Episode #9 – More Training

Training Gallery

After the door was closed behind their retreating bodies Joshua ordered me to my feet. He pulled me to the table by my nipple clamps and told me stand still while he removed the chastity device. The device was removed and then I was ordered to get on the table on all fours. I did as ordered.

Joshua grabbed a very long piece of rope and came back to the table and removed my nipple clamps. He folded the rope length in half, wrapping it around just under my breast. Sliding the rope through the loop the two halves made. He pulled it tight and wrapped it around me again and then again.

He pulled the two ropes between my breast and wrapped them in the back then put them back together again. This time he wrapped them just above my breast and did it in the same fashion he had the bottom ones. When he ran out of rope he tied a secure knot in the back. He took another piece of rope and wrapped it tight around one breast then over my shoulder to my back where he tucked it into the ropes and brought it back over the other shoulder to wrap around the other breast. I felt my breast throbbing from the squeezing of the rope. Joshua ran his finger across my already sore nipples and they felt more sensitive. His fingers barely touch the tips of my red and hard nipples and I felt the surge in my clit as it began to get wet again.

“Put your arms behind you” Joshua ordered and I did as told

When my arms were behind me I felt the rope being wrapped around my arms pulling them together behind my back.

“Rise to your knees”

He folded the rope in half again placing the center loop under the bottom ropes around my breast and sliding the ends through it to make a knot. He then took the rope and left a length and tied a beautiful knot. He placed the rope between my legs and up my back. I felt the rope slide under the ropes on my back and Joshua pulled the ropes apart and tight causing it to cut into the skin around my pussy and expose my clit. I cried out at the pain but Joshua pulled it harder then secured the rope.

He rubbed the nub of my clit, “Nice and exposed.”

He helped sit on the table and ordered me to spread my legs apart. He attached the nipple clamps to my swollen breast, which caused my nipples to swell even larger.  There was so much pain when he clamped them down on my nipples. He attached another chain to the chain on the clamps and I noticed there was another clamp just as it was being clamped down on my exposed clit. I jumped at the sensation that was somewhere between pain and pleasure. He grabbed the rope between my breast and ordered me to stand.

He walked me over to a stand that had rings attached at different points and rings in the floor around it. He told me to face outward and attached a rope with chain at the end of it to my arms. He took another chain and attached it to my collar which forced me to bend forward. He then put on shackle looking metal devices to my ankles and attached chains to them that did not allow my feet to move. He went to  the cabinet and took out a leather looking hood. He placed the hood on my head and positioned it. I could not see but felt him buckle it from the back. There was an open hole for my mouth and two small breathing holes under my nose. There was a strap that went under my jaw and was padded. I felt the pull of the mask on my face when he attached other chain to the hood that held my head back.

I could hear Joshua unzip his pants and then felt him slap my face with his dick several times. “Open your mouth slave.” He said pushing his cock toward my mouth. I opened my mouth and he slide his soft cock into my mouth. “Now suck it like a good slave,” sliding it in and out of my mouth. “Make it hard, slave.” He said as he continued to thrust his cock deep in my mouth.

I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and ran my tongue along the underside of his cock feeling the ridge of the head pass my teeth and plunge into the back of my mouth. His cock began to grow hard in my mouth and longer. He continued to fuck my mouth with long slow strokes, pushing it deeper into my throat each time.  He grabbed the sides of my head and pushed his cock deep inside of my mouth and into my throat. I tried to pull back as I could not breathe from the hard cock in my throat, but Joshua held my head then slowly eased his cock to where the head was just in my mouth. I opened my mouth wider to get more air but his cock seemed to take up the entire opening. He slide his cock back into my mouth slowly and continued till it was just in the back and pulled out to the head again. He continued to hold my head as he repeated his strokes in my mouth. I did not think his cock could get bigger in my mouth but it felt like it was taking every inch of it.

I felt his cock getting harder and start to jerk just a bit before he pulled it completely from my mouth. “You are not deserving yet, slave.” I responded feeling the tingling of my lips from his cock sliding in a out of my mouth with an almost whisper of “Yes Sir.

