Episode # 41 – A New Start…….


The silence seemed to spread around the room, closing in and weighing heavy on her. Sarah thought because he was sitting there, in the chair, the one that he always occupied that her training was to continue. The smile started to vanish from her face as she started to realize this might be her last day here.

She kept her head bent low willing herself not to look up. She tried to remember the expression on his face. But she had been so happy to see him sitting there that she didn’t think he might be disappointed.

Sarah wanted to ask again if should could speak but those words were still hanging in the air. She knew that he heard them and that repeating them would make things worse for her. She knew that her voice would betray her emotions right now. And although she had committed to submitting her broken heart at this moment she was going to keep to herself.

Sarah felt his finger touch her hair then the side of her face. She leaned into his touch.

“Speak, slave.” he said.

“I am so glad to see you.” she said letting all those emotions she felt wrap around the words.

The moment the words were out of her mouth Sir Joshua felt each ache she felt. He knew by refraining from answering immediately that she started to assume that she was leaving. He could read the anguish she felt in her face. She slight twitch of her hand, the smile that faded from her face. He knew that he should be disappointed that they were going to have to start from the beginning. But her words made me feel pride in her, she allowed herself to really feel.

He wanted to comfort her right then but that was not what she needed. In the last two weeks she had made huge improvements with her training. She found her own resolve and it showed. He didn’t want to do anything that changed her progress.

The moment his fingers touch her hair he knew that he had missed her more than he could show her. The moment she leaned into his touch he had to remember that she had broken the rules, but her words broke him.

Sarah felt his hand pause as her words were out there. She wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing. She couldn’t stop herself. She wanted to feel his touch, she had missed him. She really messed up bad. She didn’t know if that was a caress of good-bye or a welcome home one. This was killing her. Was this another lesson? Is this how it felt, not knowing? She got it, lesson or not, she got it. She didn’t like not knowing, she preferred knowing what to expect.

“I am so sorry I disobeyed.” her voice was stronger than she felt.

“Good, slave.” he said, rubbing his thumb over her cheek, “You need to eat, then you will get instructions.”

Sarah couldn’t stop herself from looking up at him. She needed to see him to make sure  what he meant about instructions. She seen his smile. That smile spoke more than any words, it meant she had proved she wanted to be here.

Like it was planned down to the last second there was a knock on the door. Sir Joshua walked to the door and took the tray for her and placed it on the bed. He then walked to the night stand and grabbed the suction tubes. He walked to the end of the bed and sat down on the bench, “Come, slave.”

Sarah crawled over to him and kneeled between his legs. He took one of her nipples between his thumb and finger, rolling it while squeezing and lightly pulling on it. She felt herself arch her back. Her nipples are more sensitive than they had ever been in her life. All the suction for the past months had made them longer and fatter. Sarah liked the size of them and liked they were always hard. But with his finger plucking it, she felt it harden more and become erect. He placed the end of the tube over her nipple and slowly pulled the plunger back.

He felt himself start to harden as her nipple was sucked deep inside the tube. They were much larger now in just the time he was gone. He had seen them at a distance when she didn’t know he was there.

Sir Joshua had been so disappointed to learn that Sarah had regressed in her training. She had been doing so well and was moving along rapidly. No one could predict if someone is going to make a good slave. You have your instincts that let you know and from first meetings Sarah showed herself to be a real submissive. Behind that strong front she was willing to please and did what she was told. For over a week he watched to see if she would again regress, but she was proving herself and again they were proud.

Master Daniel and Sir Joshua had spoken at length about how Sarah’s training would continue. It would be a slower pace this time. They had to change their way of doing things. When it came to the sexual part she was more than willing to submit, it was when she was in the obey part that was where she needed the training. They decided she would be given instructions that she would follow each day.

Sir Joshua was almost aching by the time he removed her suction tubes. The sighted of her nipples hard and red made his mouth water with desire. He didn’t dare pay too much attention to her now hard erect clit,  it was fully out between her folds. He wanted to take her right now, to feel her hard nipples against his chest as his hand rubbed her clit making her arch to him with her own desire.

Sarah was so glad to have her suction tubes off. She felt her wetness seeping out of her. She kept her back from arching toward his fingers when he released her nipples. She wanted to feel his touch on her and all over her. Sarah held her breath as her clit was released. She squeezed her eye closed tight to keep herself for the release she felt. She knew he was disappointed and did not know what to expect, but the fact he was there just a breath away from her made her body respond like never before. She did not know if it was the fact she had not been touched by another in two weeks, her joy at learning she was worth the training or the fact that Sir Joshua was back. When she opened her eyes and let out her breath she knew it was all three.

Sarah remained where she was without even a hint of movement when Sir Joshua stood. He noted that she did not look up or have a look of question. She was waiting for him to release her from her position and to eat. She had learned much in the two week, but time would tell if she had learned or was just acting the part.

He released Sarah to eat and told her he would be back to get her from instruction in 30 minutes. She was to be dressed in silks today and that she was to be kneeling upon his return. Sarah nodded her acknowledge with her verbal, “Yes, Sir Joshua.”

