Episode # 34 – Some things have to be experienced….

Clit gallery

The nubs from the Syrian device was pushing softly into Sarah’s exposed swollen clit, making it difficult for her to sit still. It was making her want to rub back and forth against them, however, each times she moved just the slightest it would rub her and make her regret that movement as the pulses were sent over her entire body. Each part of her seemed to be sensitive. She didn’t know if it was from the excitement her training was continuing or the fact that she was not allowed a release in weeks. As she sat there with herself exposed, trying to keep her control in check she was truly understand the need for her to make sure to follow directions. That everything she did had consequences. It wasn’t just a faultless lifestyle she was in, each thing was connected and it was a direct reflection of her Master. Sarah was truly starting to see where her place was and she found a source of peace. In that moment she knew she would not fail again, she would do exactly as she was ordered without question or hesitation. This was her choice and she was grateful for it.

It was slowly occurring to Sarah that there were many levels of her lifestyle, that not all the website or post in forums had been right, they were what was right for their Masters. It started to make sense that contract she signed. That she was not just obligated to uphold the contract but that she was looking forward to the pleasure of living the contract, the pleasures she would receive from pleasing her Master and doing as he wished. It was not just a thing you did, it was what you became. She was not a slave or submissive being made, Sarah was born this way. It was what she wanted.

Sarah did not even realize that her eyes had been squeezed shut until she found herself relaxing and opening her eyes to see her Master in front of her. Master Daniel had the wand in his hand and was applying oil to the head of it. Sarah was preparing herself for pain but as it was the case lately pain was becoming more pleasure so she was not sure how to mentally get ready for this. Master Daniel squirted more onto his fingers and stood. He rubbed the cold gel against Sarah’s clit and slide his fingers down making her whole pussy oily and slippery. Sarah knew in that instant that she going to have to find anyway possible to control herself. Her new found peace was not going to be enough. Master Daniel continued to rub the gel around her clit and running just a bit into her pussy making the oil mix with the wetness that was already there. He knew she would not be able to stand this for long without losing control. She had pleased him and this was going to be her reward she just did not know it yet.

Sarah seen the smile on Master Daniels face and was happy, she was pleasing him. She was excited to see that she could make him smile. She took a deep breath as his fingers moved around her swollen clit making it tingle with excitement as she slowly let out her breath. Master Daniel was ecstatic about the way her clit was swelling and become more and plumper with each suction. He had to examine the fleshy folds and the erect nub that was her center. He almost could not contain his own excitement as he rubs the nub and it contracted against his finger. Master Daniel was more that pleased to give Sarah the release she so needed and then some. There would be a lesson today; it wouldn’t be one of restraint, it would be one of pleasure and release, total and complete release. Today Sarah would totally surrender to herself to her training. Sarah would soon find out that restraint was not always a punishment.

Sarah could hardly contain herself. Master Daniels expert fingers were weaving her into a forbidden place. She felt the beginning of her climax start to build as her pussy started to climax. She tried to stop the contracts as her clit was pulsing with each flick of his finger. She could still smell the mixture of his cum and his masculine scent on her. She was having a hard time controlling herself.

Sir Daniel pulled up slightly on her tied arms as he attaches them to a hook at the end of the Sybian. This brought Sarah back to reality and just how close she was to climaxing and getting in more trouble. She took another deep breath, closed her eyes and calmed herself. It also helped that Master Daniel had removed his fingers from her clit. He knew that she was slowly losing her battle to contain herself. It was not fair of him to keep pushing her even though her progress with training was quite impressive. As a Master he knew that training was not for his pure pleasure, but it was an added bonus. He was there to train her to be an excellent slave and after that she would provide him with pleasure more than he had originally thought.

