Episode #1 – To Start….

I decided to keep an online journal of my life with my Master.

I guess I should start with how I go into this lifestyle. All through my high school I would always find myself attracted to a certain type of person. And in my sex life it was not any different, I always wanted a man to tell me what they wanted and took it.
In college I met this absolutely beautiful woman. I remember the first time I seen her coming into class, I felt myself getting very wet. I had never really been attracted to women before, but there was something about the way she walked and talked that had me rubbing myself at night to thoughts of her.

After several study session, coffee and class related dinners I expressed to her my thoughts about running my tongue over her swollen nipples and let my fingers dip into her tasty juices. She let me know that she had also thought about being with me but her Master did not allow for her to have another.
Me not really having a clue was shocked at the word “Master”, and began to question her about it. True (her lovely names just rolls off my tongue) told me that she could talk with her Master about answering my questions.
I agreed as it was very interesting to me. I think everyone has an image of dungeons and people strapped up to things and chained to walls. So yes, I was very interested in learning about it.

A few days later True called and invited me over to meet her Master and have dinner with them. I don’t know what I was really expecting but images of her in shackles serving dinner totally nude gave me great pleasure in the shower. I was in there rubbing soap all over my body and cleaning my pubic areas until the water ran cold. Let’s be honest, I was cleaning my clit hoping that I would get a chance to expose it.
I had to chose just the right clothes to meet a Master. What do you wear in this sort of circumstance? Leather and Lace? I decided on this tight red dress that cut very low across the breast. Just the tips of my areola showed above the trim as I decided to not wear a bra. Since it was summer I was going to go panty-less but I could not seem to keep my pussy from getting all wet. Those damn images.So this lacey pair of thongs that I had bought last time home was perfect.

With condoms packed in my little purse I drove the 30 miles to a nice area where the houses were spread apart, seems like a normal place to live, raise kids and have a dungeon I thought with a laugh. True had told me that there was a white brick mail box at the end of the drive and to turn there. It would be a short drive up to the house and to just park outside the garage. As the house came into sight I was really amazed to see a beautiful two story Victorian house with blue shutters and a wrap around porch. I was really in awe of this house. I guess I expected to see a Gothic Castle with bats and dragons.

