Episode # 11 – My first day as a real slave

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After cleaning Joshua opened the door for me to step out of the shower. I reached for one of the towels and turned to him to dry his body off. I had to assume that was my job. I was a slave, but you know it didn’t feel like all those stories that you read in history. But again this was a bit different. I was finding a more sexual side to myself than I had before. It was one of wanting to please my Master in every way. And since Joshua was to be considered the same as my Master when he was not present I would make sure to please him also. I was being to understand the attraction to this lifestyle.  I am sure that it is not for everyone but it was something I was coming to accept as part of my life. I enjoyed serving someone and pleasing them. I am not sure how long my training will be, but I plan to please my Master and Sir Joshua each day, both sexually or any other way they see fit for me.

After drying Joshua and myself completely off he opened the door to a room that I had not seen. Not that I was actually given a complete tour of the house before but it was a beautiful room. And again they kept with the theme of the house with the large four post bed in the center of the wall opposite the bathroom. Nightstands were on each side of the bed covered in a rich burgundy silk. The bed was turned down and waiting for us.

Joshua ordered me to kneel down which put my eyes to be even with his semi-hard cock. I licked my lips hoping for another chance to suck it. He produced the ball gag again and placed it in my mouth and clipped it into place checking the tightness.

“Stand,” he said grabbing the rope again between my breast. He turned me around and I felt the ropes starting to loosen as he started to remove them. I felt a stinging sensation the moment my breast were released. It felt like a thousand tiny hands squeezing them.

“We can’t leave these on tight for long,” he explained, “they can actually cause damage.” It was then that I really began to trust him. This was not just about sex, although that was an advantage. But it was about being a part of their lives. The Master and slave relationship was more complex than I could have imagined.

After all the ropes were removed from my body he ordered me to get into bed. Joshua instructed me that I was to sleep on the right side of the bed leaving the other side for the Master if he so wished to sleep there.

My naked body slide across the sheets that were cool to the touch.

“You should sleep, slave.” Joshua said, “Your training will continue tomorrow.”

I turned to my side and was asleep.

I woke to the sound of Daniel entering the room. “Ah, you are awake,” he said walking to the side of the bed. “If you wake or are wake when I enter the bed chambers you are to kneel by the time I reach you, slave.” I scrambled to my knees and knelt before him on the bed. My hands placed face up on my knees.  Daniel placed a hand on my knee, “You should kneel with your knees apart,” he said. I spread my knees apart, but he continued to push on my knees. This was an indication they were not far enough apart. He removed his hand from my knee when they were almost to my sides. “Very nice,” he spoke as he ran his finger over my pussy lips. “This is my preference,” he began, “It allows me to inspect you.” He explained that we liked the look of a female pussy when in this position. It spread her lips and allowed him access to play or to look.

“Joshua said you did well last night,” he said. I could feel the smile on my face even with the ball gag still in place. “We shall continue with your training today.”

He told me to follow him down to breakfast then we would get to work. Little did I know that the training had already begun for that morning. I climbed off the bed and started to follow him by walking. Daniel turned around, “Slave, what do you think you are doing walking!” he said grabbing my nipples very hard and pulling them toward him causing a sudden rush of pain to the tips of them. He pulled the nipples downward until I began to realize that he meant for me to be on my knees. When I finally got into the proper position, kneeling before him. He released my nipples as the blood began to flow back to the tips causing another rush of pain. “You are not allowed to walk unless you are told to, slave.” he said. “You are to crawl and if I enter a room you are to be in a kneeling position on the floor, do you understand?” I nodded and dropped my head. I had again made a mistake. I would work harder to please him.

He started to walk again and this time I followed behind him, crawling.

We entered the dinning area. Already seated at the table was True and Joshua. They continued the conversation like I was not even there. Daniel ordered me to a set of cushions on the floor next to his chair.  I crawled over the cushions and assumed my kneeling position. The conversation around me continued. I could not join in as I still had that gag in my mouth. Every once in a while Daniel would reach over and pinch one of my nipples or toy with it absently while he continued to talk.

They finished up their breakfast and Daniel told True to wait for him the study. She inclined her head and walked from the room. Daniel stood and asked Joshua if everything was prepared for this mornings training. Joshua said that it was and Daniel rose from his chair. “Follow Joshua for your instructions.” I nodded in response and Daniel left the room.