Sir Joshua moved to the front of the Sybian and took the control into his hand. He winked toward Sarah then turned the nubs on. She gasped even through the ball gag as the nubs rubs over her oiled clit. It felt like thousands of little fingers rubbing, licking and flick her clit at one time. She tried to raise herself on the tips of her toes, but her arms restraints did not allow her to lean forward, the posture collar did not allow her to move her head and she could only raise herself just a micrometer up which was worse as just the tips of the nubs rubbed against her swollen clit making her jerk her hips which made her slip down and the vibration made her slow start to lose her resolve. Sarah was almost on the verge of tears when she felt the vibration lessen.

Sir Joshua was standing in front of her now. He took ankle cuffs and attached them to her ankles. She was grateful as it gave her time to slow her breathing and calm herself. Sir Joshua ordered her to bring her knees up as he hooked her ankles to the side of the post. Master Daniel was behind her as she felt the ropes pulling on her arms loosen. They were not removed but they were not pulling her back. She was not allowed to sit up straight either.

Master Daniel returned to stand in front of her.  “Slide forward and show me that swollen clit.” Sarah used her knees to pull herself forward. As Sarah slide forward Master Daniel helped pull her hips making it easier. Sarah was again grateful as now her clit was not against the nubs. She released the pent up breath she was holding. When she got to almost the edge, Master Daniel told her that was good.

Her arms were again secured behind her but this time it allowed her to lean back just a bit, but with that it did not allow her to see what was going on around her. She felt a hand on her knee when Sir Joshua told her to spread them wide. Sarah had to wiggle her ankles just a bit but she knew from the position that she was completely exposed to both Master Daniel and Sir Joshua. She could not see their faces, “were they happy with the results?” She got her answer as she felt a finger run across her clit.

Sir Joshua gently pulled on the hood exposing more of her clit as he flicked the hard nub. Sarah tried to move but she had put herself in a position that would not allow her much movement. Which was perfect for the next step of her training today.

“Her clit is really coming along better than expected.” Sir Joshua said to Master Daniel as he pulled gently on her clit starting to stroke it. Sarah was still not sure exactly what they wanted her clit to look like or to do but it was pure torture. She hoped that it would be exactly what they wanted and soon. She was not sure how much more she could take.

Sarah heard it before she felt it, the wand was placed against her swollen clit and she screamed from behind the ball gag. Master Daniel and Sir Joshua knew she would scream out and had prepared for it by adding the gag. The swirling moving made her jerk, it was in the moment that she realized that she could not move. Her arms were restrained behind her and did not allow her to lean forward, her ankles where attached to the post of the Sybian. She struggled against her restraints but it did not do anything to get away from the swirling head of the wand. Master Daniel pushed it just a bit more into her.

Sarah again struggled. Her climax was starting to consume her and she knew she would not stop it. She was glad she was gagged so she would not beg for release. She was starting to lose her battle. Her eyes were squeezed shut, every muscle in her body was screaming for release and to restrain at the same time.

Through the haze of struggle she heard the words she never thought she would hear again. Master Daniel had to repeat it more than once before he noticed that she actually heard the words he spoke to her.

“Cum Sarah,” he said yet again. He knew when she heard him. Her eyes opened as if to make sure she was hearing the words. The instant that she did her body was tensed with pleasure rather than her restraint. Sir Joshua found himself excited again watching as Sarah was given her release. The moment she started to climax, a cloudy liquid pour out of her and all over the wand and Sybian. The added lubrication urged Master Daniel to start her lesson. She was denied her release for weeks. He was about to give it to her over and over. He increased the speed on the wand and add more oil to her clit.

Sarah’s moans from behind the gag where loud as she tried to escape her sweet torture. Her even more sensitive clit was pulsing harder as the wand continued to push her over the edge time and time again. Her muscles where tight as she screamed and found another release. Tears were running down her face from the releases and the repeated climax.

When Master Daniel thought Sarah had enough release he turned the wand off and was amazed at the sight before him. Her pussy was puffy and swollen, the lips of her were twice their normal size. There was her sticky cum all over the Sybian and is was pooling on the floor. He was very pleased with her performance today and could feel himself getting harder as more cum dripped from her pinks folds. He would also find his release in her.



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