Episode # 38 – Another time…..

Nipple Series - Brush Strokes

When Sarah did finally awake from her sex induced slumber she was amaze that she had slept for more than 15 hours. She could not remember a time when she had slept that long, nor could she remember a time that she had that many orgasms. She could still feel the tingling in her body as every nerve seemed to be alive. She sat up in her bed and looked around. She was not sure how she had gotten here but she immediately noticed the note on your night stand. She reached for the note and began to read….

“Afternoon, slave.

I hope this note finds you very well rested. We are very pleased with your training and hope that you now understand why restraint, even in allowing your orgasm is not just for our pleasure but for yours as well.

Joshua will be away for a few days taking care of business but will return after your finals and we will resume your training.

In the mean time you will continue to suction your nipples and clit each day and not play with yourself or cause orgasm.

I may require your service at any time but will give you time to study.

Your Master”

Sarah noted that it was almost noon and that she should now suction her clit and nipples. She reached for the tubes and seen her nipples were hard and sticking out, they were almost back to the normal color but they were larger. She ran her fingers over the hard nub and when her body instantly reacted she thought it better to stop. They were harder now that she had rubbed them and she quickly placed a tube on her nipple and sucked it inside and did the same with the other. She noticed that they went deeper inside and she also noticed how wet she was feeling.

Sarah went to the chair and sat down like before but she noticed that her clit was sticking out more than usual. She held her lips back and looked in the mirror. She pulled the hood back just a bit and here it was, her hard nub, very rosey pink, standing out. She placed the tube on her exposed clit and sucked it inside the tube. She was immediately filled with need. She was not sure actually having an orgasm made it easier or not to control her, but she did love the feel of her release.

Sarah knew she had finals and would have to study but her mind was on her training and the fact that her Master and Sir Joshua were happy with her. After the few mistakes she had made they were happy with her training.

She could not wait to take the tubes off her when the time was up. She could only stare at how much her nipples were in the tubes and how dark they were inside. When she was done she wrapped herself in her robe. The knock on the door stopped her from rubbing her fingers over the silk almost sheer fabric of her robe as her nipples stuck out.

Sarah had her lunch and sat down that the desk to do her work. Still wrapped in her robe, she worked on her final paper. Feeling the silk move across her nipples each time her hand moved across to change the page or she adjust her sitting. They were hard and pressing the light fabric out. She resisted the urge to rub them, but opened her robe to stop the torture the silk rubbing against them.

They were still red and hard from the suction and were so much larger than they had ever been before. She enjoyed the much larger look for them, they were sensitive, even her breath as she looked down at them made her excited. She light blew across one and it harden even more, she felt the pulse of desire between her legs. Her still swollen clit pulsed as her need to touch herself almost got the best of her. She decided it would be best to focus on her work.

After a couple hours of working she found that she was done with everything she would need to complete for class, now just the studying for the test.

Sarah opened her internet browser and started to look up the information on her study guide. As she typed in the next artist she found her mind wondering. Her desire must have overridden her fingers. When she hit “Enter” her screen was filled with images of women tied to different devices.

Sarah feel herself getting wet as the images filled her head. Some were gagged, others were blindfolded, most were tied in some way to a device. One was totally expose, her legs above her head just as she had been. There was a wand on her clit as well and she instantly remembered the feeling. She spread her legs and run her fingers down to her folds. Sarah’s clit was hard and waiting as it stuck out from between them. The moment her finger touched the tip of her clit, Sarah knew that was a mistake, she wanted more. Sarah wanted to feel her pussy being filled and her clit being tortured. She wanted to feel the pulse of the cock thrusting in and out and the one from the spinning head of the wand. She wanted to feel herself release with a orgasm.

Sarah was panting as she removed her finger from her clit. She realize her other hand was squeezing her breast. She closed her laptop and got up and walked straight to the shower. She climbed inside and as the water hit her skin it was like millions of little hands grasping her skin, massaging it.

Sarah knew this was another mistake as she hand to make her hands grasp the water faucet to keep them from touching herself. She turned the hot water off and the cold water blasted from the shower head and covered her body. She shivered but could feel herself cooling off, despite the fact her nipples were even harder with the cold water.

Sarah turned the shower off and stepped out, shivering she decided that the robe was not going to be a good idea. As she stepped from the room there at her desk was Master Daniel. He was looking at her laptop. She knew that she had not closed anything and he could see what she had been looking at. He looked up as she walked further into the room.

