Episode #4 – Caging Passion

The click sound of the being opened woke me from my restless night of sleep. The cage door was opened with the slightest sound, indicating that the door was well taken care of.

I opened my eyes to see Daniel standing just outside the cage hanging the unhinged lock on the cage. Daniel smiled and said, “When I open the cage or if you wake before I return in the morning you are to be on your knees in the center of the cage. Your hands on your legs with palms up.” I shook my head and assumed my position in the cage. “Did you sleep well my slave in training?” I only nodded my head.

“When you are asked a question you are expected to respond with either, Yes or No, Sir or Master.” Daniel waited just a moment, the look on his face showed that he expected me to answer correctly now, “Yes, Sir.”

Daniel smiled, “It will take some time for Master to be a normal word for you.” He extended his hand to me and I placed mine inside his strong warm one, “In the future, if these two items are not performed well you will be punished.” He turned waited again. “Yes, Si….Master,” I said correcting myself. He nodded.

I picked up a rather harsh looking leather collar that was sitting on table outside the cage. “You shall wear this during your training.” I nodded again followed by, “Yes, Sir, Master.”

He fastened the collar to my neck a bit tight, I could feel my breathing being labored but not to the point that I would pass out. He stepped back in front of me and attached the leash to my collar. “When the leash is attached or directed, you are to go to the kneeling position before me.” I knelled down as I had been told earlier. “When I walk you will follow on all fours.” Again I answered, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good Girl, now you have learned three things just the hour.”

I smiled to myself thinking this was going to be easy, but the day had just began and it would prove to be a very long day.

I followed Daniel crawling into the kitchen where he ordered me to kneel before him. He removed the leash. “If the leash is not attached you do not follow unless ordered to do so.” He reached his hand down and pinch one nipple then the other. “I do love large nipples.” Then turned and left the room.

I am not sure how long I was kneeling in the kitchen but the butler entered the kitchen and only casually looked my way. He prepared breakfast not even glancing back at me kneeling on the floor with not a stitch of clothing on and didn’t say a word. He sat a plate on the table and started out of the room with two other plates. “Master, said that you should dine in here today and you are released from your position until you have finished.”

Slowly I got up from my position on the floor, my legs were half asleep and the tingling sensation turn to throb as I started to walk. I was relieved to sit in a chair, who would have thought it would be a pleasure just to sit in a chair?

I did not realize I was that hungry until I started to eat breakfast. Not usually being one that ate in the morning other than grabbing a coffee and roll before heading off to class. I was actually glad that it was the weekend. I would have to find time to study sometime today. I had finals coming up and was going to take the summer off to travel a bit before my next semester started. I would have to ask Daniel, Master, I reminded myself when I would have time to study. Sitting, or kneeling as the case was, it gave me time to think about things. I thought about classes, things I needed to do, and oh yes about having True’s breast in my hands and mouth.

Daniel returned about an hour later and attached the leash to my collar again without saying a word. I followed in my crawling position until we reached the steps. “You will walk down the steps as it does take too long to crawl.” Taking the first steps up, “You will return to your position when we reach the landing.” My automatic response was to nod, but I finished with “Yes, Sir.”

Daniel walked slowly up the step and I was grateful, they felt like they had not been used in days. We reached the bottom of the stairs and I resumed my crawling. I looked around and could see a very well furnished room. It was more masculine than the rest of the house. It was like a man cave. There were multiple televisions on the wall and several other electronic devices that I did not get a good look at.

We turned to a small hallway and he stopped at the door and reached for the keys in his pocket. The rings contained only 5 keys, the all looked the same.

He opened the door and stood to the side so that I could get a full view of the rooms contents. There were no windows and the room was not the Victorian theme. There was a table of sorts in the center of the room and other devices that could only be described as medieval in origin. There were different devices hanging on the walls and a machine looking device with a rod attached that seems to be able to relocated to where it was needed.

I had never used anything like these before, much less used them. It was all pretty frightening to me.

He began to walk as I stared in amazement at the room torn somewhere between excitement and panic. The leash pulled hard on the collar and brought my attention back.

Daniel walked to the table and stood. He reached down and detached the leash from my collar. He then instructed me to get on the table. With the collar still around my neck feeling tighter as my pulse was racing, my legs dangled off the side. “Lie down.” his voice now carrying an almost forcefullness to it. I did as instructed. I did not really know what to expect.

