Episode # 35 – It was only the beginning…..

Sarah thought her heart would beat out of her chest as her body was shaken with the intense orgasms. Her entire body was covered with sweat and was as limp as her restraints would allow her. She felt completely spent and drained but energized at the same time. It was such a confusing feeling. She thought to herself that the wait was worth the weeks of denial. She totally understood why she would ever be ordered not to find her release. It was not just a way of control there was a reward. Sarah had never felt such an explosion, she felt the moment her body released and then she felt herself get wet as the liquid slipped down her leg. She was not sure what had happened. She had heard of squirting orgasms but figured they were like urban myths but she was very much aware they did exist and she wanted to feel it again.

Master Daniels voice brought her back to this world and out of her somewhat dream like state. She felt her arms being unhooked so she could sit up straighter, but that was a mistake. The moment her clit touched the leather she instantly jerked. Sir Joshua helped her get steady on the Syrian.

Sir Joshua knew the moment her still swollen clit touched the leather Sarah would jerk. She had been denied her release for weeks and neither he nor Master Daniel knew she would release in such a glorious way. Her cum had squirted all over the leather and was still dipping down the side. The mixture of her cum and natural scent was making him hard. He want to feel her lips wrapped around his cock again. Trying to control his own urge, Sir Joshua finished release Sarah’s feet of the restraints. He continued to hold her to keep her balanced as she was still a bit wobbly.

Master Daniel ordered Sarah to stand and get the feeling back in her legs. Sir Joshua rubbed her legs helping get the feeling and blood flow totally back. Sarah felt like her legs were to cylinders of jelly. She could hardly stand. She had to place her hand on the leather to help hold herself up. Sir Joshua’s hands rubbed more as she felt the warmth and a very knowing erotic feelings. His hands running up and down her legs making her start to get wet. She could physically feel herself getting wet.

Master Daniel’s cock was standing hard and at attention. Sarah’s release had caused his cock to harden the moment she squirted her cum on the wand, the Syrian and his hand. It was just a forceful orgasm that he wanted to feel her around him, milking his cock. He knew she needed to get the blood flowing to her legs so he could take her, he knew with his excitement it would be fast and hard. She was becoming an excellent slave. She was pleasing him more and more each day.

Master Daniel went to the other side of the room the table Sarah had been strapped to in the past. He was getting the restraints ready for her. She knew that they were just beginning with her play. She could hardly see as the collar still did not allow her much movement, but did make her stand straighter.

Sir Joshua ask her if her legs were feeling better and could she stand on them herself. Sarah tested to see as she removed her hand from the device and took a small step. She nodded that she could stand as the ball gag was still in place. She was instructed to the table where Master Daniel was. Sarah took smaller step, although she could walk her legs still felt weak, but she made it to the other side.

Master Daniel turned her around and unlatched her gag placing it on the table. He took each of her nipples between his finger and thumb and rubbed hard. Sarah’s gasped as the pain from the swollen nipples sent pleasure straight to her pussy. Master Daniel could feel his cock getting harder by the moment and wanted her lips wrapped around it. Master Daniel grabbed the ring on her collar and forced her down to her knees and presented her his hard cock. Sarah took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked. He leaned his head back as she took the rest of him slowly into her mouth. She slowly stroked his cock with her mouth. Sliding it in and out, just leaving the head in her mouth and she ran her tongue under the rim then slowing leaning forward taking him deeper in her mouth. He had his hands on his hips trying to keep from grasping the sides of her face and fucking her mouth hard. He didn’t want to cum yet, he wanted to feel those swollen pussy lips wrapped around his cock as he drove hard inside her, letting her cum hard on his cock and milking him. He tried heard to control himself but knew his desire was about consume him. He pulled his cock from her mouth and took a deep breath.

Sarah knew her Master was getting close to cumming as his cock always got harder and wider before it would jerk then fill her mouth with his hot seed. She was just about to take him completely in her mouth when he removed himself from her mouth. She hoped that he was pleased with her. She remained where she kneeling. Master Daniel walked to the cabinet after a quick whisper to Sir Joshua. When Sir Joshua presented his cock to Sarah she at least knew that she was not in trouble and would please Sir Joshua just as she had her Master.

The moment Sarah’s mouth closed around the head of Sir Joshua’s cock he could feel himself getting harder. He tongue ran under the edge of his head then down the side of the shaft as she took him deep inside her mouth. It was hot and wet and he was having a difficult time holding himself back. He wanted to wait to feel her mouth but she was slowing using her mouth to ride his cock. When should took him deep and held herself there he pulled back with his hips. If he did not start to control this mouth fucking she was giving him he would spill his load into her before he wanted to. He held the base of his cock not letting her take him as deep inside her mouth. He could not be happier when he heard the sound of the cuffs and shackles being placed on the table. He removed his cock from her mouth and her wet mouth dripped.

Master Daniel grasped the ring on her collar and ordered her to stand. Sarah knew she would have to stand slowly. The feeling in her legs were like little pins and needles all over, they felt like they were asleep but the sensation was causing her to get excited. She was ordering to bend over the table and stretch her arms out. Her breast were to hang over the side. She thought more about it, this was more of a wide bench rather than a table. It hit her at the hips and allowed her stomach to rest on it.

