Episode # 37 – Master’s Pleasure (Part 2)

Master Daniel felt his cock growing harder as he seen her juice cover the dildo and felt it’s warmth on his hand. She was so wet now that each time he pulled and pushed the dildo inside her it made a sloshy wet sound. He found he loved that sound.  Her cries of ecstasy were very exciting. Sarah’s body jerked as Sir Joshua continued to hold the wand against her swollen clit. Master Daniel could see her lips contract as it continued to pull the dildo deeper inside her.

Sarah felt the orgasm start to consume her as her body jerked, one in trying to get away from the sensation the other was a force of nature that her orgasm caused. She felt the tingle even in her hair. She had never been more happy to hear anyone tell her to cum, not that it had happened much in the past. She knew that if her Master had not allowed her to cum when he did that she would have broken the rule again. She was doing everything in her power to control it. The feel of the wand rubbing against her oil slick clit, vibrating it and making it harder. Her nub was throbbing with want and needs when her Master inserted the dildo. She was in heaven and hell at that exact moment. She felt her pussy open and take the dildo inside, slowly at first then as her excitement built he increased the speed and how deep. It was completely filling her. She could feel it sliding in harder and faster. When she came she felt her juice release and the dildo sliding in much faster as the sound of her pussy squeezing against it making her cum harder.

The moment she thought she might have another orgasm, the wand was removed from clit and the dildo slowed. Sir Joshua knew that the wand needed more lube or it would hurt her, but he had to make himself remove it. He knew that she was again near another climax and he wanted to see if she would continue to get wet. His cock was standing at attention and wanted to feel her squeeze his cock as hard as it did the dildo. He wanted to feel her cum on his cock making it all wet and before the night was over he was going to feel her do just that. He knew that he would get his chance after Master Daniel had.

Master Daniel knew that Sir Joshua had stopped because he needed to because the lube. Even with as wet as Sarah was he knew that would not allow the wand to slide over her clit. It also gave him a chance to control his own desire. When the wand was ready again he would move into position and take her.

Master Daniel sliped the dildo from her pussy and held it to her mouth to lick. She started to clean the dildo taking it into her mouth. He pushed it in deep and let go. She held it in her mouth using her tongue to lick herself off. Master Daniel took a scoop of the lube and stroked his cock, not that it needed to be harder but to get the oil all over him so he would slide in and out. After it was coated with a thick layer he took the cock from Sarah’s mouth just as he slipped himself inside of her.

Her pussy closed around his cock as her warmth and juice surrounded him. He push himself slowly inside her filling her completely. Sir Joshua adjusted his position and turned the wand on and touched it to her very pink and swollen clit. The moment the moving head touch her clit Sarah jerked as her pussy tightened on Master Daniels cock. He almost filled her with his seed that moment but pulled back just a bit. Holding himself still as her body comes to life around his cock. It was pulsing almost pulling him deeper, her desire was causing him to almost lose control. He slowly pulled out then slide back inside and again and again. Slowly fucking her, but with each plunge her walls squeezed and rubbed his cocking making him harder.

He knew that with her body squeezing and pulling that he would not last very long, but he wanted to feel her climax on his cock. She was so wet and getting more wet by the minute. Then he felt the pulsing increase and squeeze hard on his cock. Her eyes were closed and her head back. Her moans were part pleasure another part pain as she was trying to control her explosion. Master Daniel moaned loudly and ordered her to cum. Her release was his undoing. He cock was milked as she pulsed around him. He pounded harder and deeper inside her till he was hitting her womb then he filled her will his cum. Her body was pulling him and holding him inside as she tightened even more around him. He felt her juice pour around him.

