Episode # 32 – Some things you are born with……others you learn

When Sir Joshua and Sarah arrive back home, Sarah followed her previous orders and went to the front room and undressed. She then assumed her kneeling position where her collar would be attached, however, today the collar was missing from the table. Sarah was not sure if that was a good or bad thing. Had she cause them to decide she was not worthy of their training? She bowed her head, not just as part of her training dictated, but she also did so because she knew that she was not being a good slave. She didn’t always do as she was told. She thought to herself, if she could just make sure to have another chance to please her Master Daniel and Sir Joshua she would do everything she was told to do and without questions or hesitation. She was on the verge of making herself cry when Sir Joshua entered the room. She kept her head down not looking up. She didn’t want to see his face.
Sir Joshua’s voice was commanding when he told her to raise her head. Sarah did as she was told and realized that Sir Joshua was standing behind her. He took her hair and put it in a ponytail pulled back tight. When it was completely secured he ordered her to lift her chin high. She felt something going around her neck, it was large and stiff. It fit just under her jaw and down to her collar bone. Sarah felt it being wrapped around her neck and then it tighten in the back. She would breathe easy but it was restricting the movement of her head. She could not bend her head down or to the side. It was was even making her kneel with a straight back. She could not slouch at all.
Sir Joshua walked in front of her and because of the brace she could not bow her head, so she tried to look down as it was a direct order not to look them in the eye unless ordered too especially if she was in a kneeling position. She did notice that he was still wearing his black slacks and had taken his shoes off. He grasped her chin and ordered her to look at him.
“This is a posture collar,” he told her.
“Yes, Sir Joshua,” Sarah responded smiling to herself inside that she was still being allowed to be trained.
“You will wear this everyday,” he said attaching a chain to the collar, “until we feel it has corrected your posture.”
Again Sarah answered, “Yes, Sir.”
“Now stand and follow me.”
Sarah did as order without as much as a blink of the eye. She followed Sir Joshua to the play room. It was harder to walk down the stair, but Sir Joshua took it slow and instructed her how to walk.
“You training will continue with learning how to be elegant.”
Sarah would have jumped up and down had she been alone. Although she had thought she would continue the training since she had a collar added to her, she was thrilled to have him confirm her training would continue.
When they entered the play room she seen a new device that she had not seen before.It was a box sitting on a small stand. It has a beige stump on the top of the black box that looks to be covered with leather. Sarah noticed that there was a control panel device also.
Sir Joshua led her to the device and told her to straddle the box. Sir Joshua told her to position herself where the stump was just against her opening and that the bumps were against her clit. Sarah did as ordered and felt the cold lube that was added to the stump rub against her opening as she wiggle just a bit to get it in position. She felt the wetness of the lube slide over the pussy and clit. Sir Joshua took a seat on another leather covered stool and took the control panel in his hand.
Sir Joshua pushed a button and Sarah felt the vibration start against her clit. The little nubs vibrated back and forth against her clit and the little stump was vibrating against the opening of her pussy. Sarah was straight back and her toes were barely touching the cold concrete floor. The more the vibrating nubs rubbed against her clit the more the toes curled back. She was trying to control herself but this device was making it very hard. Sarah knew she had to control herself because this was another phase of her training and she could not fail. The moans were escaping her lips but she would only allow herself to get to a certain point then she would pull it back.
Sir Joshua stood up and positioned himself in front of Sarah. He pinched her nipples and pulled on them making them stand at attention. Her clit was pulsing as the pain was causing her much more pleasure than before. Sarah was trying harder to control herself but she was afraid she would lose what control she had.
As if Sir Joshua was reading her mind he stopped pulling on her nipples and turned the control panel off. Even with the vibration off she could still feel it deep inside her. Sarah could only think to herself not to lose her control.
Sir Joshua steps back and order Sarah to stand. He take the leash and orders her to her knees in front of him. She knew what he wanted. She slowly unbuttoned his pants and slowly unzipped his pants as she had instructed before. It was harder with this collar to pull his pants down off his feet but she managed to do so. When he was totally undressed and his pants were folded and placed on the leather stool Sarah turned to see Sir Joshua’s hard cock being presented to her. She slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth. She licked the head making it wet and running her tongue under the ridge of this cock getting a slight moan from Sir Joshua’s lips.
This encouraged Sarah to take him into her mouth and slide his cock deeper into her mouth making his cock wet. She did this several times to get it all nice and wet then just closed her mouth over his head and sucked him deep into her mouth. She was taking him slowing into her mouth and deeper each time. Sir Joshua began to moan more than he had before and Sarah was getting excited herself. Sarah was adjusting to limited head movement with the collar on. She was however, getting excited by Sir Joshua’s moans. His hands wound around her ponytail as he pulled her mouth off his cock then plunged it back inside. She sucked him harder. He pulled her head of his cock again and plunged back inside, he moaned and grabbed the side of her head and began to fuck her mouth. Slowly at first letting his head come almost out then slowly sliding it back inside. With each stroke he would moan a little more. He removed his cock from her mouth and pulled it upward exposing his balls to her.
“Take them in your hand and gently massage them,” he ordered her. Sarah followed directions and his moans was louder the moment her hand cupped his balls. She was smiling and hoped that he did not see it.
“Take one into your mouth and suck it,” he instructed, “then take the other.”
Sarah opened her mouth and sucked one of his balls into her mouth, then let it slide out and took it back inside. She repeated this over and over with each ball as Sir Joshua’s moans were louder. He pulled back and pushed his cock toward her and she knew that he wanted her to suck his cock again. She opened her mouth and took him deep inside. Again he grasped the sides of her head and started to fuck her mouth. Within just a few moments his was fucking her mouth harder and deeper. She felt his cock hitting the back of her throat. She tried to move her head to take him deeper but the collar did not allow that. He continue to fuck her mouth harder and faster until she felt that familiar jerk of his cock. Sir Joshua let out a loud moan and filled her mouth with this hot cum almost causing her to choke as his cock was deep inside her mouth.
Sir Joshua continue to fuck her mouth until her suction had complete milked him.
Sarah was ordered to assume the kneeling position and wait for him to return. Sir Joshua walked to the cabinet and when he returned he had a ball gag and placed it on her mouth and told her to wait there until he returned. She did as ordered.


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