Episode # 30 – Learning in the Shower


Sarah followed Master Daniel to the shower where he turned the shower on and stepped inside. She stepped inside the warm shower and the warm water ran down her body and over her swollen well fucked ass. She resisted the urge to feel her ass as she had often did before. Master Daniel released the one hose that looked like a plug. He grabbed the body soap and added it to the head of the plug then turned to Sarah, “Turn around and lean forward.”

She did as instructed and leaned forward grabbed each ass cheek and spread them apart. Master Daniel slowly inserted the plug into her ass stopping as the widest point started to enter her ass then letting her ass suck the remaining plug deep in her ass. She moans with pleasure as her ass is again full.

Master Daniel slowly turns the water on as it starts to fill her ass with water. She moans from the sensation of being completely full with the water and his cum. After she is full Master turns the water off but leaves the plug inserted inside her. She feels his finger slow insert into her wet pussy. He leans over her and instructs her to push the balls out of the pussy. She pushes with her muscle and the balls fall into his waiting hand. He takes them and runs them under the water with the still soapy hand cleaning them before sitting them to the side. He take the other nozzle from the wall and inserts it slowing into her pussy then turns the water on low allowing it to fill her and run out, then insert again and fill and drain. Master Daniel continue to fill her pussy and drain it several time before removing and putting the nozzle away.

Master Daniel slowly removes the nozzle from her ass and orders her to stand and let it drain. She feels the liquid pouring from her with a sense of relief and the erotic sensation. Her pussy was pulsing and she was trying to control that before she came without permission. She needed her release and almost thought the punishment would be worth it, but knew that the next time she could be sent back and her training would be over. The thought of that calmed her urges as she stood slowly and took the wash and cleaned her Master. After he was completely cleaned he ordered her to clean herself while he watched. Sarah made sure to not linger in anyone area too long as it was not to pleasure her Master but to keep herself from cumming.

When they were both dry, Master Daniel inserted the balls back inside her and tells her to go to the bed and wait for him. She did as instructed. She walked to the bed and sat down in the middle opening her legs wide open to allow him a clear view of her still wet pussy. Master Daniel enters the room and walks to the nightstand to get the tubes. “Nice view, slave.” as he climb on the bed to join her after turning the timer on.

He placed the first tube on her left nipple and pulled the plunger back slowly until her back arched and there was a slight look of pain on her face. He placed the tube over her other nipple and pulled the plunger back until there was another look of pain on her face. He let the tubes stay there for a while before taking the tubes and pulling back the plunger more causing her back to arch from the pain but more from the pleasure. She knew she was getting all wet and was afraid it would make the bed wet where she sat.

Master Daniel took the other tube “Pull back your folds and expose your clit to me.”

Sarah did as ordered putting her hand on each side grasping the folds and pulling them back and she felt an intense sensation at being this exposed and being the one causing it.

Master Daniel ran his finger across her nub making her jump with pleasure. He flicked the tip of her clit and again she jumped. She felt herself getting extremely wet. He pushed the hood of her clit back and placed the tube over her and pulled the plunger back. The sensation made Sarah moan and cry out of the pleasure. It was so intense. It was one thing to do this to herself. It was a much different thing to have Master Daniel be the one doing it. She was concentrating on trying to control her orgasm that she totally forgot about the pain.

She felt him grasp the tube on her breast again and pull the plunger back pulling her nipple further inside the tube and continued to the other one. Sarah looked down to see that her nipples were stretched deep inside the tubes and were a dark red. The sight of her nipples being in that state was almost more than she could bare. He pulled the plunger back further on each nipple the pain pulse straight from each nipple to her clit that was pulsing under the tube.

Master Daniel took the tube on her clit and pull gently on it getting the reaction he desired, took the plunger and pulled it back. Sarah panted as she controlled the sensation and want to give into the pleasure.

Master Daniel got off the bed and pulled his slack back on. “Leave those on for the next fifteen minutes.” He started for the door, “I will be back after they are done.” Sarah stayed very still and only nodded her head and whispered. “Yes, Master.” He smiled and left the room.

The time seemed to stop Sarah knew not to move much or she would end up cumming all over the bedspread. She knew it was damp from her dripping but cumming was not an option. She didn’t want to be punished or sent away. She wanted to be here with her Master and please him.

The timer went off and caused her to jump making her breast bounce and moving the tubes on them. She took a deep breath and slowly released the air. She first released the plunger on her clit. Her clit had swelled up to the size of the tube, she had to let it slide out. She knew she shouldn’t feel it but couldn’t resist. It was hard and sticking out of her hood. She rubbed it just a bit and almost came right then so she quickly pulled her fingers back.