He took my hand and ran his finger down the palm before strapping it to the table. Why had I not noticed those strap when I came in? He walked around the table and straped the other one. Then he came between my feet and bent to grab a lever and the bottom half of the table slid apart. My ass was barely on the table as my legs fell down. He pull out what looked like stirups from the side. He placed each foot into a stirup and strapped them in. I felt like I was at the gynocologist office but was being strapped down. “Let your legs fall apart.” It was like I was at the gyno’s office.

Doing as ordered I let my knees drop outward as far and the binding would allow. Daniel walk up between my spread knees and looked to be inspected me. Not touching, just looking. I heard a draw open and the sound of metal against metal. He raised a device that looked much like a cruel cervical device. I heard the sound of a squirt and hoped it was something he was adding to the device. He didn’t say a word before he slowly inserted it into my pussy.  I felt the device opening inside of me and Daniel locked it into place. He grabbed a stool from behind the table and placed it between my legs. I felt totally exposed to him now. There was the trust that I did not know where it came from. He grabbed a bag from a shelf and walked to the sink. There was a tube attached to the bag that he was filling with water.

He brought the bag back to the table and sat it on my stomach. I could feel that there was warm liquid in the bag as it warmed my skin. He turned the light on that seemed be just under the edge of the table. And began to turn the device he had in my pussy again. This time I could feel it opening me stretching me. I took the hose and inserted it into my now open wide pussy and hung the bag from what looked like a surgical pole. The released the liquid to start rushing into me. I could hear the liquid coming out of me hitting the concrete floor. The sensation had me getting more wet than I could have imagined. I felt his fingers go inside of me to adjust the tube. He then looked up at me before he began to rub my clit get lightly. I moved my hips to get more but the device in my pussy pulled and caused a bit of pain. “Stay still, If you want to avoid pain.” I found the bit of pain very exciting and could feel my nipples getting very erect and hard. Daniel noticed this also and smiled. “You like pain, it causes you to get horny and wet.” He rubbed a little harder now causing my hips to move more and the device to pull harder on pussy. But the pain was causing a new sensation that I liked and was causing my nipples to get even harder and I could feel me getting wetter. Daniel stopped rubbing my clit right before I was about to cum. “You will only cum when I allow it,” he said smile in a devilish way. “You like pain that will be a great asset to me later.”

The bag empy now he withdrew the tube from inside of me, “You are all clean in that one now.” He took the bag from the hook on the pole and went back to the sink and began to fill the bottle again. When it was full he returned to his place between my leg and laid the bottle on my stomach again. The liquid was warm like last time. He started to untighten the device in my pussy and removed it. He laid it in a tray and reached in the draw again. I could not see what he was doing but he had the tube that was just inside my pussy. I heard the sound of what I could assume was lubricate going to something. I just thought he was adding another device back to my pussy.

“I am going to need you to really relax.” My body was still tense from the lack of earlier release. “Yes, Sir.” I tried to relax but my body didn’t seem to want to listen. I could feel his finger just at the opening of my pussy then it slide downward to the rim of my ass. This cause me to tense even more. Although I had guys touch my the rim of my ass during having sex doggie style and it caused me to have an almost immediate orgasm I was not prepared to feel his finger slips just inside. He held it there a moment and let it ease back out. “You have to relax to save yourself the pain.” Again I tried to relax but my body just was not going to allow that.

His finger entered my ass again this time a little further and he withdrew it again. I feel something harder and smaller than his finger enter my ass then felt the cold liquid running over and in my ass. He took the tube out and insert his finger again in my ass. It went in smoother and he took it out and push back in. Each time a little bit more until his finger was totally inserted into my ass.

“There a little looser.” he smiled, “A virgin ass, nice a tight.”

I then felt a stretching of my ass again it was a mixture of pain and pleasure and I cried out when he inserted two fingers fully into my ass. Moving them in and out stretching my ass with each thrust of his fingers.

He then withdrew his fingers and again said for me to relax. I could not relax any more than I could control the weather. This was a new experience for me that had me one the verge of an orgasm the entire time.

He then started to insert something larger and harder into my ass. I could feel it stretching open as he continued to insert all the way into my ass. I then heard the sound like those old blood pressure cuffs and felt my ass being completely filled with this object. I was getting bigger.

He took the bag from my stomach and hung in one the hook again and opened the release and I could feel the water rush inside my ass. I tried to move away but the strap held me in place. As the water continue to go inside my ass, Daniel rose from his stool and moved it out from between my legs and walked to the sink and began washing his hands.

He walked back over to the table and rubbed my clit making me jump and raise my hips. I could feel the water move inside of me.

“I will come back for you in just a few.” he grab a nipple a pulled hard on it, “My other slave will see to my desire that you have caused.”

With that he left the room and closed the door.


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