Episode #3 – My passion could not be suppressed…..

After about 20 minutes of being in the pool watching True’s bathing suit slip down and the water clinging to those firm round breast I had to get out of the water. We sat by the pool and talked about class and the things females talk about, shoes. I told her that she always dressed like a “Lady.” She told me a bit about her background growing up in a very strict house where you could not have anything out of place. Which pretty much explained much about her.

We decided it was getting hot and went inside. She told me to come to her room she want to show me something. I was hoping it was going to be her nude body laid out across her bed. My bathing suit bottoms were feeling very tight against my clit and I could feel them getting wet.

We entered the room, it was a very large bedroom with a huge canopy bed with transparent white silk scarfs wrapped and draping the bed. It was almost fantasy looking. The room had the same Victorian feel the as the rest of the house.

“Have a seat on the bed” she said and I was thinking “Oh, please join me!!!”

She opened the door to what seemed like a small clothing shop. Shoes and dresses in every color you could imagine. I did not grow up poor but I had never had the need for more than two formal dresses in my life. So it was a bit of a shock to see how many were in there.

“We attend parties often,” True said turning back to the closet.

She told me about some of the them they attended and that Daniel always wanted her to be dressed for the occasions. “Ah,” I thought to myself, “Arm Candy,” she was that and more.

“When I was a kid,” she began telling me a story about when she was little and would look in her mothers closet she always wanted to play dress up in all the clothes.

“But that was never permitted,” she said with sadness in her voice.

She walked over to the bed and grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the closet.

“Why not play now,” in a voice that sounded more like a ten year old rather than an adult.

We giggled and started to pull the dresses out and try then on. That is where Daniel found us when he arrived back home.

Daniel was standing in the door way of the bath room and with that deep voice, “You ladies having fun?” I turned with a start like a kid caught playing in her mothers jewelry and make-up. My mouth opened and before I could stop the words that formed, “Yes, Sir.”

“A natural,” Daniel said with a smile to True, like an inside joke.

Daniel walked over to me and took the necklace that was forgotten in my hand, “Let me help you with that.” Taking the necklace from my hand I turn in an automatic response and raised the ringlets of hair from neck. He placed the necklace at my neck and I could feel his warm breathe on my shoulder and neck. True stood there watching his finger gently touch the back of my neck before his hands grasped my shoulders lightly pulling me back toward his hard chest.

“I like her, we should keep her,” he said.

“Do you want to stay?” his voice was but a whisper close to my ear. I felt those words all the way down to the tip of my toes.

“Master,” the English voice said, “Dinner will be served in 5 minutes.”

And again his lips were closes to me ear as he whispered, “Do you want to stay?” I slowly nodded my head up and down. “It is your free will to stay or go,” he said. Again I just nodded my head to answer.

“Then Ladies we should dine in celebration.”

Being unaware of what celebration, I asked like a dumb school girl that I felt like, “What celebration?”

Daniel turned and left the bathroom and I turned to True.

“You have decided to be with us,” she said.

Think that I misunderstood the “be with us….” I said, “You all celebrate a guest staying,”

“Yes and No,” True said as we walked out of the room to join Daniel in the hall to the dinning room.

“We are celebrating you deciding to be with us.” True said again.

Again I heard “be with us,” I knew it was just wishful thinking that was causing me to hear that every time.

I tried to put those thoughts out of my head as we ate dinner. But with all the small talk I kept feeling Daniel’s hands on my shoulders and True breast against me. I could hardly keep up with conversation.

The dishes were cleared and we again found ourselves in the sitting room, except this time the huge cage door was open and a plush purple pillow was sat on the bottom of the cage. I thought maybe they had a dog that I have never seen and that was a large cage for them to sleep.

“You asked about our lifestyle,” Daniel said from his place at the mantel with a brandy in his hand. Taking the my drink from the tray I sat in a chair opposite True, better for viewing.

“I think it is time to discuss that,” Daniel said with that deep voice and piercing eyes, “since you have decided to join us.” There is was again, “join us,” I was not hearing things.

He came and sat down on the edge of the table that separated True and myself. He took my hands in his and began to tell me about their lives.

He first said that he was the Master to True and she was his slave. Not the kind you see on those shows. “People that kidnap others are just sick,” he went on to explain. True came to him of her own free will. In the back of my mind the words “free will” swirled. I could not completely grasp the importance of the words while he was hold my hands. He described that True was his slave to do with as he wished and she was there to serve only him and his desires. That she was well trained in his desires, what he liked and didn’t like. Where to touch him and how to touch him. How she should act when in a group or alone. It was all part of training.

“Again I ask,” he said, “Do you wish to join us?”

I felt my head nod up and down as my mouth formed the word, “Yes.”

“Very well,” he said placing my hands on my lap. “You should learn from this moment on,” he stood and began to walk back to the mantel then stopped and turned, “I am to be referred to as Master or Sir.”

The full impact of what had just happened hit me like a slap to the face, stunned and shocked that I was now a slave was both terrifying and strangely erotic at the same time.

“You are expected to stay with me,” he said taking a sip again of his brandy, “for your training.”

He went on to explain that my school would continue but I was to live in his home and begin training this next morning at 6:00 am. He told me that if I did what was expected and was trainable that I would live in his home until he was done with me. I would be dressed to his desire and would be expect to come when called regardless of the hour.

I was very sexually aroused by the thought of being a slave to his sexual desire. I felt myself getting wet at the thought of his hands on my body and sharing True with him.

“You pleasure will be decided upon by my whim,” he said walking toward me, “not by yourself.” He told me he could not control my sexual thought but he could control what I did with them. He instructed me to stand and raised the skirt of my dress and placed his hand over my panty-less clit. “You are wet,” it was more of a question than a statement, “You are not allowed to satisfy your desire by your own hand.” At that he turned me around and unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor.

“You will stay nude until otherwise told,” he told me, “if you leave the house you will wear what is laid out for you and when you return you are to undress and stay that way.”

He reached around to my breast and squeezed my hard nipple. “Very nice large nipples,” flicking one then the other.

“To see that you do not touch yourself you will stay in this cage tonight,” taking my hand and leading me to the cage opening, “there are cameras all over the house, so do as told.” I nodded to him and entered the cage where he then closed and locked the door.

He returned to True and attached a leash to her necklace in the ring that held the heart. She slide off the chair and assumed a kneel position at his feet then bowed forward. “Watch and learn,” Daniel said then took the leash and pull it and True followed on all fours out of the room.

I laid on the plush cushion that was left in the center of the cage and resisted the urge to rub my clit and insert a finger inside and make myself cum. Sleep would not come easy tonight, the images would not stop and the sensations I felt between my legs and in my breast would not stop.

Staring at the clock on the mantel showed the time just before 1 a.m. That is the last thing I remembered before I heard the key being inserted into the lock and the door opening.


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