Episode # 25 – A busy day….

After dinner I was allowed to retire to my room. I used the suction on my hard nipples and my still swollen clit. I showered and tried to read for class but could not keep my eyes open. I found myself drifting off the sleep The next thing I knew it was morning.

I woke up and my books were off the bed and on the desk, my suctions were on the night stand next to the bed and there was another note for me.


You looked very tired and you were asleep when we came to finish your daily training. You will need to be checked out by our doctor and then start a energy enriched diet along with vitamins. For the next few weeks you will need more energy for our training. I have scheduled the appointment for today you will need to suction your nipples and clit then dress in your silks and report to my study for instructions.

Your Master

I climbed out of bed and added the tubes to my nipples and sucked them inside. I felt my back arch just a bit as the sensitive nipples were pulled deep inside. I again sat down in the chair to see myself in the mirror to attach the clit suction in just the right spot. See my swollen clit was very exciting. I attached the tube and sucked my clit inside and had to instantly control myself. The clit sliding inside the tube, pulling on the dark red skin swelling inside the tube sucking it deep inside. I noticed that it was further inside today than it was yesterday.

I licked my lips trying hard to not pull on my nipples or my clit. It was hard, the sensation of the nipples being sucked and pulled inside was sending a wave pulsing to my clit. I had to get my mind off the pleasure and just feel the sensation and try to control it.

With my eye closed and still sitting in the chair, when the timer went off it about made jump straight out of the chair. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest and my hands were shaking as I released by clit first then my nipples. My nipples were so hard and red, they seemed to be so long.  resisted the urge to play with them.

I grabbed my silks wrapping them around my pulsing body and secured it at the waist. My nipples were still hard and standing out at least 3/4 of a inch. They were red and bigger around. I was not sure I could wear a t-shirt without my nipples sticking out.

I made my way to the study where I knocked on the slightly opened door. I could see Master sitting on the edge of the desk and Sir Joshua in the chair. They were talking to a man that I had not seen before. Master looked up and told me to enter. I noticed a set of cushions on the floor and he nodded toward them. I knew that was my cue to kneel on the cushions. I assumed my kneeling position and bowed my head with my hands on my wide spread knees.

“This is Doctor Jace, slave.”

At that statement I knew that this doctor was a friend of Masters and that his would not be a normal examine. There was something about his manner that let me know that he would check my physically for medical purposes but there would be more than just that examine. I would be examined for other purposes too.

“The doctor will check you playroom.” I nodded as Sir Joshua got up and attached a leash to my collar. He pulled upward on the leash. I was starting to recognize the difference. I stood with my head still bowed and behind Sir Joshua. The chain pulled and a followed the men out of the room and to the playroom. When the door opened it looked like a totally different room. There was a medical table in the center of the room again. The stir ups were there and this time there was a different light. There were medical instruments on a tray. The doctor walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a white coat. I was instructed to sit on the table. When the doctor stood in front of me I could see that he was not only young but looked almost like Master. They had to be kin and had to be brothers. They had the same color and eyes. He put his stethoscope on his ears and touch it to my chest “Breath deep.” Oh and the same voice. There is a seduction behind that authority. I breathed deep as he moved to my back.

He told me to relax as he removed the top silks and lifted my arm and bent it so my elbow was in the air. He felt my breast rubbing them and pulling on slightly on the nipple.

He thing instructed me to lay down and put my leg in the stirrups. I slide down far on the table and let my legs fall open. He sat down on a stool and examined my clit first. It was almost more than I could take. It was still swollen from the suction just 15 minutes before  He inserted two fingers inside me and felt around. Then withdrew them. He took the device to open my pussy open and take a sample on a swab then removed the device again. He slide a greased finger into my ass and wiggles it just a bit. “That is a tight ass.” he said. I heard Master laugh, “Taking it slow training.”