Her breast were free to move on the other side and it allowed her to look back and watch the expression of who was behind her. But with this collar on she was not allowed to look it was forcing her to look down.

As if they heard her thoughts the collar was removed from her neck and placed on the bench. She moved her head around loosening her neck. It was then she felt the fingers running up her clit. She felt her clits being rubs lightly, the sensation spread through her like electricity. Sarah felt her nipples getting harder and her pussy throb. She was losing herself in the sensation when there was a pushing against her pussy opening. One fingers slowly slide in and out, then another as added and another. She felt herself opening up. Sir Joshua positioned himself in front of her with his cock just out of her reach.

Master Daniel held his cock in one hand stroking it lightly as he slide his fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy, feeling the wetness as he tried to control himself. She was opening up and letting his fingers slide in and out. When he had two inside her and wiggle them just a bit she opened up more and her pussy squeezed around his finger. He slide the third in giving himself more time and opening her as he knew she would be ready and wet for the hard fucking he was going to give her. He could not wait another second to bury himself deep inside her, feeling her close around him tights as he filled her full of his hard cock.

Master Daniel positioned himself with the head of his cock right at her opening. He withdrew his fingers then plunged his cock deep inside her as she moaned loudly.

Sir Joshua waited till the moment that Master Daniel had filled Sarah’s pussy then thruster his cock into her open waiting mouth. The moment her lips closed on him he resisted the urge to fuck her mouth as hard as Master Daniel was pounding her pussy. Her whimpers escaped around his cock as he slowly fucked her mouth.

Sarah felt the cock drive hard into and then had her mouth filled. She moans at the filling of Master Daniel’s cock ramming deep inside her. She felt the energy all through her body as she was rocked forward. She took Sir Joshua’s cock into her mouth sucking the head as he slowly slide it in and out of her mouth. She knew he would not last long as she could already taste his precum getting thicker and sliding over her tongue. His cock was hard and filling her mouth as it got wider and longer the closer he got to his climax. He was slow in his movement, not letting her take his entire cock in her mouth.

Sir Joshua was using all his restraint to keep from cumming. Her mouth was tight around his cock as he slide it in and out. She would run her tongue under the rim of his head and suck him hard trying to get the full length into her mouth. Master Daniels pace was increasing and Sarah’s moans were getting louder.

Master Daniel was trying his hardest to slow himself down, he continued to plunge harder and deeper into Sarah’s pussy. He felt it was getting wetter with each stroke. He was pounding deep inside her hard as he was losing his own control. He could feel Sarah’s climax building as her pussy was getting wetter and starting to pulse. He reached down between her legs and pinched her clit making her cry out from around the cock that was filling her mouth. He rubs her hard swollen clit, flicking it, pinching it till her knew she was ready to climax herself. Then he pulled hard on her clit and told her to cum as he pounded as hard as he could.

Sir Joshua losing his control as Sarah was sucking his cock trying to get it deeper. As Master Daniels thrust were faster and harder Sir Joshua knew he was getting close. He grabbed the sides of Sarah’s face and began to fuck her mouth hard and fast matching the strokes in her pussy. Her moans escaped around his cock making him harder till he could not hold it anymore.

Sarah felt herself climbing but knew she was not allowed to cum and she was still not allowed to ask to cum. She felt her pussy pulse and when Master Daniel pinched her clit she almost came that second. He pounded harder flicking her clit then said her favorite words, that she could cum. She feel her pussy tighten around his cock and he thruster harder and faster, ramming his self in and out of her pussy. She squeezed around his cock as tightening up on him, as her climax consumed her and she felt herself explode.

Sir Joshua knew the moment Sarah climaxed, her mouth tightened around his cock and he lost his control. He rammed his cock deeper into her mouth holding the sides of her face, then as his cock started to jerk he pushed it deep holding it in the back of her mouth letting himself cum as it slide down her throat. When he was done he just her mouth to stroke is cock and her sucking milk all the cum from inside him.

Master Daniel came the moment her climax started. Her pussy tightened around his cock and started to pulse, urging his own climax, She was milking his cock with each stroke and he fucked her harder and deeper. When he came he drove so hard inside her he felt the wall of her cervix and he exploded filling her with his seed. Sarah was moaning as he mouth was filled with Sir Joshua and his cock.

Sarah felt the jerk the instant before Sir Joshua forced his cock deep into her mouth and let his cum go down her throat. She was being filled with cum at both ends as her mouth milked Sir Joshua and her pussy with Master Daniel.

Sir Joshua slowly let his cock fall from Sarah’s mouth. He had to put his hand on the bench to hold himself as his climax was intense. Master Daniel slowly pulled his cock out of her pussy and walked around to stand in front of her, “Lick it clean, slave.”

Sarah did as she was ordered. She could taste his cum mixing with her juice as she licked his soft cock clean. When he was completely clean they removed her from her restraints, her collar was attached again and she was order to kneel until further instructions.


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