Episode # 19 – Learning a hard lesson…

It felt like my very soul was aching because I had again broken a rule that my Master had given me. I could not control myself. I seen the look on Sir Joshua’s face and knew that I was in trouble. There was disappointment mixed with the anger of breaking a rule.

Sir Joshua released the suction on my clit by pushing the plunger back on the syringe. There was a weight of disappointment with his movements. Then he released my nipples. They were swollen and very long and hard. I would have figure at least a pinch or a flick but there was nothing.  My hands were released as well as my feet. I assumed my kneeling position on the bed and hung my head low and just heard the door close with a quiet click. I felt my shoulders drop as I sat there not really sure what I should do.

I decided that since there was play I should take a shower. Maybe the feel of the water would help wash the weight of disappointment I felt off me. The pounding hot water did nothing for my emotion issues, but it did remind me of the suction that had been on my nipples and clit. My nipples are hard and red, standing out about a 1/2 inch and much larger around.  The water hitting them caused them to throb. And that does not even begin to describe the feeling of the water running between my leg. During the washing I did not want to linger on my swollen and extended clit, but it was sticking out from between the folds and even the slightest touch sent a tingle from my nipples to deep inside my pussy causing it to throb again.

After I showered and dried myself I returned to my room. I had expected to find Master or Sir Joshua waiting there for me. But the room was empty, there was a note on my now made bed.

You are to dress in your silks and kneel. Think about your training and your failure today.  You will be called upon when you are needed or desired to serve. Otherwise you will retire tonight at 9:00 pm. You will need to place your balls inside you and make sure not to play.


You could read the disappointment in his writing. I had to try harder to be a good slave, to please Master and Sir Joshua. It was my pleasure in life to please them. It was like a light came on. This is what I wanted in life. To please my Master, to make him happy, to have him desire to my company. I was not sure what the rest of the night had in store for me or even the next week, but it was my job to please them anyway I could.

That night no one came to my room. I kneeled for hours in the same position. I was bought dinner and instructed to stay in the kneeling to eat. I stared at the clock constantly wishing it to go faster. Each minute seemed like an hour. The time finally came for me to get in bed. When I tried to stand I was unable to even lift my legs. I removed the silks from my position, crawled to the chair to lay them in it then crawled back to the bed. I pulled myself up with the post and climbed into bed. My legs ached beyond belief. I could not get comfortable but the movement of my legs caused me a great deal of pain. That was when I realized that I had not gone to the rest room in hours and I had to go.

I literally crawled out of bed and across the floor to the bathroom. I pulled myself up to sit down and felt an almost pleasure that was until I had to stand up. My legs didn’t seem to know how to hold me up. I stumbled into the room and to the bed and climbed back inside. Rubbing my legs to try and make the pain go away.

I laid there and stared at the ceiling for hours not knowing what was going to happen. Was my punishment going to be like last time? How disappointed were Master and Sir Joshua? Did they think I was not able to be trained to please them? All these questions were running in my head.

I awoke to find the sunlight streaming into my room and a note sitting the dresser…….


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