I heard the faint sound of retreating footstep as he seemed to walking away from where I was chained. There was the sounds of things being moved around. Not being able to make out what the sounds were.  I did not hear the sounds of the approaching footsteps since I was concentrating on the other sounds that I was hearing. I felt the pull on the chain of my nipple clamps that cause a very loud moan of pain as it pulled my already tender nipples. The tension on the chain was released I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Open your mouth, slave.” It was the sound of Daniel’s voice. I did not answer just did as ordered. I felt his soft cock slide into my mouth. He slide it into my mouth slowly and withdrew it, sliding it into my mouth again and withdrew it again. “Lick the head and shaft of my cock.”

I licked the head of his cock sucking it slightly into my mouth before licking the underside of the head along the ridge, I heard a low moan escape from Daniel as I took him back into my mouth and sucked him deep into my mouth. I could feel his cock grow harder as I continued to suck his cock and let my tongue slide over the ridge of the head with each stroke.

Feeling his desire increasing, he grabbed the sides of my head as Joshua had done and began to fuck my mouth in fast strokes. He slowed only to drive his cock deep into my mouth before pulling it out and then returning it deep into my throat. He continued to hold the sides of my head and slide his cock in and out of my mouth until the feeling of cumming was just there. I had tasted the precum on his cock as I licked it.

He withdrew his cock just as Joshua had and informed me that I did not deserve his cum yet.

“Is it ready?” I heard Daniel ask Joshua and heard a faint answer not making out what was said, but moments later I was aware that whatever it was it was very much ready as I felt the lips of my clit being touched with a vibrating device that seemed to spin and rub my wet clit.

“You will only cum when I allow it.” Daniel had ordered me.

It would touch my clit for only a minute then be withdrawn, then was applied again. This was pure torture. It was not enough to make me cum but make me cry with desire and moan with pleasure.

There as a long pause in the torture to my clit when I felt the lips being parted and felt a cock slip into the opening of my pussy and it stayed there for a moment before moving again. I felt the strong hands against my ass hold me still. The stroke were slow and deep as I felt the cock feel my pussy completely. Then I heard Joshua’s voice order me to open my mouth. He slipped his semi-hard cock into my mouth and matched the strokes of Daniel in my pussy. My mouth and pussy were being filled with slow deep strokes at the same time.

I felt Daniels hand move and spread my the cheeks of my ass, then the light rubbing of the rim of my ass. He was just rubbing the opens softly, not applying pressure or inserting his finger.  I felt my own pussy begin to tighten around his cock. I knew I was closes but I also knew that I was not allowed to cum. Daniel felt the squeeze on his cock and withdrew it from my pussy and rubbed it against the opening of my ass. I thought he was going to let me cum by inserting that cock deep in my ass. But he just lightly rubbed it against the opening, teasing me with the hopes. Joshua cock was now becoming harder and filling my mouth once again. His stroke were still slow and deep. I felt Daniels cock again at the opening of my pussy pushing against it to open for his cock.

“Your pussy is all wet, slave.” Daniel said as his let it slips deep inside but did not move.

“Does the slave want to cum yet?” With a cock filling my mouth I could only moan the answer

He moved slowly inside then stopped, then slowly and stop. This was torture. I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast, make me cum on his cock then he would cum inside of me. But this was not his plan.

He did not increase his speed just the slow stokes. Just then I felt Joshua grab the sides of my head and begin his hard and fast strokes in my mouth. He was pushing deep down my throat and yet did not slow down or stop. He continued to fuck my mouth until I felt that noticeable jerk of his cock again. He withdrew his cock completely from my mouth.

Just as I was about to close my mouth Joshua ordered me to open again. I felt a ball being placed in my mouth and straps go around my head and tightened. My lips were still tingling from the cocks sliding in and out between them, the ball gag seemed to fill my mouth like Joshua’s cock just had.

Daniels cock was still sliding slowly in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I could feel his desire to cum his strokes were harder as his cock began to go in and out faster. I heard him moan and his body jerk, he took his cock out of my pussy and came on my back.

I heard his retreating step, he spoke with Joshua. “Make sure they are tight and that gag is too.” Daniel said. I felt the ropes between my legs being pulled and tightened. He ran his hand over my swollen breast and there was a pain and pleasure that I had never experienced before. The lightest touch sent sensation throughout my body.

“Your training in controlling your orgasms shall continue.” Daniel said then I felt the pressure at the opening of my pussy again……



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