Episode #2 – Dinner and Discussion….

Instead of going to class on the Friday of the dinner I decided it was a nice summer day I needed to go shopping. They had a pool so I would need a new bathing suit and maybe a new dress, something casual. I was not sure what all we would be doing that weekend but I was very excited to get it started.

True and I had been talking about it for the past few days and I could not wait for 8:00 pm to hurry up. I had to keep myself busy so that I didn’t just rush right over. I didn’t want to seem to eager to spend time with them. And not spending the night in the dorm rooms what a vacation to me. This weekend would have been full of watching movies or playing on the internet or just studying for my finals that seem to be just around the corner.

I think I tried on every dress in the entire store before I decided on this one that had a tight bodice but pleated skirt. It was solid black with three tiny pearl button in the center that rested between my breast. I decided that a black demi cup bra would enhance my breast. The cups would come just above my nipples and keep them tamed in my dress.
I would not say that my nipples were extremely large but they tend to get hard at just the slightest breeze. Hence my name BeraBreast. I will get to that name a bit later.

I had to rush back to the dorm to pack my bag for the weekend. Throwing my toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup bag and getting the new clothes in a bag. I changed into my new black dress with the black bra and lace thong that matched the bra. I felt very sexy as I slipped my 3 inch heels on my feet and walked out the door. Living in a coed dorm is very good for the ego, especially when you are trying to be sexy.

The air was so cool I drove with the top of my car down to Trues’ house and arrived just a little after 6. I am usually a very punctual person but I could not seem to get out of the dorm without people asking questions or just wanting to talk. Dinner was to start at 7 and True had informed me there would be others joining us for this dinner.

Jones, the name of the butler, answered the door and showed me to my room to freshen up. “Dinner will be served at 7 sharp,” he said in that stern voice, “Drinks will be served at 6:45 in the main living area.” As he sat my bags on the bed and turned to take his leave, “And the Master hates for people to be late,” reaching for the door and opening it, Jones turns and says, “We don’t want to anger the Master.”
I felt my cheeks getting warm again. He obviously knew about my misunderstanding last time and was having fun at my expense. But it was all in good fun. True and I had not discussed that conversation since that night and I was glad of it. “Act like it didn’t happen,” I kept reminding myself.

After checking my make up and hair I left my room. As I got to the top of the stairs I could hear voices coming from downstairs. This seemed more like a dinner party rather than a casual dinner. I was glad I had decided to do with something a little more classy than just jeans.

True was a true hostess. At ease with everyone in the room mainly gentlemen that looked to range from late twenties to early forties. I never did ask what business Daniel was in but assumed that he was a business man.
Damiel spotted me standing at the door. He excused himself from the conversation and crossed the room. Daniel too my hand in his and raised it to his lips, “Glad you could join us,” he said with a smile then kissed my hand, “Let me introduce you to our guest.”
I didn’t think I was going to be able to keep people and names straight, not that there would be a quiz later or anything.

At exactly seven o’clock, Maggie entered the room and announced dinner was served. Conversations seemed to swirl around me. Every knew each other very well. They talked about trips they had taken to different places. The conversations seem to mix with each other. Occasional someone would ask me a questions and I would answer we few words but exact. Daniel would smile at me and from time to time I would see him whisper something to True.

After the dinner was over and we had all retired to our rooms I heard a knock at my door. When I opened it I was shocked to find True standing on the other side dressed in a very thin shirt just barley covering those long legs. It had slipped off her shoulder and showed that she was not wearing a bra. She sat in a chair opposite the bed and told me, “Daniel find you very interesting.” I was not sure why that seems so important to me at the time. “He said you did very well tonight.” Not understanding what she was referring to, I asked her to explain. She told me he was impressed that I spoke when asked a question and gave short exact answer rather than long statements, “short and sweet” she said.
She hugged me and said that she would see me in the morning that the guest were leaving early and we would have the entire day. It was all I could do to keep from touch those soft breast that rubbed against mine.
The door closed and I could not seem to get my skirt lifted fast enough and my fingers inside my panties. I fell to the bed with one hand in my panties with a finger inside me and the other hands rubbing my breast. If I didn’t get to feel her body soon I was going to go nuts. She was all I thought about. I had even thought how nice it would be to be invited into her and Daniel’s bed just for one night. The cravings were getting bad enough they were affecting my school. I could not concentrate on anything else. Feeling myself getting wet I pinched and flicked my nipples harder and rammed two fingers into me when I came all over my hand.
Spent I fell asleep right there with my hand still on my clit.

I awoke with a smile on my face feeling satisfied I took a shower. Getting dressed I took my time making sure everything was perfect before going to breakfast.
When I arrived downstairs I was told that I could eat breakfast on the porch that everyone had already ate and left. I felt a little sad that I would not get to eat with True.

I decided to check my email from my phone and answer any calls I had gotten. After I finished my call with my mother, I turned to find True standing in my doorway in a hot pink two piece, barely covering her, bathing suit. “I thought we could have a swim,” she said crossing the room to take a seat in the same chair she sat in the night before. “Daniel will be along soon,” she informed me, “He had to go into town for a few things.”
Her breast were hardly contained in the little fabric that just covered half of a nipple. My eyes were drawn to them.
“Did you bring your suit?”
Pulling my head up in a jerk, “What?”
She smiled, “I asked did you have a bathing suit.”
I walked to the my bag an took out my white bathing suit. “Let me change,” I said needing to get out of the room, “I will meet you down there.”
True said from her chair, “I can wait”

I was having a hell of a time trying to get the stings in the suit to do right. I felt like all thumbs, not being able to tie them. I felt her hand move my hair aside as she reached for the strings at my neck, “Let me help.” Feeling her breathe that closes to my neck was almost more than I could bare. I had never wanted to feel the pleasure she could give me more in my life.
Dropping her hands to my waist, she adjust the string at my waist. I took a step forward before turning. I could not trust myself not to places kisses on those lovely breast.

I would had not known desire could hurt so bad but I would soon learn…….


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