When he had left the room Sarah quickly eat her breakfast and dressed in her silks. She had been told to practice them daily and would be expected to have them correct each time. She wanted to make sure there was no more mistakes. She had just finished the last tie and sank to her kneeling when both Master Daniel and Sir Joshua walked into her room. She felt nervous, she did not know what to expect. Both of them in the room was a bit intimidating. Sarah remained still and did not move as Master Daniel walked toward her.

“Look at me, slave.” Master Daniel said in a firm but gentle voice. The disappointment she last heard in his voice was now gone. This was a new start for them.

Sarah looked into the face of her Master, he no longer had that look of disappointment. He had a look of new beginning.

He was dressed in black slacks with his shirt untucked and opened. Sarah had been thinking of him for two weeks. She had missed feeling him, his touch, and his strong presence.

Master Daniel looked down at her and his expression became very stern, his voice also expressed that. “I am glad you have chosen to stay with us.” Her face showed her anguish and he was glad to see she understood.

Sir Joshua walked behind her pulling her hair back. Master Daniel pulled the leather collar from under his arm and placed it on her neck. It was a bit rougher than before but she knew there was still some punishment she would suffer. She was ready for that punishment, she deserved it. The feel of that leather biting in to her skin made her feel happy knowing that she was still his submissive.

Master Daniel knew he made the collar a bit tighter than it needed to be and in the two weeks that she was being punished he had watched her, seen her remorse and pain and felt proud that he was not wrong. But she would need a firmer hand.

Sir Joshua left the room and Master Daniel continues to stand there. She was not sure what he was waiting for, but he stood there staring at her, he was trying to read something and she was not sure what he was looking for. She did not break her eyes locked with him. He reached behind him and produced the leash. Sarah knew her training was going to start again right now. He broke the gaze and attached the leash to her collar, “Stand, slave.” Sarah did as ordered. As they started down the hall Master Daniel stopped.

He turns toward Sarah and reaches up.

He runs his hand across her face as she turns into his tender touch. Her breath catches as she looks in his eyes and see the desire there. His hand slides into her hair and around the back of her neck. In a movement that can only be described as his possession of her his hand tightens as he draws her in for a kiss. His mouth hard against her soft lips, his tongue urging them to open. The moment her lips part he deepens the kiss making it consume her. His free hand grips her waist and pulls her fully against him. She feels his desire in his lips, hands and pressing against her.

She feels the wall against her back, she didn’t even feel herself move. Trapped between him and the wall, her hands against his chest, He released her neck and took her hands in his, pulling them above her head and pressing them against the wall. His other hand slides down her leg, pulling it up around his waist.

He changes the hand holding her hands, then slowly runs the tip of his fingers against the erect nipple pressing against her silks. The moment his finger brushes over the tip, a light moan escapes from her mouth. He rolls it between his finger and thumb making her arch her back with desire, pressing her breast firmly in his waiting palm.

She feels his smile against her lips as his hand travels down the side of her breast and over her waist, he lefts the silks aside. His finger feel the warmth as he slides it down her legs. She holds her breath as his fingers tease her, not touching her where she most desires. She tries to wiggle against his hand but he holds her still. Then his finger slides between her wet folds. He finds the hard nub waiting for his touch and pinch. She moans against his mouth as he rubs her clit making her more wet with each stroke.

He slowly slides two fingers inside her letting his thumb to rub her clit making her pant with wanting. He releases her hands and captures her breast in his hand. She holds her arms where he put them and letting the sensation spread over her.

He pulls his lips away from her where they are just a breath away, and tells her to please him. She slides down the wall and reaches for the button on his pants, she slowly unzips his pants finding his cock peeking out above his underwear. It was glistening with a drop of moisture. She slowly pulls his pants down off his legs and then off his feet, she folds them as she has been told to do before. She runs her hands back up his legs, grasping the waist of his underwear and slowly pulls them down the same way she did his pants.

She straighten herself on her knees, looking directly as the semi-hard cock in front of her. She grasped the base of him with her right hand, squeezing lightly. She took just the head in her mouth, licking the tipping and under the rim. Making the head wet before she slide her tongue up and down the shaft, making it wet and slippery.

Opening her mouth wide she takes him in her mouth, closing her lips around the head and sucking him. As she sucks hard more of his cock enters her mouth, her lips keep her suction deep inside. Her mouth slides halfway down and she slide it back. Then slides halfway down again and again pulls back. She continues this sliding only halfway down.

He gets harder with each stroke of her mouth. She slides her mouth down again, but this time takes him deep in her mouth. She strokes his cock with her hand, following her mouth up and down the shaft. Her left hand gently caresses his balls making him groan with pleasure. She feels his hands slide down the side of her head grasping it tighter.

His hands tighten in her hair, his finger twisting grasping her head. He shift just a bit then holds her head still, rocking his hips back and forth using her mouth. He stroke long and deep pushing deeper with each stroke. His cock swelling more in her mouth. He pushed deep in her mouth, forcing his way into her throat, blocking her ability to breath, holding it there then releasing. He pushes his cock deeper again, holding it and pushing deeper. His cock slides into her throat. He slides his cock out to the head and starts to slide is cock harder and faster to fuck her mouth. His cock swell and jerks as he pushes deep again and explodes down her throat. His cock jerk more as she sucks him to milk him off all his cums. He finally releases her head and takes a step back and leans his hands against the wall for balance. He speak is a hoarse voice, “Good girl.”



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