish.
You agreed in the beginning that you would follow orders and obey. It seems that is where your train is lacking. For the next two weeks you are to do exactly as ordered. You will be confined to the house and are to only talk to your parents.
We have enjoyed your training and you show so much promise I hope after the next two weeks you prove you are worth the training. If you are truly the submissive I believe you are this time will be a challenge for you, but you will come to respect our lives and my rules as well as the orders.
If after the two weeks you have not made the improvements I know you are capable of making we will end our relationship. I understand this seems harsh but this way neither of us are consuming each other’s time and we will be free to pursue other relationships.
You are to shower, there is a lotion in your bathroom that you will need to add to your ass. It will still be a little sore, but it will be a reminder that you did not obey. You will be confined to you room the rest of the day you will be given instructions to follow for the day later.
Now ready yourself for the beginning of your new training.

Your Master

Sarah was so happy when she seen it was signed “Your Master.” She was excited that her training was to continue. She didn’t realize it was more than just not being where she was suppose to be, it was also because she did not obey. That word “Obey” was a strong word to Master Daniel.
Sarah felt a new wave of disappointment wash over her, “obey” kept playing in her mind. She did not obey. It wasn’t just doing as she was told right then, it was to obey. Meaning that it was to be part of her, not just doing what was told. It was to do it because it was expected but because it was what she did. No thinking about it just doing it. It was obey, but there was this overwhelming other word, “respect.”
As the word slammed into Sarah, she leaned against the wall for balance. She figured it out, it was a sign she didn’t respect him when she disobeyed him. It wasn’t just “Opps I made a mistake,” it was much more.
Sarah stood with her hand against the wall, leaning her head forward she felt sick inside. What had she done.
Master Daniel was just inside the study when she passed. He could tell that she was thinking about what he had said. He got up from his desk and walked to the door just as it hit her. He seen the anguish on her face the moment she felt it. He smiles to himself, she finally got it. You would not ask someone or even order them to respect another person, it was something that person had to give. Trust is given and earned, respect is what you should give everyone, but when tested people tend to fail when they put themselves first. It is about learning to put your Master first and she was slowly realizing that.
Master Daniel felt her pain and wanted to comfort her, but knew she had to feel this pain to understand. He thought it might take a few days, but she again surprised him. That didn’t change his plans, he was going to test her. She was either going to continue to impress him, or this was where she decides she does not want to be there.

Sarah finally made her way to the shower, the water did little to fix her. The basic thing is life is to show someone respect. That is all he was asking and she just turned her back, put herself ahead of him. She understood he was to be her priority, he was to come first before her. She had that clear picture in her head, but when tested she did exactly what she wanted. No wonder he was ready to give up on her.
As Sarah stepped from the shower she was not going to let him give up on her. She was his slave and was going to remain there. She was going to make him happy.
For the next two weeks, Sarah did exactly what was ordered of her, not because she was told to, but because she wanted to do it. She did it because it would expected of her. When she spoke to Master Daniel she expressed how grateful she was to be here. She told him everyday how happy she was to be his slave. She said his name with all the emotion she felt.
For two weeks her only contact with Master Daniel was either by text or note. She knew that he had been to her room more than once, she could smell him in the air when she woke. She wanted him to come to her, she knew better than to ask. Sarah understood the reason, after the first week. It was not sex, it was never the sex. It was a complete submission, not just body but mind as well.

On the morning of fifteenth day when she stepped from the shower, there he was sitting in the chair. Sarah stopped herself from leaping in his lap. Not only had she missed him, but it meant her training was continuing. She sank to her knees and kneeled in the middle of the floor, “May this slave speak?” she said with her head down and a smile on her face. The silence seem to drag on…..



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