Episode #47

Slowly waking from her slumber, Sarah felt like she had been asleep for days. To be honest she wasn’t entirely sure that was not the case. It took her a moment to realize that there was an arm around her waist. Sarah knew it was Joshua by the feel of his rough hand on her stomach and his scent. He always smelled like a combination of Polo and man. She liked the feel of his arms around her.

Sarah wiggles just a little bit trying to get closer to Joshua. His chin almost resting on her shoulder. His voice was husky from sleep when her whispered in her ear, “Little girl, stop moving like that.” He almost startled her by the lust in his voice. “Your body can’t take another round of what I want to do right now.” Pulling her tight against him and wrapping his leg over her, making her movement only limited.

“Now sleep little one so I can sleep too.” Joshua kissed her neck just below her ear.

Sarah smiled and closed her eyes.

When Sarah woke again she was in bed by herself. She didn’t like the feel of being there alone. She turned her head to see if Joshua was just on the other side of the bed but he was gone. She could see the impression he left in the bed and the sheets were still slightly warm. She rolled over and could still smell him on the pillow.

“Good afternoon, sleepy head” his voice came from the bathroom as he leaned back. His face was covered in shaving cream and a towel was wrapped around his waist. Sarah pushed herself up in the bed, lightly biting her lip as she could she his bareback and the little sparkles of water left from the shower clinging to his skin. She was slightly embarrassed, she wondered did he see her sniff the pillows.

Joshua had noticed a movement and leaned back just in time to see her feel the sheet and lean her head toward his pillow. As he watched her from the mirror she pushed herself up in the bed. Her naked body covered only by the thin sheet. He could see her nipples were hard when she put her arms down stretching the sheet tight against them. He almost cut himself when he watched her bite her lower lip.

He told himself that he needed to calm down before he ended up taking another cold shower. Sarah had him so hard this morning while she slept. Her body would move against him, slowly and seductively. When she had first started he swore she was awake and teasing him. He was just about to say the hell with her sore body and bury his hard throbbing cock deep insider showing her exactly why you don’t tease the lion. His hand was just about to push her to the bed pinning her to it when she snored just a little. Joshua had to catch himself before he laughed out loud and did wake her. He just wrapped her tighter again and went back to sleep. But soon his body was harder than a rock again, waking him up and she had managed to get his cock slid between her ass cheeks. Even her slightly movement stroked him.

Just thinking about it had Joshua getting hard right now. He should have her come and take care of him before he had to leave but knew that he would be too tempted to take her right there. She needed time to heal.

Joshua kept watching Sarah as she seem to be watching his every move. She kept biting her lip and would from time to time move a little and he would see the pain on her face. She really did not realize her every emotion was writing on her face and everyone could see it. Joshua wiped his face clear of the left over shaving cream and turned to walk out of the bathroom. Sarah moved down in the bed but not before he seen her cheeks turn a little pink. Sarah knew she needed to look away before he could tell what she had been thinking when he turned around and seen his bare chest. Her sore ass kept her from moving too much and the moment she slide down in the bed she regretted it.

Joshua moved to the side of the bed and opened the nightstand drawer where Sarah kept her suction tubes. She had almost forgotten about doing them by her distraction of watching Joshua shave. A little task that was all man and watching his muscles move as he pulled the razor down his face. She knew he was watching but couldn’t stop herself. Their eyes would meet occasionally and they would both stop moving. He would let her know he could read her thoughts.

As he pulled the plungers out of the drawer Joshua was smiling as he remembered the look of Sarah’s nipples through the sheet. Joshua motioned for Sarah to take the sheet down as she laid down on the bed. Joshua knew he would have to control his need as he placed the tube over Sarah’s nipple. They were a darkish pink, hard and erect as he moved his rough thumbs over her skin. They stretched against themselves as he started to roll them and slightly pull. Her eyes were locked with his and he seen the desire in them as he continued to pull. Sarah was trying to keep herself still as his fingers tugged and rolled her nipples. His desire matching hers. Slowly Joshua placed the tube over her left nipple and use the other hand to pull the plunger back. He broke his gaze with Sarah as he watched her hard nipple get sucked up inside the tube, he pulled back more. Her nipple was about half an inch inside. He pulled more and a quarter of an inch of her nipple and skin was inside. Still he pulled more her nipple a full half an inches inside the tube. Sarah’s back arched more as he pulled again. Her body didn’t allow for more to pull inside. Repeating the same with her other nipple he watched them swell inside the tube and turn dark red.

“Now let me see if your clit can take more” Joshua said softly as his fingers slowly caressed the side of her breast.