Master Daniel looked up, “Research?”

Sarah felt her face heat up and turn bright red despite her cold nude body. She bowed her head, sank to her kneeling position with her hands on her knees. Her hair was dripping over her as she nodded slowly, “yes”.

Master Daniel came from around the desk to stand in front of her. She noticed his pants were unbuttoned and she licked her lips. She looked up toward his slightly hard bulge in his pants. She spoke in almost a whisper, “May I suck your cock, Master?”

Master Daniel smiles as he found her looking at other slave scenes and the fact that they made her need a cold shower very exciting.  His cock was already getting hard when she stepped from the bathroom. She was shivering from her shower, which he found amazing that she was so aroused that she needed to cool herself.

When she dropped down to her kneeling position he harden even more. She was coming along so well. Her nipples were hard and swollen from the suction and the shower and he suspected her pulling on them. She water ran over her body and down between her legs. Master Daniel noticed the her clit was slight exposed. When he walked around the desk he was ready to take her right there. He was almost taken by surprise when she asked him to suck his cock.

He had told her to be a slut in the room, but this was the first time she had tried to be and with the added submissive nature on top was more than he could have asked for.

Master Daniel answered her question but unzipping his pants and letting his semi hard cock fall out. He felt her hands run up the sides of his legs. She took the waist of the pants in her hands and pulled them down his legs. When they were at his feet his grabbed his foot, lifting only slightly and removed it from his foot. She did the other the same way.

She was still in her kneeling position as she folded the pants. Then she crawled on all fours to the bench at the end of her bed, placed them in the middle then crawled back. This time she did not kneel as before but rose to meet his cock.

He felt her cool hand grasp him tight as her warm mouth opened and took his head inside. She closed her mouth licking the tips and under the rim making him moans. He had to control himself to keep from grabbing her head and fucking her mouth like me wanted to fuck her pussy that he could tell was wet not only from the shower but her own excitement.

She felt his cock jerk the moment her mouth closed around him. She felt him harden in her hand as she licked the tip of his head. She wanted to taste him again. She waited for him grab her head but his hands remained at his sides.

She slowly push her mouth down on his cock, taking him deep but not fully in her mouth. She pulled back and licked the head of his cock then slide back down. She slowly continued to suck him, taking him deeper each time. She felt him harden until he was rock hard and she started to move faster on his cock, taking him deeper.

She cupped his balls with her other hand as she used her mouth to fuck him. Her desire to please and his cock sliding back and forth was almost his undoing. He tried to not grab her head and pound deep in her mouth. He thruster his hips forcing his cock deeper in her mouth. He felt the back of her throat and against resisted the urge to push deeper. She was making him hard and he wanted to feel her wrap around him.

Sarah heard his moans and it encourage her to suck him harder. She felt his fingers in her hairs, just lightly brushing it. Then she felt them tighten, twisting in her hair. His hands pressed hard against her head and in one forceful motion filled her mouth with his cock. He pressed harder forcing it down her throat blocking her breathing, then pulling back as she gasp for breath before filling her mouth again.

Master Daniel was losing his restraint as he felt his cock jerk and fill her mouth with his cum. He pressed it deep in her throat making it slide down then pulled his cock out to the head and slide it in again. Coating her tongue with his cum feeling it slide over his cock as he slides deeper in her mouth. He pulls his cock from her mouth letting her swallow him then gives her his cock the lick clean. And she does with excitement.

When he is completely clean he removes his cock from her mouth and walks to retrieve his pants. He slides them on and zips them but does not button them up. He returns to Sarah and orders her to stand. She does as she is commanded. He runs he fingers over her hard nipples and she moans. His other hand slides down her body and she spreads her legs. The moment he touches her clit she cries out with desire. Her clit was swollen and hard, he knew she needed a release but wanted her to wait until her was less swollen on her clit and pussy to take her again.

He leaned toward her ear, “Slave your clit is still too raw and pussy too swollen from the last session, it needs a few days.” Then took a nipple in his mouth sucking it hard making her arch toward him wanting more. “You need to learn a bit more restraint.”

Then releases her nipple and walks toward the door, “You are doing very well my slave, now to bed.” He leaves her still panting in the middle of the room.
She did as commanded and slide into bed, she knew it was going to be tough to sleep.





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