Episode # 24 – The New “slave”….

After I left the playroom it started to wash over me that I liked pleasing Master and Sir Joshua.  I was feeling great shame in not being the perfect slave. I wasn’t sure there was a perfect slave, well maybe True was. I never seen Master look cross at her or ever hear of her punishment. Maybe one day I would be a good slave like her. To be able to share the bed each night with Master and if I am lucky share it with Master and True.

After my shower I looked toward my desk and noticed that was several pieces of paper sitting there. I grabbed my silks and took them to the desk so I can wrap and read at the same time.


Since we have changed what you are required to do each day we have come up with a schedule that you will follow each day. You will only be told all this information once and you will be required to follow it and each detail.

Your training will be a bit more intense on the learning aspect. You will have to learn each aspect of your body and we will give you a list of self exploration as well as a list of training.

We feel that you enjoy your sexual urges and that is leading to you breaking the control of your release. You will start to be trained on how to control them. As previously stated before you are not allowed to have an orgasm or asked to have one until you are instructed to do so.

I have given you a written list of the rest of the days activities and your schedule will start you off at the beginning of the week, Sunday.

Now get your silks on properly and don’t forget the suction.


Oh I was forgetting everything. The kegal balls this morning and now the suction. The kegal balls were a challenge from time to time. They would start to slip and I would have to stop what I was doing to suck them back inside. But I had taken the time to do a bit of research. If what I found out was true this would keep my pussy from getting loose while being fucked almost daily. It would keep me tight. The more I wore them to better and tighter. It would also help when having an orgasm. My muscles would contract and squeeze the cock that was inserted. Which I wanted to be able to do. Squeeze my pussy walls around Master’s hard cock pleasing him so that he would allow me to have his cum deep inside.

I finished wrapping my silks and fastening them secure to me and looked at the schedule. I had to blink to make sure that I was not seeing things. My entire day was full from morning to night. There was 18 hours of things in the schedule. That left me with 6 hours of sleep unless Master came to play at night. How was I going to do this?

I shook my head. It wasn’t how was I going to do it, it was how was I going to please Master by doing it all right every day so he would be pleased and not have to punish this bad slave. Ooooh that felt exciting to call myself a slave. I actually liked being called a slave. I wanted Master to be the one to control my day and make me a good slave. And to serve Sir Joshua the same.

I heard the door open, I turned noticing it was Sir Joshua. I did not meet his eyes and kneeled bowing my head low.

“Rise, slave.” I noticed there was still a tone in his voice but was not sure if it was anger or disappointment. I would hope for the ladder and make sure to please him today to start my journey back in his good grace.

“You have not applied your suction?”

With my head still bowed I responded, “No, Sir Joshua.” I heard my voice shake a bit. “I just finished tying my silks.”

“Sit down on the bed” he said walking to the dress with the suction tubes, “I will do it for you.”

I hoped that this was the first step in helping me get myself in his graces again.

I sat on the bed. Back arched to force my breast outward and my legs spread apart wide to give him access.

He placed the first suction tube on my nipple and pulled back on the plunger, then took the other nipple into his mouth then suck the nipple till it was hard. He placed the suction tube over my nipple and pulled the plunge of this one back to. I felt my back arch every further at the sensation of Sir Joshua’s lips on my nipple and the taut suction of the tubes on my nipples

When he touched the fold of my clit lips I almost jumped at the sensation. He opened them up and attached the tube to my clit and began to pull back. He pulled back a bit, then would twist back and forth just slightly, then pull back further. Sir Joshua continued to pull and twist several time. Each time I would feel my clit getting sucked deeper inside the tube and with each twist I could feel the pain mixing with the intense pleasure. I stayed as still as I could with my back arched outward. Sir Joshua pulled back on the plunger one last time and twist each of my nipple tubes. “Slave, you will stay here.” he said as he rose up off the bed, “I will be back to remove them.”

I nodded and said “Yes, Sir.” as I heard the door close.

It seemed like forever. What starts out as pleasure after a while becomes pain. My nipples were throbbing in the constraints of the tube and my clit was begging to be released for it’s confines.

Sir Joshua walked back into the room and I was never so glad to see him. “Sorry took a bit longer to hook True up today.” Sir Joshua said. Leaving it at that with no detail. My head was begging just ask him for the detail, but I remember the last time I had a vision of what Master and Sir Joshua was doing with her. It started this round of trouble for me.

Sir Joshua pulled a bit on the tube surrounding my clit, “Nice and red.” He released the pressure just a bit them pulled the plunger back again sucking my clit even further inside. I moaned loudly in pain as my clit was again pulling inside the tube.

When he started to release my nipples he was slowly pushing the plungers on both at the same time. I was not sure if it would suck them back inside as he did my clit. But I felt the final release and the cool air touch them. He ran them between his finger and thumb pulling slightly. I could feel his breathe on my breast just the instant before he captured my nipple between his teeth and sucked it hard into his mouth. Circling the hard tip with his tongue, flicking it and causing a moan of pleasure to escape my lips. I felt my clit pulse inside the tube and knew I needed to control my desire. I took a deep breathe and calmed myself. I could still feel most of the pleasure but I was controlling my desire to cum and have myself pleased. It was like a light came on. Even thought I liked to be controlled I was not allowing that part of me to be controlled. It was all about my desire, my wishes. I wanted to know what it would be like to not have an orgasm for days and then have one. Is that what those women talked about when they said they had a mind blowing orgasm? If it was I was going to really like this.

Sir Joshua was continuing to suck my nipple while rubbing the other between is finger and thumb. He moved his mouth to the other nipple repeating on it the pleasure he had given the other.

After a few moments he released my nipple and started to push the plunger into the one on my clit. As it was coming out it felt like it was sticking out and swollen. He ran his fingers over the tip of my clit causing me to jump just a bit.

Sir Joshua got off the bed and walked to the bath room. When he returned he had a hand mirror in his hand. He held it out to me as he reached the bed, “Position it so you can see yourself.” I moved the mirror into position and could see my clit was swollen and dark pink. Sir Joshua got behind me on the bed and pulled back the folds of my pussy and used his finger to pulled the clit hood back. I seen my clit like never before. It was hard and looked like a very little penis. He began to stroke my clit like it was a penis. I felt my body start to react very fast. When he knew I was close he would stop then start again. After the third time he pulled his fingers away and my clit stood out further than before.

He pulled the hood up just a bit and said that they would be having the hood pierced soon. It would allow for more stimulation later. Since I would have to heal during that time they would be training my ass.

Sir Joshua got off the bed and walked around to fasten the leash to my collar. I kneeled on the bed in position. Sir Joshua recahed between my legs and pushed the kegal balls inside me. He inserted a finger inside to wiggle them around. He withdrew his finger and sucked my juice off, “You taste sweet.”

I watched as he sucked his finger and licked my off it. When he was done he pulled slightly on my leashing letting me know it was time to start moving. He ordered me to walk with him to the dinner room. When he entered True was sitting on her chair with her silks on and her breast exposed. He nipples were hard and red I could tell the had been sucked and pulled on as they were a bit swollen. I had to make myself stop thinking about taking each one of them into my mouth and running my tongue around it gently sucking soft on the tender nipples.

I took my seat next to Master. He pulled on my swollen red nipple and smiled. “I love looking at hard swollen nipples while I eat. Makes me hungry for dessert.” Sir Joshua and Master laughed at the comment. I was trying to keep my eyes of True’s nipples while Master pulled and rubbed mine. I caught my kegal ball just a moment before it slipped out.


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