There was just a moment of nervousness as I reached for the car door to get out. My curiosity took over the moment my foot hit the bricked driveway. Adjusting my dress and pushing up my breast I strolled with small steps to the door and rang the door bell. Images of True gagged and shackled opening the door in the nude appear before me.
The door opens and standing there is a stately gentleman dressed in a nice suit. I thought he appeared to be in his early forties. Nothing overly handsome about this man I could not understand his appeal to True. She was such a beautiful woman with long brown hair that would cover her breast if she were topless, yes, I thought about that also. My eyes traveled down to his package but the slacks that he was wearing revealed nothing.
In a stern yet not forceful voice his asked, “May I help you?”.
“I am Sarah, True is expecting me,” I said in a strong voice not sure how to address him.
“Yes, The Master and True have been expecting you,” he said, “Please, come in.”
I stepped inside and was amazed at the decor in their home. They had kept with the style of the house. The furnishings were Victorian and looked to be in just the right place. As I entered the foyer I looked to the left and seen a small sitting room or formal living room with crystal vases full of fresh flowers. The light in the foyer was dimmed by a very large chandelier. The room to the right appeared to be the formal dinning area. The table was sit with beautiful china and crystal wine glasses.
I am just a small town girl from Missouri and did not have the first clue about any of the furnishings. I wouldn’t know a Vera Wang from Waterford. This is not what I expected at all.
The person who had let me in the door I now knew was not The Master, step ahead of me and stated, “This way Miss Sarah, they are in the Study.” he said turning toward the hallway between the two rooms. “The Master instructed that I was to bring you to them when you arrived.” Instructed, now that was a word that I thought a Master would use.
As we walked down the hall I noticed that all the doors were closed to the other rooms. One had a large double french door that was partly opened and I could see a table and chairs and what appeared to be a large bird cage. I thought to myself, “How damn big is that bird?” and images of a big yellow bird appeared in my head. I suppressed a laugh at the thought when I looked back I noticed that the gentleman had stopped before a set of dark doors and knocked. I still was not sure who this man was, I began to assume that he was a butler of sorts.
A deep voice from the other side of the door said “You may enter.” The butler opened both door and as they swung open I had images of chains on walls and people strapped to devices floating in my head. It took me a moment to realize it was just a normal study with books and a desk with a very handsome gentleman seated behind it.
I can say I was feeling a bit disappointed there were no chains on the walls. Then the man stood from his chair. He had dark brown hair that was almost black, cut in a nice business style. He was wearing a red polo shirt with tight jeans. My eyes traveled down to where the desk met his bulge and could see another attractive feature about him.
He waved me inside with his hand and motioned toward a chair in front of his desk. I started walking into the dim room and glanced at the wall of books. Had they really read all of them? The carpet was soft under my red 4 inch heels and I slowly walked across the room as to not fall face first into the floor.
The Master extended his hand across the desk to take my hand in those tan but soft hand to shake. “It is nice to meet you Sarah,” my name rolled off his tongue more like a song than spoken words, “I am Daniel, please have a seat.” I almost didn’t want to let go of that strong hands. I turned to make sure I did not slip off the chair. I should have chose a longer dress. I was forced to sit on the edge of the chair just so the skirt of the dress did not show my panties. I could not take my eyes off his face. He looked just over my head and nodded. “Would you like a drink before dinner?” his eyes coming back to mine. I was in a trance, “Yes, please.”
“Would wine be okay?” a voice from behind me said. I realized that True was also in the room just behind me. I didn’t dare break my gaze from Danielsl’s. I felt her hand on my shoulder then dared to look at her. Still expecting to see her breast right in my face I turned to accept the drink from her hand.
She was dressed in a beautiful lacey dress that was much shorter than mine and plunged between her breast down to her pierced belly button. She had a beautiful steel band around her neck with a floating heart on a ring. I had seen her wear it several times in the past and thought how pretty it was. I could hardly take my eyes from her lace covered breast to turn back to Daniel as he addressed me, “So you have questions about our lifestyle?” I felt like a little kid being caught spying on the neighbor undressing. I felt the blood rush to my face and it get warm. “You should not be embarassed,” Daniel said, “they are lovely.”
I watched as True join him behind Daniel behind the desk, dropping onto his lap with all the grace and elegance that I had seen her sit in a classroom chair. She draped her arm behind his neck as he looked up at her. There was a mixture of sexual energy and control from the short gaze before he turned those eyes back to me.
“What sort of things did you want to know?”
I was not sure what I wanted to ask. Where were the chains and sex devices? As if he knew my very thoughts he said, “Not what you expected?” I felt my cheeks getting red again as I slowly shook my head no. “I am not sure what I expected.”
“Sure you are,” he said with that smooth voice, “You expected chains and whips.”
“Yes,” I said dropping my head, “I guess I did expect that.”
“It is fine,” he said reaching for True’s hand on her lap, “most do have thoughts about how we live.”
“Exactly was is a Master?” shaking my head to clear my thoughts, “I mean you look normal.”
Daniel and True laughed, “I mean….” I said dropping my head.
“No,” Daniel said in an understanding voice, “we understand.”
He asked me to describe normal to him. I told him a person with a normal job that gets up and goes to work pays bills comes home watches TV. He laughed again then looked at me with laughter still in his eyes. “I have a normal job and pay bills like everyone else,” his eyes got a bit serious for a moment, “but I have sexual desires that most have and do nothing with.”
A thought suddenly occurred to me, all those shows where people are kidnapped and shoved into boxes against their will filled my head. Shifting uncomfortably in my seat, wondering what I had gotten myself into.
“Something I say upset you,” he didn’t smile and his eyes showed the slightest bit of concern.
“I…..I think I had better go,” standing up draining the contents of my glass, “I forgot……” A sweet English female voice sounds over an intercom, “Master, dinner will be served in 5 minutes.”
Daniel reached over to the phone and pushed a button, “Yes, Maggie.”
He then looked up at me, “Will you be joining us?”
It sounded more like a statement rather than a question. He eyes locked with my eyes and I begin to have that feeling of being in a trance as a nodded “yes” to him.
True stood and stepped behind Daniel as he stood from his black leather chair and crossed the room to take my hand in his and bring it to his lips, “Thank you for joining us.” He glanced over his shoulder toward True who walked up behind him taking my other hand. He released my hand from his and walked to open the doors, “Ladies, shall we dine?”

Dinner was served by a stout english sounding woman. She was waiting just inside the dinning room as we entered, “Greetings, Master Daniel” she then came around to pull his chair out for him, then crossed next to him and pulled the chair out for True. “Thank you” was all True said.
She then pulled out a chair for me to sit opposite True and to the right of Daniel. She returned with a plate for Daniel and True and then myself. I started to notice a pattern with things. Daniel was always first, not unlike my family where my father was always the first served. I thought “Okay, so this is more a conservative situation.” I felt stupid in thinking this was like all those shows and movies I had seen.
There was small talk. He asked about classes and my major. True and myself talked about an up coming test the next week. And I felt like such a fool.
The dishes were cleared from the table and we were told coffee and drink were served in the sitting room. Daniel rose from his chair, “Ladies, care to join me?”
As I rose from my chair, “I feel so stupid,” feeling my cheeks again heat up, “I misunderstood things.”
I followed Daniel and True down the hall to the room that I had seen with the french doors.
Daniel’s hand was on the handle of the door when he turned to me, “What did you misunderstand?”
“About the whole Master thing,” I smiled to him and looked at True, “I thought you meant like Master and Slave.”
Daniel smiled and laughed then opened the door. I was still expecting to see chains and whips on the walls.
“Still expecting chains and whips?”
How did he keep doing that? It seemed that he could read my mind.

After another good discussion on current events and a few more drinks I said goodnight and left. I apologized several times for my misunderstanding. I could have kicked myself all the way home.

True texted me later and told me Daniel enjoyed my company and that we would have to do it again soon. I returned the text that I enjoyed it also and would love to join them again.

Two days later I received a very formal hand written notecard invitation hand delivered from their butler:

We request the honor of your presence
for dinner and discussion

The dinner will be casual and please accept our invitation to stay the weekend.

I can say that I was beyond thrilled at the thought of spending time with them. I still could not get that image of True’s lace dress out of my head. Maybe this weekend I could sneak a peak at more of her or even of Daniel.


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