Episode # 31 – New Training…..

Sarah had drifted off to sleep smiling that she had pleased not only Master Daniel but had even managed to please Sir Joshua. She was finding her pleasure in pleasing her Master. Sarah was still smiling when the alarm woke her for another day of school and training. She was starting to look forward to the training more and more. The pleasure she felt when she pleased Master Daniel and Sir Joshua was now making her smile more.

She hurried to get ready and find out what she would be wearing today. She was amazed how Master Daniel could make her look so refined with just a simple outfit. She was starting to understand that she was truly and extension of him. Her dress as well as her actions were a reflection on him. If she did not obey it was as if he was failing too. This realization made her understand more why she should learn, do as ordered, and make him pleased with her training.

She was just leaving the bathroom when Sir Joshua entered the room. She sank to her kneeling position and bowed her head. She was actually get better at getting into the kneeling position with a fluid motion. She knew her nipples were still dark pink and slightly swollen and her clit had gone back the it’s normal size but was extremely sensitive. Sarah knew that it would only take a little suction to make her clit hard and swollen this morning. She was actually very happy now that she was not allowed to wear panties. That rubbing against her swollen protruding clit would be more than she could take.

Sir Joshua ordered her to the bench at the end of the bed to kneel on it with her leg spread wide. He went to the night stand and retrieved the suction tubes. Without a word he pulled on Sarah’s nipples making them stand out more than there were. He applied a bit of cream to the rubber edge and rubbed the rest onto her dark pink nipples, taking his time to make them hard and make a moan escape her. When he placed the suction on each nipple Sarah had to resist the urge to rub herself. She thought her nipples had to be directly tied to her clit. The more he pulled the plunger back the more she felt herself getting wet. The feeling of her nipples being pulled inside the tube was making her become excited beyond belief. She thought she might actually have an orgasm from her nipples alone. Sarah was not sure if it was because she had been denied her climax or if her nipples and clit was just so sensitive from the suction. Either way she was fighting the urge to slip her fingers between the wet folds of the clit and rub the nub she knew was getting hard. As much as she knew that she had to control her thoughts, the suction on her nipples were keeping her thoughts on her release. Sir Joshua knew that she was struggling with her control and took his time pulling the plunger back on the nipples. He was watching them take her dark nipples inside and pull on them making them stretch. He could see they were getting darker by the second and felt his own excitement from watching her nipple swell inside the tubes.

When Sir Joshua was satisfied with Sarah’s nipples he slide his fingers between her folds. He knew that he would find her dripping wet and was not disappointed. He slide his finger slowly between the folds, searching for her nub that he also knew would be wet and hard. His finger rubbed against her making her muscles tense, then his finger found the nub. Sarah was holding her breath as he rubbed her folds, when the tip of his finger touch her nub she jumped and moaned loudly. She almost lost her control. Sarah tensed her muscles trying to stop her release that was on the edge, if Sir Joshua continued she was cum on his hand and make him upset again.

Sir Joshua took his fingers and spread Sarah’s lips and added the suction tube to her nub. He removed his fingers letting the fold close around the tube. He gently pulled back the plunger and started to suck her clit into the tube. Sir Joshua was again excited to see the tube being filled with her clit just as he was with her nipples. He pulled the plunger back hard and fast. Sarah cried out from the intense pleasure that over came her. She arched her back and squeezed the duvet cover between her fingers. Grasping at anything to help her control her release. She would not allow herself to climax. She was not going to upset Sir Joshua and certainly not have Master Daniel upset again. Sarah did everything she could to make sure that she did not find her release.

After a few moments the intense pleasure sensation started to subside. She felt herself take a breath. She had not even realize she was holding her breath. She opened her eyes to noticed that Sir Joshua had taken his seat in the chair by the door tapping out a text or email. Her current state of arousal was nothing to him. Sarah felt like the time was just dragging by. When the alarm went off she was relieved.

Sir Joshua got up from his chair and slowly walked toward the bench. He slowly released the plungers on Sarah’s nipples and rubbed more cream on them. Slowly rubbing the hard nipples back and forth between his finger and thumb making Sarah moan with pleasure. She arched her back letting the sensation wash over her. When her nipples had enough cream be slowly released the plunger on her clit. Sir Joshua held her lips open to look at the swollen nub. “It swell up nice.” he said before release her. He walked toward the door and turned, “Be ready to leave in 15 minutes.” Then he left the room.

Sarah looked at her nipples and they were dark red and swollen. She reached up and touched them. They were hard like rocks and just the slightest touch made her swollen clit pulse with excitement. She couldn’t resist the urge to touch her clit. She walked toward the mirror and could see that it was swollen and sticking out. She gently touch the nub and regretted it the moment she did. She had to make herself stop before she came right there.

Sarah hurried to dress and was down stairs ready to go in less than 10 minutes. The ride to school was the usual small talk but she was fighting the urge to rub her clit again. She needed her release soon or she was going to go crazy.

After Sarah was in class she forgot about how hard her nipples still were or that she had to keep checking her skirt to make sure that back was not wet from her pussy that she felt would start dripping at any moment. This was the longest day. But Sarah also knew that when she got back home she would have to put the suction on her nipples and clit again. She was having a hard time concentrating on her work.

Finally her classes were done and she could get back to her new world. She loved her training and pleasing Master Daniel. She was now regretting not obeying more and more each day. She would make it a point to apologize to Master Daniel and Sir Joshua each chance she got. She had only apologized the once, but she felt that they deserved more of an apology. She would make sure to follow every order and make sure that she was pleasing them more and more.

Sir Joshua’s words brought her back to the real world, “You have new training today.” She waited for more but he said nothing. Now she would have to wait to see what new training she was getting. “Did I do something wrong again? Did they know I touched myself today? ” Sarah had read that there were different levels of training and was hoping that after last night Master and Sir Joshua was pleased with her and wanted to advance her training. She was smiling all the home.


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