Episode # 29 – Each Day….New Lesson

Sarah sat in her chair, trying to concentrate on the book in front of her. It was proving to be much harder that she had originally thought. Each time she moved in the chair the plug would move and she was moan at the sheer pleasure, which would cause her pussy to contract and move the ball inside. Each movement was followed by a tightening of her pussy muscle to keep the balls inside which would cause her ass to pull on the plug. It was sweet torture.

Minutes seemed like hours as she waiting to be called for dinner. Would she be dining in her room or with the others? Was the plug going to be in her all night? These were the question running through her head as she tried to concentrate on anything other than her now dripping pussy. Her nipples were hard and extended, the skin was so tight stretched across them as they felt like the kept growing inside with no where to go. She looked down at them exposed through her silks and resisted the urge to roll the dark pink hard nubs between her fingers.

“I really have to stop thinking about this” she thought to herself. Sarah knew that anyone could walk in her room and that there was a camera watching her. She could not allow herself to pleasure herself she did not want to disappoint her Master or Sir Joshua again. That was the last thing that she wanted. She would find a way to study though the distraction and make it to dinner without touching herself.

Burying her head in the book she had open, Sarah found that she could with a lot of concentration overcome her urges. She was just about finished with the chapter when the door opened. She glanced up to see Sir Joshua standing there with a tray in his hand. She had her answer to the dinner questions. But she was not upset, she didn’t mind eating alone. Before she came to be a slave to Master she usually did eat alone except on those nights she might have a date, which were fewer and fewer as her school load increased.

Sir Joshua sat her dinner on the desk to the side of her books and sat on the edge leaning over to look at the book she was reading. “It looks rather interesting” he said. She looked down at her book and started to explain what the chapter was about. Sir Joshua reached over and began to roll her nipple between his finger. Sarah gasp as the sensation as stopped talking. “Keep talking, slave.” Sir Joshua said, “Tell me about this piece.” He pointed to the picture that was on the page. Sarah tried her hardest to concentrate on which topic that was and after several stumbled words she finally got herself to where she could concentrate on what she was saying not what she was feeling. Sir Joshua continued to roll her nipple and flick it is bit. When she was done with her explanation she looked at the nipple that was in between his finger and thumb and noticed how long and dark it was. Sir Joshua then stood and walked behind her, he draped his hands on her shoulders and rolled them back. She sighed with pleasure at the feeling. She was tense from all the school work, the training and the fact that she didn’t want to make another mistake. Of course there was the lingering need to have her release. His hands felt like heaven as he massage her shoulders and neck,

Sarah leaned her head back with a great deal of pleasure, closing her eyes to give herself over to the sensation. Feeling her body relax from her toes all the way up to her fingers. She felt the balls starting to slip out and clasp her muscles together so hard that the plug in her ass would pulled in hard. She moaned at the pleasure.

Sir Joshua released her shoulder, “You should eat.” He stood and walked to the door. She felt the emptiness the moment his hands were gone. “We have work to do.”

Sarah remained seated, nodded toward Sir Joshua then bowed her head. She remained seated till she heard the door close. When she stood she could see a visible wet spot in the cloth of her chair. She knew that she was wet just not enough to make her chair wet. She was not sure if this was a good thing or not. But there was a strange sense of pleasure from knowing she could get that wet.

She took her tray to the bed where she placed a towel down before she sat down on the bed. She took her tabet and decided to read about how wet a woman could get. Until she came here she never thought about her body or much about different types of sex. Now she wanted to know everything.

Sarah began to eat and read, and read and read. She found out that some women were natural wetter than others and there was a squirting orgasm. That she knew had never happened to her. She found more information about the balls in her and why they would help with her orgasms and controlling them. But most of all she found that it was exciting to read about other slaves, either what they wrote or what their Master wrote. Although hearing what a Master wanted and why make it easier to understand how they can think. She could only think, “I hope I can please Master that way someday.”

There was a knock on the door and it opened. Her tray was taken and Sarah decided to make the time pass by reading more. She found different sites that offered information, others offered pictures and movies, those she stayed away from as they would prompt her to do something she was not allowed to do, touch herself.

The door opened again and her Master walked in wearing just slacks. She kneeled on the bed where she was, remembering his instructions that she could “persuade” him in this room. She spread her legs wide open exposing her still slightly swollen clit from the earlier play. Her hands resting on her knees and her head bowed, “Greetings, Master.” She had read online how to speak when a Master enters the room. He never said she had to talk or was not allowed to talk when he entered the room so she took a proactive approach to please him.

She could hear the smile in his voice, “Come, slave.” She slide off the bed slowly, when her feet hit the floor she sank to all fours and proceeded to crawl seductively toward her Master. She wiggled her ass a bit more than needed but it had the right effect it forced the plug to move around. When she was at his feet, she stopped and assumed her kneeling position with her legs again spread wide open.