Sarah felt her climax build and tried to control it. When she was ordered to cum she let herself go. She felt his cock harden more as he plunged it deep inside her. Her body jerked in response as she could not control herself. She felt her pussy pulse and grasp his cock just the moment before he filled her with his gift. Oh how she loved the feel of his hot cum feeling her. He plunged so deep she felt when he hit her womb and his cum was deep within her. She could not stop her body from wanting more. She wanted more of him and did not want to let go of his cock. She was trying to make her body stop but it was doing it all by itself. She allowed herself to continue milking him. His light moans let her know that he was still pleased with her. Then to her dismay he pulled himself out of her. She felt a mixture of him and her run over her ass when the head of his cock slipped from her lips.

Sarah felt empty as her Master’s cock left her body. At the same time the wand was removed from her clit. Her body was covered with sweat and tingled all over. Each hair was alive and at attention. She was spent but felt full of energy at the same time. Her desire was making her body pulse. It was a strange feeling to her. Usually after her climax she was ready to roll over and nap, but this was a new feeling, wanting more. She knew that her Master was kneeling on the floor between her legs as she could hear him catching his breath. Sir Joshua had put the wand down and was out of her sight but knew he was near as she heard his moment.

Master Daniel stood with a smile on his face, “Good, slave.” He then touched her clit and she jerked again. “It is all swollen and dark pink.” He gently rubs it, Sarah lets her head fall back as she is again feeling her climax start to climb.

Sir Joshua applied a thick layer of lube to his cock as he was making himself ready to feel Sarah’s body grasp him. Her moans now from Master Daniel rubbing her clit was making his desire build even more.

Sir Joshua stepped around between Sarah’s legs as Master Daniel moved to just beside her, still rubbing her clit. It was a beautiful sight. Her clit all hard and swollen just like the lips of her pussy. There was a mixture of their cum at the opening. His cock getting harder as he wants to feel body around him.

He steps closer and pushes the head against her ass. It opens just a bit as he pushes just a bit harder. Sarah’s head comes up, he feels her relax just as the head of his cock slips inside her very tight ass. Their moans mix as he feels her hot ass squeeze tight against him. Sir Joshua pushes himself in deeper as her ass gives way to him. He moans as she feels so good around his cock.

Sarah moans even more as the cock in her ass starts to move in and out, slowly making her open for him. Each time his cock slide in and out the opening it made her wanting grow. She knew that Sir Joshua hand his finger pulling back the lips of her pussy and giving Master Daniel and better reach of her clit. Each time he pulled it she would jerk making Sir Joshua’s cock sink deeper in her ass.

Master Daniel took the wand from the bench and lubed it again. She knew he was going to use it on her again and although it caused her to cum it was like torture.

Master Daniel returned with the wand in his hand and turned it on. It started to spin and he touched her lightly with the wand, just letting it barely touch her. It was like a feather waving back and forth across her clit. She then felt the head of the dildo start to open her pussy lips. It was held there for just a second then pushed slowly inside her filling her. She was moans as both her holes were complete full. Then the wand pressed against her clit and caused her instantly cum on the dildo. Sir Joshua felt her pussy and ass tighten, it was more than he could take as it squeezed hard against him. He started to fuck her ass hard and faster. With each plunge forcing the dildo deeper in her pussy. He could see her juice squirting around dildo and made him cum filling her ass.

Sarah felt his cock jerk in her ass it started to get filled with his cum. She kept cumming. The mixture of her pussy and ass being filled and her clit rubbed made her cum again and again. Her body jerk in protest and desire. She wanted him deeper inside her.

When her climax stopped she was drained. She could not even hold her head up. It was just dangling. Sir Joshua slipped the dildo from her pussy and her juice spilled out of her and started to run down his balls. He pulls his cock from her ass as her juice drips from the tip.

Just as Master Daniel had done before he had to kneel as his body was spent. He legs were weak and he had to catch his breath. They would have to let Sarah down. When he finally stood, they unlatched her and her body was limp as she was complete exhausted and either unable to move or unwilling.

Master Daniel carries her to her room and places her in the shower, she can hardly stand and her eyes never open as he cleans her body and her holes then puts her to bed.


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