I was again instructed to sit up. They talked about the best forms of birth control as I was on the shot, I would need to continue to use it. They knew from a talk I had with True that I was clean because I had just had a yearly but they wanted to check again. They wanted to draw blood to check other things to make sure I was healthy and could continue.

“This is an honor,” Dr. Jace said to me, “They only do the exam on ones they feel are for keeps.”

I could feel myself smiling, I was doing something right. I felt pride in myself as a slave.

Dr Jace said that he would get the results and pass it to Master and then would be back in about 2 weeks for another visit. I was not sure if I needed more test or not.

He left the room with Master as Sir Joshua ordered me to stand, he moved the table out of the way and put the bench back. He reached in his pocket and retrieved the blindfold and gag and attached them to me He cuffed my hands together behind my back and I felt them being pulled behind me. He attached a chain to my collar pulling me to a bending position with my stomach on the bench and my breast hanging over the side. My ass was in the air and my arms could not move at all.

I felt his finger on my clit just the moment before his flicked it. I jumped at the sheer pain it caused but felt myself getting wet just the same. he fingered and rubbed my pussy just a bit then walked away. The door opened and I heard Master talking with Sir but could not make out what he was saying. I felt clamps being added to my hard nipples, my back arched pulling on my collar and my arms. The pain shot right to my pussy. I could feel the wetness there now. The clamps were pulled just a bit. I felt a finger on my pussy lips just a moment before I felt the cock slide slowly into my pussy. It was slow and steady rhythm. Sliding in and out with ease as my pussy was very wet now. “Your pussy is all wet, slave,” Master said as he cock began to swell inside me. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and then I felt the little tube sliding in. I had not heard the water bag this time. The tube slide in deep and then I felt the balloon expanding. then the water rush inside. It filled me up and with the cock slowly sliding in and out made my ass feel more full.

I heard Master moan, “Mmmmmm you pussy with the water in your ass makes it soo tight.” His strokes started to get faster and harder. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck my pussy harder. I could feel it squeeze around his cock as the balloon was pumped more. I felt my ass stretching open to the expanding balloon. Master was fucking my ass harder and faster and I could feel the water moving inside me. I keep my mind on the sensation not the pleasure. His balls began to slap against my swollen clit and he pounded deep inside. Master moans loud and I felt his release deep inside. His cum squirting deep inside my pussy as my ass was full of water and a balloon.

Master withdrew his cock but the pressure on my ass was not released. I felt another cock being slide deep inside my pussy again and this one was not slow to start, Sir Joshua was fucking my pussy hard and fast. I felt his hand slap my ass making the water move inside me. He kept fucking harder. I heard my moans as the pain in my ass was growing with the water and the balloon but he continued to pound my pussy harder. I felt him getting hard and bigger, his moans were louder and he just pounded. Then there was his release. His cum mixing with Masters.

He took his now limp cock from my dripping pussy. I felt the pressure of the balloon being released from my ass then the water running out just a bit. I knew there was more inside but my position did not allow it to just run out. I felt a finger out the rim of my ass. “Ummmm nice and swollen.” Master said as the chain was loosened from my collar and I was allowed to stand. The water gushed out of my ass and hit the floor.

My shoulder was grabbed and I was instructed to walk. I heard the shower and then the warm water hit me. There were hands all over my body and I would smell the soap. There were fingers rubbing and soaping up my clit then inserted in my pussy. There was a hard nozzle inserted and then I felt the water going inside. The water hit the ground as the hands continued to clean me.

This was almost heaven. Two sets of hands rubbing on my body. I could feel but could not see.

When I was all clean they turned the water off and lead me back to the room. The blindfold and gag were removed as the arm released as well. I rubbed them to get the pins to go away. Master came to stand in front of me.

“We will be having guest tonight. You will return to your room and rest.” He pulled on my nipples. “And don’t forget the suction.” He leaned down drawing one nipple in his mouth and sucking, then turned to leave.

Sir Joshua gave me my silks and told me to go.


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