Joshua rose from his seat and walked over to where I kneeled waiting for him to give my instruction. My head was bowed as he pulled the leash from his pocket and placed it in the collar that I was starting to forget was around my neck. It was just a plain steel collar with a lock in the back but it was becoming a part of who I was now.

Joshua gave a slight yank on the leash, “When the leash is attached you should be prepared to move.” He said in very stern voice. This was not the man that was gentle last night in the shower. There was a demanding in his voice. “This slave will learn her place and what is required.” Then he yanks again as he started moving out of the room toward the kitchen. I crawled behind him thinking that I had already started out this day badly. First with Daniel, now with Joshua.

Maybe it was my way of thinking that was causing these mistakes. In my head I kept referring to them as Daniel and Joshua. Was that the problem with this, I was not really taking this serious, that it was just some sort of game that we were playing and that Monday life would go back to normal then some weekend in the future we would play this again? I didn’t really think this was a game, it was just all new to me. I didn’t really know these people and here I was putting my trust in them not to hurt me, at least other than swollen nipples, sore lips of my clit and I think I had a few rope burns. But that was all part of this fun I was having. I was having fun. I wanted to be here and serve, Daniel, correction, Master.  It was part of the problem, my way of thinking. I needed to decide how committed I was to all of this.

When Joshua released the leash from my collar, I assumed the kneeling position. “You may eat here,” he said, “I will return for you when I am ready to start your training today.” He released the ball gag from my mouth.  It was in that moment I was looking so forward to pleasing him and Master that my decision was made. I am here because I want to be. There is no other place I want to be. Daniel is now my Master and I am his slave, Sir Joshua is an extension of my Master and will be treated that way. I am just the slave to do their wishes and please them. This is what I want and want to be the best slave I can be. It was in that split second that my mind and body was no longer my own but my Masters.

I responded with a slight nod, “Yes, Sir Joshua, thank you Sir.” I could feel the smile on Joshua’s face at my words. And he was smiling when he squatted down and lifted my chin to look at him. “Very good slave, you have made your choice.” still smiling he let go of my chin and I dropped my eyes again, “Your training will continue.” And with that he left the room.

After I finished eating I sat back in my kneeling position and waited for Sir Joshua to come and take me to my training. I am not sure how long I sat there just thinking about the past day. Sir Joshua entered the room dressed in all black clothing. “Slave, you have made the decision to join this lifestyle,” he continued, “you do this of your free choice.” He ordered me to look at him. I looked up and just then Master entered the room. He was smiling, “Joshua says that you have finally made your true choice.” I nodded, “Yes, Master.”  His smile disappeared, “You have chosen to accept this lifestyle and us into your life.” still with a very stern voice, “that will be your last choice if you chose to leave this room with us.” “If not,” he said, “you are free to leave.” I stayed exactly where I was, kneeling before my Master. “Yes, Master, I accept my position with you as your slave.”

“As it will be,” Master said with his smile returning, “Your official training as my slave begins now.” He attached the leash to my collar. “From this moment on, you will be required to follow the rules.” I nodded, “Yes, Master.”

I crawled from the kitchen to the playroom to begin my official training and begin my new life. I would not question about thing that my Master said to me. I would just react and do as told.

When we entered the room there was a leather covered table in the center of the room. I was ordered to climb on top of the table. I was ordered to wear the ball gag because I was still being punished for my acts yesterday.  I put my head down, “Sorry Master, I will do better.” He pulled the straps tight against the back of my head and spoke right in my ear, “Yes you will slave.”

Master told me to get on all fours on the table. I did as ordered.  Sir Joshua brought a metal device and placed it on the table in front of me. “This is a stock, like the ones of the old days, but still very useful today.” Sir Joshua said and stepped away. “You will be confined here until I feel your punishment is over for disobeying.” Master said. I nodded and dropped my head even lower. He removed the device and took it to my feet. I heard it open and it was slid under my feet.

I was then ordered to put my hands through my legs and I felt the top being added back and heard the lock.  My face was against the leather on the table.

“We will not train your ass to take my cock at this time,” Master said, “but there is a small hook that will be inserted in your ass.” He brought the hook so I could see it. “This is keep you from moving”

He retreated to the end of the table and I heard that squish sound again.

“I will apply a lube to the hook and inject lube in your ass, ” Sir Joshua said, “Then the hook will be inserted and a rope attached to pulls just a little to keep you in place.”

