Episode # 36 – Master’s Pleasure

Sarah remained as ordered on the floor in her kneeling position. She could feel the sweat running over her body and the cool breeze blowed across her harden nipples. She could not see them but she knew they were taut and still dark pink. They were getting longer each day. They were swollen and sensitive to the touch. Just the slightest breeze or touch caused them to ache and send a tingle straight between her legs.

Her head was straight and it forced her to sit straight up in her kneeling position. Her shoulders were up and her breast were thrust out. Her hands face up on her knees and her legs were spread apart. She could feel her clit was still sticking out.

Master Daniel was trying to decide if she should be sent back to her room or did she have more energy to play. He was watching her breathing cause her breast to rise and fall. Her nipples were a dark pink at the base but a shade of pink mixed with purple at the tips. He wanted to take each one in his mouth and suck them.

Her kneeling position allowed him a view of her puckered pussy lips and swollen clit. It was a dark shade of pink as well. He wanted to make her squirt again. He was still shocked that she exploded so hard that her juice ran poured out of her and all over the place. There was a strong scent of her in room, it lingered around him. He was drawn to her from the first moment. He sensed the submissive nature and he was very pleased with her training. Sarah was going to be a great slave, eventually.

Sarah could not see where her Master or Sir Joshua were in the room. She could hear movement and the sound of chains. That sound of little chains that usually were attached to the nipple clamps she had to wear. Her body was already screaming from the pain they would cause on her hard sensitive nipples. But she also knew that even though she was still spent, they would cause her to get wet to the point of dripping. She was shocked that certain pain caused her so much pleasure. It was a strange feeling but an even stranger desire to have pain. Then she heard the water running, which meant one of them was showering.

Sir Joshua wanted to lick and flick that hard nipples of Sarah’s they were almost taunting him. He wanted to feel their hard tips in his mouth as he sucked deeply on them. Like a baby suckling on his mother. He wanted to feel them swell and harden more in his mouth. He loved how long they were and the fact that they were bigger around. He knew attaching the clamps would make the tips get darker and swell even more.

He slowly bent down and attached the clamps to her nipples. Hearing her gasp as the rubber and tight metal clamps down on her already sore and sensitive nipples made his cock grow. He had to control his desire to shove his cock back into her wet mouth. But there were other plans for her today. She was going to give them as much pleasure as they were going to show her. With a flick of her nipples Sir Joshua walked back to the bench and sit up the next phase.

She seen the shadow coming toward her just the moment before Sir Joshua was standing in front of her. She could see that his cock was slightly hard as she could only look ahead. He kneeled down just a bit and attached the clamps to her nipples. The moment the pressure was applied her nipples tingled and sent shock waves straight to her pussy. She could feel herself getting wet. Her clit moved in pulses back and forth. She felt her pussy lips rubbing it. She could see Sir Joshua’s cock jerk just a bit as he attached the clamps. Sarah was excited that he was excited about her pain and that pleased her. It was all she could do to control herself. She felt an energy start to wash over her. Where she had just felt like curling up on the floor and sleeping now she felt she could run a marathon.

She could still hear the water running but heard her Masters voice behind her, “Stand, slave.” She did as ordered. He was standing behind her with his hair still dripping wet, running over his chest. She felt her nipples harden more if that was possible. He instructed her to sit on the bench that had just been used to hold her as her Master fucked her pussy while Sir Joshua fucked her mouth. Oh yeah she was starting to feel her wetness dripping.

Master Daniel was so tempted to have his slave turn and suck his cock till he came in her mouth, but he wanted to make her beg for his cum. They were going to make her cum again and again till she was screaming and begging them to stop. Just the thought of her screaming and begging made his cock stiffen even more. He would have to control himself. That is why they came in her earlier to help prolong this for them as well.

He watched her eyes follow him as far as they could. He knew she was wanting more. He could see the glistening between her legs when she stood and even now as she sat on the bench with her leg open but not wide. Her clit was standing out still and wiggled just a bit. He knew she was just a touch away from cumming again. It was nice to know that she had stamina to continue. She would learn to conserve her energy when she is not being trained. The more they used each day the more she would get. He placed his hands around her wrist and held them up slightly and together.

Sarah felt his hands on her wrist and knew he wanted her to hold them out. She did as she was unverbally ordered. He let go of her wrist and she kept them where they were. She felt the cold steel touch her wrist the moment before they were locked around her.

