Episode # 16 – Training…..Training…..Training……

The warm water hit my body and ran down my ass. There was still a slight tingle to my ass, almost like there was still a ball inside. I applied soap to my hair and rubbed my hands over my breast, cleaning my nipples but not playing too long. I washed the triangle of hair between my legs and made sure to clean any cum from the folds.  I took the bottle down from the shower and filled it with water to wash myself out.  Master said that there would be more training tonight, I am not sure if that means just the silks or not.  But it was a rule that I am to be clean just in case Master wants to use me again.

As I finished cleaning between my legs I could not resist the urge to touch my ass again. That tingling sensation was still there and I was curious what my ass felt like.

I took a soapy hand and reached under me to find a puckered and swollen opening. I slide a soapy finger into my ass more easy this time than earlier. As I slide my finger in and out it cause the tingle to get more to a full on vibration and I could tell my pussy was getting wet. I removed my finger from my ass before I got myself in a lot of trouble.

I dried myself off and left the bathroom with my hair in a towel. Sir Joshua was waiting in the chair that he was always in. I had started looking toward that chair, because he was not going to surprise me again. He was sitting there with his leg slung over the side, it was really a sexy position. But I tried not to linger. I walked over, grabbed my silks and took my kneeling position with the silks draped over my arms and my head bowed.

Sir Joshua crossed the room and took the silks from my hands and ordered me to stand. I stood and he walked me through the wrapping and tying the silks. He had me tie it again and again around my body to make sure I got it. “You will be expected to tie this correctly by this weekend.” he said over my shoulder. “You should practice when you can.”

I felt the chill go down my spine as he breath fell on my neck just below my ear. He secured the silks with the knot and turned me around. My nipple brushed his arm and caused me to take a deep breath. That slightest touch made them come to life and stand out at attention. Sir Joshua answered in kind by grabbing them between his finger and thumb kneading them causing them to harden.

Sir Joshua walked to the table and grabbed the leash and attached to my collar. He ordered me to follow him by walking. We descended the stairs to the play room and he walked me to the center of the room where a wood stand was. There were chains on the floor that I assumed would hold me down. He released the leash from the collar and told me where to stand. He locked the shackles around my ankles, then told me to lean forward where the wooden board would hit me at about the stomach. He then took a brush and began braiding my hair. “This is to keep it out of the way.”

He attached shackles to my wrist and pulled them out in front of me. He turned my collar around and attached another chain to the collar forcing my head back. I heard the door open then close and assumed that Master had entered the room. I was right, he appear in front of me with this cock slightly hard. He took it in his hand and stroked it a few times, then pressed the head toward my mouth and I opened to accept it. My tongue slide around the head of his cock getting it wet. “Good, girl,” Master said, “get the cock all wet so it slides easier.” I had to assume that was a lesson in how he wanted his cock to be sucked. I opened my mouth wide to allow his cock to slide into my mouth over my tongue getting it wet.  He was still holding his cock with his hand, he took it out of my mouth and told me to get it really wet. I licked his cock from the head, down the shaft to his balls which he also informed me that he liked to be licked and sucked. When he thought it was wet enough he pushed the head into my mouth, it was not harder and was sliding in and out. He took his hand from around himself and pushed it deep in my mouth. He withdrew and did it again, slowly inserting, then withdrawing. He continued this slow invasion inside my mouth.  During which I was not paying attention to Sir Joshua.  I felt something rub against my swollen ass opening.  It was wet and slick and very much Sir Joshua’s cock sliding into the opening of my ass.

Master continued his slow stokes in my mouth as Sir Joshua was gliding in and out of my ass at ramming speed. I could feel my nipples getting harder and my pussy getting wet as my ass tingled with pleasure.

He rammed by ass so hard that I felt his balls slap against the folds causing me to jerk the little my body was able to move from it’s strapped positions. He kept up the pace pounding my ass, I felt myself getting closer to my release. I was unable to ask permission to cum. I think that was the point of this. I could not ask, so I could not get permission. I tried to shift myself a bit to stop the sensation, that didn’t work because I could not move enough. I tried to think of other things, the project it need to work on, the weather, but it all kept coming back to this hard cock sliding in an out of my ass and the other that was now pushed deep in my throat.

I was getting closer and closer then the cock was removed from my ass. I tried to move to get the cock back. I moaned in a whine wanting my release, but the only release that was going to happen then was Master cumming deep in my throat. I felt the jerk just a moment before I felt him slide deep in my mouth, then felt the cum sliding down. He held my head there as he fucked my mouth, I sucked as hard as I could getting all the cum from his cock.  I seen Sir Joshua appear just to my right, his hand around his cock stroking it toward my face, just then he released and came on my face, Master holding his cock deep in my mouth.

When Sir Joshua has squeezed all the cum from himself he walked to the other side of the room. Mater withdrew his cock from my mouth and held it for me to clean as usual. I licked it all over, including his balls.

Sir Joshua returned with two silver balls in his hand. They were pretty, they had etching on them. “This is your personal pair of balls,” Sir Joshua said. He showed me to the balls closer.

From behind me, “They will be inserted into your pussy,” Master said.

“You are to hold them inside, using your muscles.” Sir Joshua said, handing the balls to Master.

They were cold as he inserted them. Then he slapped my ass and I felt them vibrate.

My collar and released from the chain, along with my wrist and ankles.  As I stood I felt the weight of the balls sliding down. I assume Master knew what was happening, “Tighten your muscles,” as he washed his hands, “it will keep them inside.” I was not sure how to tighten them. I know the confused look was written on my face.

“Like stopping the flow of urine,” Sir Joshua said. I tried that and could feel the balls going back up inside. “Do that every time you feel the sliding and to hold them inside when you are standing.”

“With all the training it will help.” I figured they were talking about what all females think about, getting too big. I had not thought about it until now, with all the sex I was having and thing that were inserted inside me that it could happen. I didn’t even know there was something that could help.

The leash was attached to my collar again and I was ordered to walk. “You are going to want to hold on tight,” Master said, “If they fall out, you will be punished.” Then he released my leash and walked away.

Sir Joshua  took my leash and led me to my room. He released the leash from my collar and put it back on the hook by the door that must have been added recently. He walked back to me as I assumed my kneeling position. I felt the balls sliding out and tightened harder. It stopped them but did not make them go back up.

“Harder in that position.” Sir Joshua said grabbing my nipple. That seems to tight me more and suck the balls back inside. “You will have to remember to hold them tight before assuming this position.”

He instructed me to clean then get sleep that it was late.

I hurried to wash as I did not have to wash my hair again. I left it in the braid and I think I was asleep before I got into bed.

I felt like I had just gotten to sleep when I felt the folds of my pussy being opened…….


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