“Very good, slave.” her Master said, “Now stand.”

Sarah did as ordered, still keeping her head bowed. He run his fingers over her hard nipples making a moan escape her lips. At that he took them both in his fingers and pulled stretching them out, rubbing the tip as he continued to pull them.

She struggled to keep the balls inside her now. Her muscles stayed contracted trying to hold them. It was harder with each passing moment. Just when she thought she would drop one, he released her nipples causing her to take a step back. She caught herself and straightened. Her Master took a step toward her, letting his hand drop between her legs, she took a small step t the side to allow him better access to her now very wet pussy.

He slowly ran his finger between the folds, rubbing the wet nub of her clit making her squirm on the inside. “You are very wet my little slave.” then he plunged his finger deep inside her. The moment his finger slipped inside she almost lost her control. She took a sharp intake of breath and managed to contain her orgasm.

His finger slowly slipped out then back in, “You are dripping wet, slave.” he said in her ear. He inserts another finger slowly inside her pussy stretching it open. His fingers find the balls inside and starts to move them around. She pants controlling herself.

“I will not torture you much longer.” her Master said clamping his mouth over her nipple.

Sarah hoped that she would be able to get her release tonight. But she would have to wait, she would not ask for it and be punished more. Just as she was about to lose all control from the finger sliding in and out her. Master Daniel slide his fingers all the way out of her, holding them up to her lips. She took both of them into her mouth sucking hard cleaning her juice from his fingers.

Master Daniel slid his finger from her mouth and told her to turn around. He placed his hand on her shoulder and walked her to the bed. He instructed her to bend over the bed and her ass toward him. Sarah did as she was ordered.

Master Daniel moved the plug around her ass just a bit and slowly took it out of her ass. The widest point slowly slid past the rim and the plug was out. He then ordered her to her knees in front of him as he told her how to remove his pants.

Master Daniel told her to first unbutton his pants and pulled the zipper toward her that way not to get anything caught inside. Then slowly unzip until she seen the head of his cock. She was to use her other hand to gasp the head of his cock to keep it out of the way then unzip his pants completely. She was the allow his pants to drop to the ankles and hold his right foot up with one hand and remove them with the other then do the same with the other leg. She was to stand and fold his pants on the bench or other surface to keep from wrinkling. She was then to kneel in front of him and if she was good she would be allowed to suck his cock.

Sarah nodded and did as she was instructed. When she kneels before him, he took his semi-hard cock and light slapped her face with it. She knew that she was to open her mouth to take his cock. She slowly sucked the head into her mouth. Running her tongue over the head and under the rim. She left her hands on her knees as she sucked the full length of him into her mouth. His moan encouraged her to keep it slow as she sucked him in slowly then pulled her head back.

His cock was getting hard with each stroke. It was filling her mouth stretching it open. She loved the way he tasted, the slightly salty taste as his precum dripped on her tongue. She sucked him harder and still kept the slow pace. His moan was accompanied by his hands being placed on each side of her face as he began his slow assault on her mouth. His strokes increased in speed until his cock was fully hard. And without warning he withdrew it from her mouth. He took a deep breath then ordered her to stand. He pushed her over the bed and ordered her to spread her legs.

She felt his cock slowly enter her dripping wet pussy. His strokes were slow and deep. She felt his thumb press against the opening of her ass. As it slipped inside, “You ass is opening nicely.” He continued to stroke her pussy with his cock and sliding his thumb in and out of her ass in rhythm. Both sliding in and out making her pussy pulse hard against his cock.

He slid his cock completely out of her pussy leaving it wet and dripping. She felt the head pushing against her ass as his hand pulled her ass cheeks apart. His cock was hard and slowly entered her ass, stretching it open for him. She cries out in the mixture of pain and pleasure as the head slides inside. He holds it there for just a moment and then continues to push his hard cock inside her ass. She feels his balls rub against her pussy just before he pulls back slowly. She feel the pain turning to pure pleasure as she pushes deep inside again. I could feel his cock jerking as he was trying to control himself.

“Your ass is so tight.” Master Daniel said as he filled her ass again, “It makes me want to fuck your ass hard.” Sarah took this encouragement to arch her back and push her hips back. Master Daniel took her hips in his hand and began to fuck her ass harder. He rammed deep inside with his balls slapping against her clit. Sarah kept moving her hips back taking him deep inside her ass. She felt his jerk the moment before he came deep inside her ass. When his cock stopped pulsing deep inside her he took out this cock and she instantly dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth to clean him off. She sucked the remaining cum from him and licked his balls taking each one in her mouth to clean them as well. When he was cleaned he ordered her to stand and follow him to the shower.


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