This time I was being told what they were doing and why. It was different from yesterday. They explained that it was like that because I had to chose if this was what I wanted. They were testing me to see if I was serious. I nodded as best I could. They explained they could not waste time with training if I was just going to leave at the end of the weekend.

I felt the tube at the opening of my ass as the lube was injected in. I felt the liquid going in my hole as a little ran down. Then I felt the pressure of the ball on the hook at my opening. “I am going to easy a finger in that tight ass,” Master told me, “Just to loosen it up a little.”

“It is better to relax.” Master said, “You will become accustom to having something in your ass when I decide to properly train it.”

I felt his finger slip in my ass and withdrawal. “Ummmm, nice and very tight.” He continued to work his finger in and out of my ass until I felt myself relaxing. His finger glided in and out of my ass with easy now. The pain was only a little when he wiggled his finger.

I felt the tip of the cold metal touch my ass and the felt the pressure of the ball against the opening again. I felt my ass begin to open and take the ball inside, “That’s it, take the ball in your tight ass.” Master said as he continue to push it in.

The ball entered my ass completely and Master told me that he would insert part of the hook to rest nice against my ass before attaching the rope to it.

I felt the rope being tied to the hook and it pulling up on my ass slightly.

“As I said before,” Master told me, “you will remain here until I think you have been punished enough.”

I only nodded. Then heard the door open and close and I was left all alone again.

The hook was pulling on my ass and causing it to throb with a mixture of pain and pleasure.  But I remained as still as I could. My knees began to hurt along with my arms from the position. Each time I tried to take the pressure off them the hook would pull harder on my ass.  Just as it did each time I felt myself going to sleep. I would relax and start slipping down and it would pull my ass.

My legs began to shake after a while and it caused the hook to pull even more. I really did not like this. My legs throbbed, my wrist we hurting and my arms felt stretched. My ass was throbbing from the constant pulling on it. If this was what was going to happen each time I made a mistake I would make sure I didn’t again.

I did not think I could take anymore. This was the worse punishment I had ever received. Just when I thought I was going to break the door opened. The pain showed on my face as Master walked into the room.

“Have you learned your lesson?” he asked. I shook my head in the “yes” motion which was a mistake because it caused me to move my arms, which caused pain and made me move again and the hook pulled tight against my ass.

“Good girl,” Master said as he released the rope from the hook, but left it in place.

He took his finger and rubbed my clit in a circular motion causing me to start getting wet. I felt my nipples getting hard and my ass tighten around the hook. He continued to rub harder and faster before plunging his finger deep inside. I almost came on his finger right then. But I could not let myself cum because I did not want that rope put back.

He withdrew his finger and wiggled the hook in my ass. I moaned from behind the gag. “Your ass has swollen around the hook.” he said and began to slid the hook out. “Very tight ass,” as the ball of the hook came to the opening and began to come out. There was such as mixture of pain and pleasure. I was not sure if I would cum or cry. I felt him start the ball out of my opening them hold it at the largest part for a moment before letting it slip out of my ass.

He released my hands and feet and instructed me to sit you on the table. “Your training on how to please me and my wants and desires start now.” he said taking my chin in his hands forcing me to look at him. “You will know my desire without a word said,” he pulled one of my nipples with the free hand, “You will welcome me at anytime, day or night.” he continued to explain my place.

“Now slave, crawl alone to your room and shower, then wait for my instructions.” I nodded and took my leave.

I took my shower, taking care to only clean myself and not touch too much. When I was dried I went to my room and found a note on the bed that read:

You are to rest for the remainder of the day. You will stay in this room. You things have been delivered and clothes have been put away. Anything I did not approve of has been discarded.

You will wear what I have planned for you each day. It will be left for you after your morning shower each day.

You will be clean for me. After each encounter you will shower just in case I want to use you again. You have access to your computer to do your school work but you are not allowed to contact anyone. You will be able to contact your family this week, but for now your cell phone has been taken.

You will be confined to the house and school for the next two weeks. You will return from school each day and remove all your clothes. You will not be allowed to wear any clothing during this time. Joshua will escort you to school each day and will return you home.

Do as you are told and you will receive pleasure.

You will be given instruction each day, follow them as if they were told to you by me face to face. And remember I see everything in this house. Follow the instructions and those additional ones given to you my Joshua. And don’t break any of the main rules

Enjoy your day, you are making a fine slave.




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