Episode # 10 – Training continued….

“Your training in controlling your orgasms shall continue.” Daniel said then I felt the pressure at the opening of my pussy again. Daniel slide a finger over my swollen, clamped clit my body instantly jerked at the sensation. I felt the clamp release and the pressure of Daniels rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger. I felt my pussy begin to tighten as I seem to be right on the edge of an orgasm. I continued to tell myself that I could not cum, but telling my body was another thing.

Daniel released my clit from his torture and I was posed there, between the ropes exposed. The hood over my head was causing my senses to increase. Just the slightest breeze from the air was causing my body to react, or it might have been the fact that I was not allowed to release myself.

I then felt the ropes being removed from by arms and the chain released that was holding my head back. With in a matter of minutes I have been released from my restraints and could once again stand. Joshua told me to put a hand on his shoulder as he guided my hand there. The collar was still attached to my neck as was the hood. Helping me get my balance from being in the bent position for such a long time. I felt his fingers squeeze my hard nipples that felt like they were as big as a cherry and probably just as red.

“We can remove these now,” Daniels voice came from in front of me. Then I felt the clamps on my nipples release. The pain from the blood rushing back to them was torture. He gently rubbed the palm of his hand over my still tied breast and squeezed them.

“The slave needs a shower and a rest.” I heard Daniel say, “but change the ball to a smaller one in her mouth.” And just then I felt the gag being released from the back of my head. “She is still being punished.” I heard Daniel say as his voice got lower like he was walking out of the room.

The ball gag was replaced on my mouth and this was much easier to have there. It had a hole in the center that allowed me to breath better and was not as large. My mouth sigh in relief as it was not stretched open all the way.

Joshua took my arm and led me to the stairs. He told me each step to take. If I could just see this would have been easier and faster.

When we came to another set of stairs I knew that he was taking me up stairs to where to bedrooms were. I was happy to be able to shower and take a real nap in a real bed.

He led me into a room then I heard the water running. I was so happy to feel the hot steam coming from the shower. I knew that I would be able to get out of the hood and into the the shower and just let my swollen clit, pussy and nipples bask in the warm shower water. I felt a pull on the ropes still covering my breast and keeping them bound. Then felt that hot water hit my body. The pulse from the water stung my nipples and felt like tiny needles being inserted into them. But the water still felt like heaven.

Joshua ordered me to turn around and he placed his hands on my shoulder to help me balance. I felt the buckles on the hood loosen and he removed the hood. The lights were very dim in the bathroom.

“The lights were dimmed to protect your eyes.’ Joshua said into my right ear. I could feel the warmth of his breath on my neck and he pulled my back against him and into the water.

I felt an almost absence when his body lost contact. “Turn around” he said. He was sitting on a small bench in the shower. He cock was semi hard as he rubbed it with one hand and offered me soap with that other. “Clean yourself,” he said and I could see his cock getting soapy, “but DO NOT fondle yourself or give yourself any pleasure, just wash.”

I took the soap from his hand and began to wash as I watched him continue to stoke his own cock, making the head soapy and the shaft hard in his hand. I washed my breast which was hard because I wanted to squeeze my nipples but just the water was causing pain. I washed between my legs making sure not to play with my pussy that was getting wet watching him.

When I was done washing my body, Joshua released his cock which stood proudly at attention. He stood, rinsed his hand and took the shampoo from the ledge. He took my hand and placed a small amount in my hand. I started to left it to my hair and he stopped my hand. “No, slave, you are to wash my hair.” I felt my cheeks redden at another mistake. It was hard to not think about this scene as almost romantic. But I had forgotten my place yet again.

I raised my hand to the top of his head. He leaned down so that I could reach better. As I washed his hair he pulled at my nipples. When it was clean enough he simply stepped away. “On your knees slave,” and I did as ordered. He removed the ball gag from my mouth and took his cock in his hand to pushed it toward my mouth. I opened up at the unspoken order. He inserted his cock into my mouth and I began to move my head back and forth, suck the head of his cock before taking the shaft into my mouth. Over and over again my head moved along the shaft making him bigger and harder with each stroke until his hand grabbed the sides of my head and he began to fuck my mouth with hard, deep strokes. And again right before he came, he removed his cock from my mouth, but this time he allowed his cum to squirt all over my face. “You deserve that slave.” he said with a smile. “You don’t need much training on sucking a cock.”

I felt myself light up at the thought I had actually did it right and was reward with cum on my face. I could not believe that was such a huge thing to me, when just a month ago so guy I was dating ask me to let him do that and I was disgusted by it. But for some reason today it was like a big pat on the back at a job well done.

Joshua grabbed the rope between my breast and pulled me upward. He then put the soap in my hand again, but this time I knew it was not for me. I was to clean him. And I did so with a smile on my face.


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