Joshua slid off the bed, taking her foot and gently pulling her to the edge. Sarah’s feet resting on the edge of the mattress as his hands pushed her knees apart. Joshua licked his lips as he seen the still swollen lips of Sarah’s pussy. Slightly raw from the pleasure they took from her yesterday. His finger sliding between her folds rubbing her already hard clit. His finger holding them back completely exposing her clit to his eyes. Joshua licked his lips again, he wanted to taste her, just a little taste before he applied her tube. Bending down his tongue flicked over the hard clit, Sarah gasped as he circled her then sucked it in his mouth. Lightly biting down as the tip of his tongue flicked her.

Joshua pulled himself back before he thrust his tongue inside her dripping pussy and made her cum on his face. His fingers still holding her open he reached for the tube and placed it over her clit, pulling it deep inside. A little more rough than he wanted when he heard her whimper of pain. He looked at her face seeing the pain as he push the plunger back down. He caresses her cheek and apologized for causing her pain, “You just make me want you so much, little one.”

His words caressed her more than his hand and the look of his own pain was enough to make her forget the pain she was feeling. She knew her own desire pushed her and could understand his desire would do the same.

Joshua stood back up and pushed her feet apart allowing him a view of her ass. He wanted to check it and make sure he had not done too much damage. Pulling her cheek open Sarah whimpered with pain as it pulled her ass open. She had not moved very much in bed as it was rather sore. Joshua seen her swollen ass, dark pink and puckered skin showing all the signs of being recently fucked. Joshua smiled at remembering the feel of it wrapped tight around his cock. He felt himself getting harder just at the thought. But knew that it was going to take a few days before he would be able to take her ass again.

“Sarah, I need you to relax so I can check to make sure there is no damage and to put this salve on it to help the swelling go down.”

Sarah shook her head “yes” but she knew even touching her was going to hurt. Joshua leaned over to the night stand and grab the containers sitting there. He opened the first one and dipped his cotton ball inside. Sarah knew the smell but couldn’t place it. He lightly touched her swollen ass with it, the cold liquid touched her as her body jumped cause her more pain.

“Try not to move, Sarah.”

He light rubbed her tender ass as she tried to keep from moving. Joshua didn’t want to hurt her but needed to apply this as he knew he had ripped her a little last night and bruised her from his forceful need to have her.

Joshua sit the cotton ball back on the night stand and opens the second container. As he dips his fingers inside there is a thick clear substance covering his fingers. Sarah knew he was going to be rubbing that on her.

“I have to put this on your sore bottom,” he looked at her and she seen that he was not happy that it was going to be hurting her. “Please be still and relax, this will make it feel better faster.”

His hand spread her open as his finger lightly rubbed over her. Sarah’s fingers twist in the sheet as his fingers glide over her ass. There was a cooling sensation and she started to relax. The moment Joshua felt her relax it insert his finger partly in her ass. He needed to get the salve inside.

“Slow” Joshua thought to himself. He was rock hard and knew the towel was not going to hide that. He slowly pulled his finger out and backed up.

“Lean your head over the bed, Sarah”

Sarah did as she was told and turned slowly letting her head hang of the bed. She knew what Joshua wanted. His towel fell and she opened her mouth to accept him.

Joshua slowly slide his head over her lips. “Keep your mouth open.”

Sliding his cock in and out feeling her tongue making him wet. He pushed till it hit the back of her throat then he would pull back. Pushing a little further every time until his head pushed into her tight throat. He pulls back and thrusted deep and fully into her throat. Her body moves against him as her breath is blocked. He holds himself there for just a moment longer then lets her breathe. Again he rams his cock deep in her throat. He could still smell her pussy on his face. Looking down seeing her nipples and clit swell in the tubes was too much for him. He held her head and started to fuck her mouth. Sarah took a breath when she could as his cock was starting to slide faster in and out of her mouth. She was covered in saliva as he continued to fuck her mouth. His balls slapping her face as he buried himself deeper. She knew he couldn’t keep up much longer as he cock started to swell and throb. He grunted loud and pushed himself deep inside her throat and she felt the hot streams of his cum in her throat, he pulled out stroking himself and finished cumming on her face, coating it with his sticky thick cum.

His body shook and jerked as he finished cumming on Sarah.

Joshua leaned against the edge of the bed catching his breath. Her mouth was amazing as it took him inside. He would never get tired of using her mouth. He watched as she licked the cum off her swollen lips and smiled at the thought that that both sets of her lips are swollen.

Joshua leaned over and pushed the plunger on the nipple tube one at a time. When he leaned over the bed and started to remove the one from Sarah’s clit she seen she was wet and almost dripping.

“Someone is all wet, little girl.” he watched her cheeks get red and knew she had enjoyed him fucking her mouth.

“When you are healed little one….in a few days.” Sarah almost pouted and Joshua laughed as her lip stuck out a little. He was smiling as he went to the bathroom to get a wash cloth for her face.




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