Episode # 22 – My Shame…..

I could only feel the suction being released from clit and the tube being removed. The breeze blowing across my swollen clit cause my pussy to start getting wet.  I had to find something to think about that would cause my excitement to get under control. It came to me in an instant, that look for disappointment when I opened my eyes and seen Sir Joshua standing there and the disappoint on Master face this morning. It was more than I could take. I felt the tears of shame running down my face and I was not thinking about my exposed swollen clit.

Masters spoke in a soft voice. That I was not sure if it was contained disappointment or something much different.

“It occurred to me that you are not sure what triggers your orgasm.”

He was applying a cool substance to my whip marks. They didn’t seem to hurt as bad as I thought they would, actually there was very little pain.

“You need to be trained how to stop you thoughts from triggering non stimulating orgasm.”

He moved away from the table as I could not feel his presence any longer near me, “Learning to control your orgasm till the time is ready will allow you a more intense and prolonged orgasm.”

I heard his footsteps this time getting closer to me. Master began to inspect my clit but pulling the folds away and rubbing his finger over the swollen nub causing me to jump from the intense sensation. “Your clit will become more sensitive with each pumping and suction. This will allow an easy piercing of your clit and more stimulation.”

I could not imagine control an orgasm and my clit being more sensitive. But as I was beginning to doubt my abilities Master started to instruct me on how to control them.

As he rubbed and pulled on my swollen clit causing me to become more wet he started by telling me that if I was to think about seeing myself on the edge of a climax and just taking one step back from the edge it would help. He used the mountain as a way to explaining.  By taking that step back it would allow me to feel the sensation but not take the plunge of the side. That pulling back if just a step would make the feeling more intense. It was prolonging the climatic sensation to not achieve a full climax and almost have one was much more pleasure. Then the climax was at is height it was downward from there. But by not reaching my full height, just staying down from it allowed me to stay up longer. So although I was not allowed to have an orgasm it was not without pleasure. Once I figured out how to hold myself up I would be able to get higher and higher without cumming and would receive pleasure. He explained that he did not want me to be without pleasure just the full pleasure of the orgasm was his to give and take at his will.

There was a silence for just a moment then I felt the wet slick flick of his tongue on my swollen clit causing me to break the silence by my moan. I wanted to arch my back but the restraints did not exactly allow much movement and if I moved my legs to much to corner of the horse would push up against my pussy causing pain. I took the mental step back from the edge of my coming climax hoping that I would be able to stop what I felt was running up the hill. It took a lot of visual to make the step. Each time I thought I had it under control Master could speed up or slow down and would more the edge closer.  He continued flicking his tongue on my clit. Then there was an abrupt stop. I tried to move my hips to get the sensation back. Then I could tell he was near my face as I could smell myself on his face.

“A Master also has to know when to stop even at the expense of his own pleasure.” I felt his breath on my nipple the instant before he took it into his mouth and sucked hard biting the tip then running his tongue over it then released it.

I felt his fingers on my leg then ankle as he was releasing my legs from the restraints. I felt the leash being added to my collar then he helped me off the horse.  He told me to kneel on my knees since my arms were still bound behind me. I was just hoping that I would not hear that down open and close and me be left in here to knee all day again. It was too much to even think about.
I could feel my nipple throbbing from the biting and my swollen clit that like it was huge between my legs. I heard things being moved around and was hoping that meant I wasn’t going to be here on my knees long as they were already starting to cramp for the previous kneeling.

Master grabbed my leash and with a slight yank to get my attention he ask, “Are you ready to please me, slave?” I shook my head yes and was instructed to stand.

He pulled me to an area that had a drain as my foot hit indent for it in the floor. I thought we might be in the shower.

Master turned the water on leaving the blindfold and gag on with my arms still restrained behind me.  He pulled me into the water, the instant that warm water hit my nipples it sent shock waves straight between my legs. I felt the pulsing of my swollen clit. But contained my excitement.

I began to smell the scent of body wash. Sweet and floral. Masters hands began to rub my neck gently massaging before slowly lowing his hands to my breast. I felt my back arch toward him, fill his hands with my breast. He caress them in each hand rubbing soapy fingers over my hard nipples pulling at them. I lean my head back to take in the sensation of his expert fingers caressing and teasing my nipples. When he has had his fill of my breast he lowers his hands to my stomach slowing inches down. I could feel my anticipation increase as his hand and fingers got closer to my clit.

When he finally touch me the used on hand to open my folds with his fingers and then stroked me with the other letting his finger slide down and into my pussy causing me to gasp at the pleasure. His other hand releases the folds and slide around my ass soaping it as his finger clean my from the inside. He inserted another finger and then another. He just slowly inserted and withdrew, not wiggling or bend then back or forth.  His finger began on slip between my ass cheeks as he continued the slow motion in and out of my pussy. His finger teasing the opening of my ass, just pushing on it enough to cause it to start to open then removing the pressure.

He removed his fingers from my pussy and ordered me to bend over. He pulled my ass cheeks apart, “Nice and tight again.” Master said as he start to insert a finger inside. He wiggled it around then withdrawing it. I heard the sound of something being squeezed and the cold fluid hitting my ass. Master rubbed it around my opening and inserted his finger and rubbed more. Then I felt the tip of something hard at the opening. I held my breath hoping it was Masters cock, but I would not be honored with it. I felt it slowing being inserted inside my tight ass and then the sound and feeling of it being inflated. Then the rush of water as it was added to my ass. It filled my up causing me to almost cum. I took the mental step back and held it right there but it was hard. The fall would be much easier.
Master did not punish me too long as he wiggled my ass only once and after just a few minutes he releases the pressure and let the water run out. I again smelling the body wash as he took the soapy finger and inserted it into my ass, more easy this time and wiggle but for just a moment.

“Stand, slave.” I stood as ordered and then the water was turned off.


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