Episode # 18 – Let the fun begin…..

After I had showered I was more than ready for bed. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open as I walked to my bed. The sheets had been changed during my shower and my silks were laying on the chair. I was alone in my room again. My head touch the pillow and I was asleep……

It felt like only minutes and I was being awaken again by the pulling on my ankles. There were ropes being added. Not rough but gently. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Sir Joshua wrapping the ropes around them. He pulled them apart to each post of the bed. He looked up to see that I was awake.

“Good Morning, slave.” he smiled as he reached for my wrist then held his hand out for the other one. He tied both my wrist together and pulled them over my head and secured them to the headboard. He pinched my nipples causing them to become erect. He rubbed them between his fingers and thumb causing them to stand up and very hard. He flicked each one before he turned his attention to the box that I had seen yesterday, it contained the balls.
Sir Joshua returned to my bed holding the bag from inside the box that held the balls. He took one out and held it too my mouth. I took the ball into my mouth getting it wet then giving it back to him. He inserted the balls slowly. Just sitting it against the opening of my pussy and slowing pushing it in deep with his finger. He wiggles it around then withdrew his finger. He held it to my mouth. I took his finger deep in my mouth and lick myself off.

He took the other ball out of the bag and held it to my mouth and again I took it in my mouth. He push the ball again in my pussy slowly taking his time to wiggle them around.  He reaches for the night stand and I see a device that has a cup with tubes on it.

He grabs the clamps and attaches them to my lips and pulls them apart. It was a metal device that held the chains attached to the clip that he tightened a screw and it pulled the chain and clamps apart. This was the first time I had seen it. There was more pleasure with the pain this time.

When they were far enough apart he rubbed my nub with his finger causing me to moan with pleasure. He then applied the cup to my clit, wiggles it a bit then pushes something. I feel my clit being sucked inside the cup gently. He wiggles it a bit more then I feel more suction. He inserts a finger into my pussy and pushes up and my clit was sucked hard into the cup. It was painful but the pleasure was more than I thought it would be.

Sir Joshua uses his finger to move the balls around in my pussy, “You are very wet, slave.” There was a smile on his face as he withdrew his fingers and offered them to me. I touched the tips of his fingers with my tongue before sucking the first one into my mouth letting it slide out then sucking it back deep into my mouth licking all my juice from it before taking the other one into my mouth running my tongue over the tip of his finger and then down the length.
Sir Joshua removed his fingers and tweaked my nipples causing the pain/pleasure sensation to go straight to my wet pussy. He rubbed the hard nubs between his finger and thumb causing me to moan with the whimper. I arched my back upward wanting more. He applied more pressure squeezing them harder causing me to moan louder. Sir Joshua began to twist my extremely erect nipples. As the pain increased so did the wetness of my pussy. I moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. With one hard pull of each nipple Sir Joshua released them walking to another box on the dresser.

He returned with a gag that had a ball at the end with holes. I lifted my head and opened my mouth when he reached the bed. “Good, slave,” was all he said as he attached it to my mouth and buckled it tight against my mouth.

Again he went to the box on the dresser. This time he returned with suction cups that were slender. They looked like syringes but did not have the needle holder part they were more open. He placed one over my nipple and pulled the plunger back. It sucked my hard nipple inside the little tube. I gasped from behind my gag as the nipple was pulled further inside cause a bit of pain. Sir Joshua then took the other inside the other tube pulling back the plunger. The gag in my mouth did not allow me to cry out as the pain was almost overwhelming.

When they were deep inside the tubes to Sir Joshua’s liking he rubbed the nub between my legs causing me to almost forget about the pain of my nipples. He pulled on my clit as his other hand pulled the tube up that contained my nipple. I loud moan escaped from behind the gag and he released my nipple. He inserted a finger inside my pussy before he began to rub my clit again. He then pulled my clit and other nipple in the tube hard. I again cried out from the pain and he again released them.

He had turned back to the box when in walked Master. They talked for a brief moment and Sir Joshua went back to the box. Master came to the bed and examined the tubes on my nipples bending them down. “Very nice, slave.” he said twisting them a bit. “They will be nice and swollen for later.” Then he twisted them harder, causing me to gasp in pain.

Master walked to the end of the bed and removed his robe. His cock was hard and the was a hint of glistening precum on the tip.  He climbed onto the bed between my spread legs. Sir Joshua hands him another tube slightly bigger than the ones on my nipples. Sir Joshua spread my lips open and Master attached the tube to my clit and sucked it into the tube. My back arched and I pulled hard against the restraints on my wrist and ankles as the pain seized my body. He continued to pull the plunger further back sucking it deeper inside the tube. I felt the tears in my eyes as the pain was so overwhelming. He inserted a finger inside my pussy and pushed upward. Master then withdrew his finger, pulling slightly on the tube attached to my clit and twisting causing the pain to renew itself.

“The pain will start to subside in a few minutes,” he said putting his robe back on. He turned and walked back to the side of the bed, “But the results will be worth the pain.” Then he walked out the door. Sir Joshua was putting items on the dresser then turned toward the bed. “We will return in a bit.” he said before pulling on my nipples and twisting the tube. “True is requiring a bit of training today.” with that he left the room. This caused me to bring in pictures of True’s nipples being sucked, but the thought of it being into my mouth was causing me to become very wet. The thought of my tongue flicking over and over on her small hard nipples. Seeing her arch her back as I insert a finger inside her waiting and wet pussy.

Within minutes I had forgotten about the pain of my nipples and clit and thought only about the feel of True’s juice on my finger as I licked it off. I pulled against my restraints wishing I could just touch myself. But I laid there thinking about True and the sight of Master’s cock going in and out of the inviting pussy. Slowly inserting it deep with in her and withdrawing the head before slowly entering her again. I felt my pussy being to drip as I visualize Master speeding up his thrust into her, then begin to pound her harder, causing her breast to bounce with each thrust.

I had my eyes closed tight thinking about how that would feel to be there and rub her clit or suck her hard nipples into my mouth. The time seemed to tick on with the pain now gone except my throbbing pussy from wanting. Each time it would pulse my clit would swell more in the tube but not causing pain this time it was nothing but pleasure. The pain of it was causing me to become more wet.

The suction on my nipples and clit was making me hot and very wet I could feel myself getting close to a release then I felt the tube of my clit being pulled hard. I came the moment it was twisted. I did not have time to ask for permission, not that I could with the gag. My eyes open to find Sir Joshua standing there. He did not have a smile on his face, that realization made my orgasm stop almost instantly. I was again in trouble.


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