After they were locked she continued to hold them out as she did not know if he was finished with them or not. Sarah soon found out that he was just beginning.  Master Daniel slipped something around the chain between them. She heard the chain then being pulled as her hands started rising above her head. They were pulled tights and she strained to stay in her seated position.

With her arms stretched high above her head, Master Daniel tweeked her hard long clamped nipples. Her moan made him smile as that was only the beginning of her moaning this session. He started to wrap her wrist together letting it wrap to just shy of her elbows. The shackles would cut into her skin if they didn’t help support her arms in another way. The position she was about to be in would need to support her weight as well as her movement.

As Master Daniel secured the loop at the top between her hands, he kneeled down to cuff her ankles. Sarah smelled of fresh sex. From his view he could tell that she was more than ready. Her clit was swelling more from her excitement, her lips were still dark pink from the wand earlier and his driving hard into her. They was shiny from her juice mixing with his as was almost dripping out. He was looking forward to making them swell more and become a bright pink and well used.

He attached the last cuff to her ankle and did the same thing to each leg, wrapping the rope around each ankle to just less them halfway to her knee. He made the loop and secured it around her ankle and waited for Sir Joshua to finish.

Sarah heard the water finally stop running and heard the patter of wet feet on the floor just a moment later. She felt the water hit her back then her collar was again removed. She moved her head just a bit as it bit into her shoulders just a bit. Sir Joshua  reached down over her and pulled on both nipples making her jump from the pain and sheer pleasure. He smiles knowing that her nipples were sensitive and slightly sore. But her pain was causing him more than just a bit of pleasure.

Sarah looked around and noticed that the ropes on her legs had a large amount still on the floor. She figured she was about to be tied to the bench, but just as she thought it, Master Daniel and Sir Joshua each grabbed one of the ropes and tossed it over a beam in the ceiling. There was tension then she was starting to be lifted. Her legs were being pulled apart, making them wide open and exposing her swollen dripping pussy. They didn’t just stop as they got out in front of her. They continued up, she was now being lifted off the bench as her body was not being suspended in the air. She was no longer touching the bench at all. When she was bent in half with her arms in the air and her legs spread apart and her feet were above her head. She was totally exposed and could not move at all. Her hands and arms were bound together and her feet could only wiggle. She could see everything now that the collar was off.

Sir Joshua felt his cock harden as Sarah’s legs were spread apart and he could see her still swollen big clit standing out. He wanted to run his finger between those wet pink lips and flick that hard clit. He knew that in just a few minutes they would rubbed and she would be cumming all over the floor is her earlier squirting was any indication.

He grabbed the wand and added a creamy oil lube as it would hold up longer to their play than just another oil. He made sure it was complete covered but she was so wet it would glide smoothly over her.

He stood between her legs and showed her the wand, her eyes opened wide as her breath caught in a gasp. Sir Joshua wanted to make sure the lube was all over her before he started the wand.

The moment he slide the head of the wand between Sarah’s folds she jerked as she feel the cool lube and hard head touch her folds then slip between them. It was not touching her swollen clit and she was happy about that. She was sure that she would not be able to control herself.

When the wand came to life so did she. Her body instantly responded to the spinning head as Sir Joshua kept it just down from her clit. Slowly guiding it toward her. When the head touched her clit, Sarah cried out as her body jerked against the ropes. That movement just encouraged Sir Joshua to keep it right there. Her mind was fully on what was between her legs that she was not paying attention to where Master Daniel was, then she felt something hard slip inside her pussy. She knew it was not his cock but a dildo. He was slowly pushing it in and taking it out of her. The sensation of being filled and her clit vibrating was almost more that she could take.

Sarah’s moan did more than just encourage Master Daniel it made he want to fill her where the dildo was, but that would have to wait. Sarah was on the verge of another climax and he wanted to know if she would squirt again with a dildo inside. Her body was jerking as it climbed higher and higher. He continued to slide the dildo in and out, faster and harder. Sarah’s moans made his cock harder as he whispered to her, “You may cum slave.” The moment the words were off his lips she came again and this time it did not squirt but it did make her wet as her juice slipped down the shaft of the dildo and onto Master Daniels hand. He smiled then proceeded to fuck her as hard with the dildo as he wanted to with his cock.


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