Episode #7 – Cleaning and Training

Chasity Personal Gallery

That when I felt pressure on my ass again, I could feel something being inserted. My eyes open wide as I began to feel the cold steel against my ass and the feeling of my ass being stretched open. It was a little and Joshua would hold it there, then a bit more and he would hold again and even more.

“You must relax,” Joshua said in a commanding voice, “it will open easier for the stretcher if you do.”

I nodded, “Yes, Sir.” I was trying to relax I thought about warm sand and tropical breeze. The feel of the hot sand on my face. It seemed to be working as the pain started to subside and was replaced with a bit of pleasure. I felt the stretcher opening more but the pain was only minimal.

After a few minutes I heard Joshua talking with Daniel but could not make out what was being said. I heard the water running but stayed in my little paradise. The sound of the bag being hung on the pole caused me to open my eyes. I seen the tube and felt it inserted into my ass. But this time there was nothing but pleasure as my ass was being washed from Daniel’s cum.

“It is only slightly opened,” Joshua told Daniel, “I will tear it if I open more.”

Daniel pulls on my nipple and says, “You have a very tight ass,” pulling harder on the nipple. I could tell he was pleased as I glanced down toward his still exposed cock and could see it growing and getting hard. “I believe we will hold off on the stretching for a while.” rubbing his cock in a stroking motion, “I think I am going to like it tight for a while.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Very Good girl.”

“Thank you Master”

At that Daniel left the room. After about 5 minutes I felt the water stop and the stretcher being removed from my ass. It felt like it was wide open but from what I learned it was less than I thought.

I felt Joshua pull the lips of my clit back and was examining them with his fingers. It was starting to really turn me on. That rubbing of the clit and probing my pussy with this finger.

“Yes, this will do good when the time comes.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I was thinking that I would get to feel his finger more on me. I am not sure when being traded off became exciting to me. To be used by whom ever Daniel wished.

I felt the straps on my legs being removed and then Joshua released my wrist, but the cuffs remained. He ordered me to stand and put my hands behind my head. I did as I was told and the chastity device was placed back on me. He attached the leash to my collar and I slide down on all fours “Very good for one days training.” he said patting my head, “you will make a fine slave.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He took me back to my cushions and released the leash from my collar. “Place your hands behind your back toward your ankles.” He attached a chain from each wrist to my ankle. This caused my back to arch outward with my breast pointed high.

“Nice position.” Joshua said pulling on both nipples, “your Master will be back later.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I stared at the back of his retreating body and then stared at the clock. When I heard the sound of the door open I awoke again.


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