Episode # 23 – New Beginnings……

I stood there with the blindfold clinging to my wet face and the ball gag filling my mouth. the water was dripping off my body and splashing against the wet ground. The air was cool against my wet skin. I felt the leash being grabbed from it’s hanging position on my collar. Master tugged on the leash letting me know it was time to move. We had only taken a few steps when I was greeted with a towel over my head, drying my hair and running down my body to dry it off. I was not a gentle drying but then again I was not entitled to gentleness after my mistake.

When I was dry, there was a rougher tug on the leash and I again followed where the leash pulled me. I could tell it was wrapped up around their hand as it was a short leash and let very little room for me to move in any other direction than the one they had intended for me.

I was pulled slowly up to  something that hit me just at my hips. There was a hand on my back that pressing my forward. It was just a small bench like device. My arms still behind my back I felt a hand on my wrist as it was being pulled up behind me and attached to a restraint. Even though my collar was not attached to keep me down I could not stand up without causing myself serious pain. Which I think was the point of this. I felt a bare foot tap the side of my leg indicating that I should spread them. I did as instructed and a cuff was placed on each ankle. I could tell there was a bar in between them. There was not a word being said. I could not see and relied on my ear to hear what was happening around me but there was not a sound. There was a slight sound of a movement, but not distinct enough to determine who it was much less what they were doing.

I felt a finger slide in between my ass cheeks and rub over the opening. A finger slide inside and begins a slow withdraw and slides back in. It was a slow building pleasure that I was feeling. My ass was still tingling from the shower and now this slow rhythmic invasion was causing me a great deal of difficulty taking that step back. They inserted another finger into my ass and was stretching it apart forcing it to open more. I felt another hand on my ass then the feel of the cold gel going into my opening. The fingers were slipping in and out faster now turning and twisting my ass open. The fingers were slipped out of my ass and was replaced with a hard cock that was perched at the opening then slide deep inside. There was a mixture of pain and pleasure as my ass spread open for the cock to slide in. He started to slide slowly in and out, the same rhythm of the fingers. I feel his hands on my ass spreading my cheek as he continues to slide deep inside grinding his hips against my ass.

My pleasure started to building again. It was getting higher and higher. I wanted his cock to fuck my ass harder and cause me to cum all over him but I was not even allowed to ask or suffer more punishment. As if he could read my mind his hand slide to my hips grabbing them hard and he starts to fuck my ass with deep hard strokes increasing his speed until he was pounding me and his balls were slapping against my pussy that was now wet. I was taking step after step back but I was getting closer and closer to the edge. Then the cock was just gone, removed from my body. I felt empty and almost alone. There was again no sound.

I almost thought I was alone until I felt a finger sliding between my folds and rubbing my clit. My back arched and I tried to move my hips so that I could get more. My movement was stopped with a hand slapping my ass. “Stop moving.” it was the only thing said and it had so much disappointment and masked anger that I didn’t need to see his face to know that Sir Joshua was still upset with me.

I stopped moving immediately and he continued to pull and rub my clit. Sliding his finger in and out as he needed lubrication. I felt the head of his cock at my pussy opening then he plunged it deep inside and began to fuck my pussy in the same fashion he had my ass and all the while still pulling at my clit.

Sir Joshua removed his fingers from my clit and pulled at my hips. He would stroke slowly then fuck me harder and each time he would slow he would spank my ass hard, After several spanks on my ass it was starting to sting more and more. I knew there was a red hand print on my ass. there had to be. He has spanked me at least 20 times in almost the same spot. When he spanked me I again the pain was just to much for me to stand still. I winched from the pain. He grabbed my hips and increased the speed, this time when he slowed he used the other hand to spank the other cheek. Between the anger I knew Sir Joshua had and the fact that my ass was hurting I almost forgot to stop myself. The more he spanked and the more pain the more excited I got. I was trying to run backward to stop myself. I moved my hips to a slightly different angle and that seemed to help. But each time Sir Joshua slowed down and smacked my ass it was like 2 steps closer.

I felt his cock getting harder and start to swell inside my pussy. I knew his was getting close to his own orgasm. He slowed his strokes sliding in and out, letting the head just slide out of the opening before letting is slowing slide all the way back inside. He continued to slide in and out in this rhythm for what seemed like forever. Then I felt him spread my ass cheeks and slide his fingers inside and start spread them apart. He started to fuck my pussy harder and harder all the while spreading my ass open. He balls were slapping again up against my pussy then i felt his cum deep inside my pussy. He was filling it up with his cock and cum. He jerked a few times then removed his fingers for my ass and his cock from my pussy. I could feel his cum start to come to the opening as I heard him walk away. I heard the water and knew that he was going to clean me. I felt his cum mixed with my wetness sliding down my leg.

Sr Joshua returned with the water and inserted the tube into my ass and cleaned it out and then inserted another tube into my pussy and cleaned it out. He took a cloth and cleaned his cum off my leg.

He took the water away and when he returned he slowly inserted my kegal balls. “You forget to add these this morning?” Sir Joshua said as he inserted the last ball. Oh this was just great. I was making more and more mistakes.

“Don’t worry slave,” Sir Joshua said, “you will have a few days to learn a new routine.” I could feel my body relax.

I felt my arms being detached from the restraints, then my ankles. Sir Joshua grabbed my shoulders and stood me up. He then removed the binding on my arms. They felt like they weighed 100 lbs each. I just let them drop to my sides.

He then removed my blindfold and gag and informed me that I was to go to my room and shower and rest that lunch would be served in about an hour.

“You are to be dressed in silks and report to the dining room at 12:00.”

He started to walk away, “And slave, make sure they are on correctly.” And with that he left the room.


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