Episode 49

Lickable nipples

Sarah woke to a little voice in her ear, “Sarah just relax.” She braced herself for more salve on her sore ass. She felt him against her pussy opening, then in one swift thrust he was buried deep inside her pussy. Sarah gasp holding her breath, Joshua held still letting her pain turn to pleasure. His hip slowly started to ease forward, stroking himself with her tight pussy. Sarah was very wet, Joshua had to remind himself that she was still sore. Her tight and still slightly swollen lips reminded him and made him crave her more. It had been such a long time since she was wrapped tightly around his shaft and he wanted to enjoy every moment. He whispered in her ear again, “Oh how I have missed your pussy wrapped around me.” His thumb running over her lips, Sarah opened her mouth licking the tip before starting to suck in rhythm with his strokes. Joshua moaned with pleasure and was trying hard to keep himself of losing control. “Little girl if you don’t want that pretty little pussy of yours raw and sore for a week I do suggest you stop sucking my thumb like that.” Sarah smiled at the thought but knew it was not just a warning and she did not want to push Joshua any more than she had before. He had never given her the right to be suggestive in when they were alone in her room. That was reserved for Daniel.

Joshua removed his thumb from her mouth and slipped his fingers lightly around her neck. His breath was against her eyes, the little moans with each thrust. Sarah knew he was not pushing all the way in yet, he was trying to control himself. He was stretching her sore but wanting pussy already, if he lost control he would hurt her but not meaning too. He easily hit her womb when his strokes were deep he always tried to keep himself pulled back. But Sarah found herself wanting to feel him push against her wall, taking him deeper. The pain made her crave more, the pleasure was intense when she would cum. It was a sweet torture.

Joshua moved his other hand to her breast, rubbing her nipple before his finger and thumb, pulling lightly. He knew how much she liked nipple play. He walls tighten against his shaft and it was like heaven to him. He had sorely missed his sessions with her. Her nipples long and hard, he loved the feel of them against his hand as he rubbing each breast, kneading them. He loved the way the suction on them had made him long, their beautiful pink color made him want to suck all day.

Sarah’s moans and whimpers was driving Joshua insane with desire. His hand slipped down her stomach and found her wet, swollen clit. Another part of her body that suction had made him desire her more. The tip of his finger grazed her clit. Sarah felt the desire at the brief touch. Her pussy tightened again around Joshua’s cock. He lightly bit Sarah’s ear and whispered, “Do my little pet like her clit touched?” Sarah moaned as his finger rubbed against her clit, “Yes, Sir” panting her answer. “Does my little pet want more?” Sarah was trying to keep her hips still, “Yes, Sir please.” Her begging please him and was making it harder to control his needs. “Does the little pet want to cum?” his finger flicking and rubbing her clit harder and faster. “Sir, please let me cum” He knew she was struggling to keep still he knew she wanted to move her hips back against his cock taking him deeper, he also knew that if he wanted to last more than a few seconds he could not allow her to move. He wanted to feel her cum on him, she would cover his cock in her warm sweet cum. He was going to give her pleasure and wait for his own.

“My little pet, you may cum on one condition” Sarah was panting her body burning with need, “Yes Sir anything” Joshua nipped her ear again and whispered, “You are to keep cumming until I have had my feel of your running down my cock”

Joshua did not give her time to respond, his fingers rubbed her clit hard, pulling and flicking. Her body tingle from head to toe. Her hips trying to take more of him inside her, but he pulled back just allowed half of himself inside her. Her body shook with the need for release, she felt the damn break, his fingers plunging in her pussy as his thumb continued to torture her clit. “Come on little pet, you have more cum than that.” Never easing up on his sweet assault. His other hand grasping her breast, his fingers pulling and rolling her nipples. Another climax consumed her. “That’s better little pet but I want more.” He fingers fucking her harder, two then three inside. His thumb pushing against her clit. Her moans was music to his ears. He wanted her to cum more, his restraint was losing. He felt her walls tighten around his fingers, with one thrust her buried himself deep inside her. Sarah felt his crown spread her canal and push against her womb, once then again and again. Her body tightened as she heard Joshua moan against her neck. His hand slid back around her neck his fingers squeezing lightly then more pressure. Her breathing more labored as Joshua began to fuck her pussy faster and harder. His fingers rubbing her clit fast and harder. Sarah felt her body more into another place, there was a hot craving and desire fill her body as she started to cum. Every fiber of her body was alive, she screamed out Joshua’s name as it consumed her. Joshua knew where she was going. His body was driving her to another place. Sarah covered him with her cum, she pour around him. He cock thrusting hard inside was splashing her juice everywhere. He was soaked with her. He felt her waves as her walls tightened more and more. He could not contain his need. His fingers squeezed tighter on her neck, his other hand held her to the bed as he fucked her sweet pussy. His cum filling her. Pulse after pulse of hot creamy cum filled her soaked pussy.

Joshua released Sarah throat and pulled her tight against him. Her body was shaking as it was cold but was burning to the touch. Smiling he pulled out of her, slid off the bed. He gathered her shaking body in his arm and walk into the bathroom.  Sat on the edge of the tub and started running a bath. His hand stroking her hair. She was tucked in his arms and felt wonderful. She was going to be trouble from now on and he knew it.


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