Her nipples were very dark red and swollen inside the tube. She noticed that Master Daniel had pulled her nipple half way up the tube. They looked huge and long. She slowly pushed the plunger back down and released each nipple. They were not as long out of the tube but they were hard and fat and longer than normal. Just the air caused them to pulse and send an electric vibe straight to her now extremely swollen clit.

It was just a few moments after she had released herself from the torture, the door opened again and this time Master Daniel and Sir Joshua entered. Both were wearing black slacks, Master Daniels were unbuttoned and I could see the tip of his cock trying to peek out. Sarah was hoping that cock was there for her. She wanted to please him again.

Maser Daniel ordered Sarah to the floor before she got into her kneeling position. She slide off the bed again and crawled to him on all fours again. “Good, slave.” Master Daniel said as she assumed her kneeling at his feet.

“Undress me, slave.” Master Daniel ordered. Sarah immediately did as ordered. Remembering her training from earlier. She slowly unzipped and pulled the pants down and took each foot to remove his pants. When she had folded his pants and put them on the bench Sarah assumed her position again at his feet. Sir Joshua walked over behind her and spoke in a commanding voice, “Now undress me, slave.” She started to move her hand and stopped herself she was not going to assume that he wanted his clothes removed in the same manner as Master Daniel. “How would you like me to undress you Sir Joshua?” she said with her head bowed.

“Good, slave.” Master Daniel said to her. “You learned not everyone is the same.”

Sarah smiled to herself. That was a huge compliment from her Master. “You may remove them in the same manner, slave.” Sir Joshua said.

Sarah unbuttoned his pants and slowly unzipped the zipper. Sir Joshua’s cock was already hard and when release popped out into her face. She had to resist the urge to like the glistening precum from the tip.

After his pants were completely removed Master Daniel told her to get back on her knees and service Sir Joshua while she stroked him. She did as ordered. She took Sir Joshua’s cock in to her mouth, licking the precum first, then letting the head slide slowly into her mouth. She sucked hard pulling it deeper and deeper then starts to slide her mouth back and forth on his cock, slowly. She grasp Master Daniels cock and began to stroke at the same speed as she was sucking Sir Joshua.

Sarah ran her tongue over Sir Joshua’s cock and sucked it deeper yet again. She heard a slight moan escape his lips and it encouraged her to suck his cock harder and faster. She increased her speed on stroke Master Daniel. After just a few moments she felt a hand on the back of her head pushing her head further down on Sir Joshua’s cock. She knew it was Master hand as Sir Joshua was grasping the side of her face. Master Daniel push her head down to take the full length of Sir Joshua into her mouth. She moved her mouth to take him inside not being able to breath with his hard cock blocking the air. Master Daniel moved his hand and let her get her breath then pushed her back down on Sir Joshua’s cock. This time when he released her head to slide back he grasped her hair and pulled her mouth off Sir Joshua’s cock and turned it to take his in her mouth. Sarah reached up with her other hand and grasped Sir Joshua’s cock and began to stroke. She now had both hands around a cock and her mouth was full. Master was using her hair to direct her in sucking him. He was forcing her head down hard on his cock, she moved her hand to take him deeper inside her mouth. After a few moments he pulled her head off his cock and pushed it back down on Sir Joshua’s cock. Sarah sucked harder hoping to taste his cum on her. Master Daniel pulled her mouth back to his cock. Her mouth was being fucked hard as he held her head still and moved his hips to fuck her mouth. She was then forced back toward Sir Joshua. He began to moan and shot his cum deep inside my mouth. She felt it slip down her throat as he continued to ram his cock in her mouth. When she had drained him of cum her Master took her head and turned it back to his cock. With a few hard deep plunges of his cock in her mouth she felt the knowing jerk and then the hot cum filled her mouth. She almost gagged on the amount of cum in her mouth but managed to swallow.

Master Daniel stood there was a limp cock stuck in his slaves mouth as his breathing returned to normal. Sarah stayed still with his cock slowly slipping out of her mouth. When he was completely soft he released her hair and stepped back. “Very good, slave.” and reached for his pants. She turned to see that Sir Joshua was already dressed and standing by the door. “Yes, good job, slave,” as he opened the door.

“Get your rest.” Master Daniel said, “Morning comes early.” and with that they were both gone. Sarah sat there on the floor for just a moment. She was more happy than she had been in a long time. She had not only please both Master Daniel and Sir Joshua they rewarded her with their cum in her mouth.

She finally stood and went the bathroom to get ready for bed. She noticed her huge nipples in the mirror and had to touch them to see if they were as hard as they felt. They were very hard. She wanted to feel her clit, but was hesitant to touch herself. She could not stop herself. She felt the hard swollen clit sticking out and rubbed her finger over it. She instantly knew she could not do that again. She would have caused herself pleasure and cum.

She finished brushing her teeth and hurried to bed.




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