Episode #6 – My real training begins

I was kneeling on the cushions that my Master had left me on for only a short period of time before I heard footsteps in the hall. I was not sure how long I was in the basement but the sun was bright in the sky and streaming into the room.

I could now hear voices in the hall, there were of two men talking. Daniel must have business today I thought to myself. The door opened and two men were standing there, Daniel and a gentleman that I had never seen before. They continue the conversation as if I was not even there, kneeling on the cushions totally nude with cuffs on my wrist.

“Slave, this is Joshua another Master.” he said walking up to me, “You will treat him with the utmost respect.”

I nodded my head, “Yes, Master.”

“Before we can continue your train any further,” he said pulling on one nipple then the other, “we must make you understand that rules.”

“Yes, Master.” I responded again.

So now I will post my list of rules (this is posted with the permission of my Master):

1. i am the slave, i will obey, serve and please my Master

2. Primary focus is to please my Master: 

3. i worship my Master mind body and spirit

4. To receive pleasure i must earn the right. I will be grateful for what the Master gives me.

5. i will not hesitate to obey a command from my Master

6. my mind and body are my Master to do with at will

7. i will ask my Master’s permission to satisfy whatever need I have before acting on it.

8. i must give thanks to my Master for what his has given me immediatly

9. i must be specific and explict in my speech

10. i will thank my Master for the discipline or punishment I receive, specifying the exactly what I have done wrong, as i will learn 

11. my will is my Masters. i will not have my on free will other than what my Master has given me.

12. i am always in submission whether my Master is present or not. i will act as if my Master is always with me and i will follow any additional rules set forth by place or situation.

13. i shall wear my collar with pride as it shows my ownership to my Master

14. When returning home i will retreat to my living quarters and remove all clothing, leaving my breast always exposed in my Masters presents unless otherwise instructed.

15. i will wear approved piercings, nipple rings and clit rings

16. When the Master presents his cock to me, i am to kneel with my hands facing upward on my knees and suck his cock till he request me to stop. If He grants me the pleasure of cum in my mouth i will suck all the cum from his cock and lick it clean.

17. i will worship my Master’s cock, head, balls and shaft. i greatly accept his hard cock and find extreme pleasure when i can make it hard for him.

18. It is not my place or position to look my Master in the eyes unless directed to. i will keep my head bowed before him. i will respond to my Master with every phrase ending in “Master or Sir”

19. my Master will approve all clothing and my clothes will be hand picked by my Master. They will be revealing and in good taste and will reflect directly upon my Master.

20. If others show interest in what i am wearing i must ask if they would like to see more, including but not limited to my breast. (Only approved viewings of totally nude, must ask permission of my Master before).

21. i will remove all my clothing in a manner in which i have been taught, including in front of others

22. my body must be free of hair on the legs, under the arms and pussy area to keep a clear view, unless instructed by my Master

23. my pussy and ass must be cleaned and smelling fresh. my ass will be cleaned before all anal play.

24. i will never achieve an orgasm unless allowed by my Master. Punishment will be imposed on this slave if i disobey. 

25. i will confess if i have been naughty and he shall decide my punishment

26. my Master may have more than one slave. my duties will be to obey my Master and assist if needed. i am to be an example to any other slave

27. i must tell my Master if i have had an orgasm without His permission so i can be punished

28. i will have no privacy as my Master is allowed to see all i have or do.

29. i will never touch my breasts, nipples, pussy or clit with my hands or sex toys in any manner where i could experience sexual or sensual pleasure without permission from my Master including washing them, shaving my pussy, adjusting my breasts as i fit them into clothing, or in attaching my rings.

30. i must never show disrespect towards my Master in any way – no matter where i am – in his presence or not.

31. i must be attentive to the needs of my Master and always be ready to respond to them to the best of my abilities and in the unique ways in which i have chosen and have developed for Him.

32. i may, at times, offer various parts of my body to my Master in hopes He will take pleasure in using them in whatever ways He wishes. my only hope will be that my offering will please Him. If not, i want Him to punish me.

33. i will always sleep nude as i should be open for my Master at anytime.

34. If required: the plug Master has provided me must be inserted deeply into my pussy before my Master’s arrive home. Failure to do so and i shall feel the punishment He will give upon my pussy as i keep the lips of it pulled apart – for the plug was intended to provide me pleasure.

35. When sitting i shall sit up straight with my legs together and my palms down on the top of my thighs.

36.When i have been given permission to play with myself i shall do so in the following manner: working my clit almost to an orgasm and then stopping for a few minutes, then working it again to almost at orgasm and then stopping for a few minutes, and then finally working it again to a full orgasm. Then and only then shall i enjoy an orgasm on my own. Should i cum before the third tier – i will tell my Master so i may be punished. i will play with myself in this manner even in His presence.

37. Should Master ever wish to cage me for display, i will gladly crawl into it and proudly position myself in it in ways He finds pleasing, in solitude and quiet, so that if He chooses, others may delight in what they see without any interruption from me, seeing that i am well-behaved and humbled that i am Master’s property and slave. i can only hope that Master would never put me into a cage to confine me for my misbehavior, that i could never come that close to displease Him so much that i would have to suffer such humiliation, begging with my tears and my cries for his forgiveness, for i want the cage to be my safe haven from my fears, a place i can crawl into of my own free will, locked into it because Master granted my request to be locked in it.

38.i will not date others or form a relationship with others without permission and approval from my Master. If i should have sex with others i will have it safely and will always tell my Master in detail what i have done so that no part of me is a secret and that i am laid bare for his inspection and approval.

39. If i am wearing a dress or skirt and no panties and i am going to sit down – i must sit on my bare skin – and do so gracefully whether i am in private or in public. If i feel that i am not as clean as i should be, i will tell my Master, so that He can decide what should be done. When i wear nylons i will wear them only with garters and high heels.

40.i have given myself, mind body and spirit to my Master of my free will.

After Daniel read the list of rules to me he handed me the beautiful and elegant rules. I bowed my head to him and said, “Thank you, Master.”

Daniel told me that after my punishment for disobeying him today I would be allowed to return to a room next to his. The door would be closed but reminded me of the cameras.

Daniel then turned to Joshua, “What do you think?”

“She looks to be good stock,” Joshua said rising from his seated position, “and these nipples.” Taking one between his fingers rubbing till it became very hard. “These are very nice.” Daniel ordered, “Rise slave.” and I rose to my feet before Joshua with my head down.Joshua ran his finger into the hole in my chastity device and along the lips of my clit. He then pinched my lips as I moaned from the pain. “These are nice too,” he said turning me around and pushing on my back for me to bend over. He inserted a finger into my ass which caused me to moan louder in pain as my ass was still sore from the plug.

“This will need serious training,” Joshua said holding his finger out to my mouth, “You are to lick them clean.” I did as commanded hoping this was as the Master would wish.

Daniel explained to me that in his presence I was to do what any other person in the room said to do as if it was a command from him. If it was not allowed he would say so.

Daniel put a leash on my collar and I knelled at his feet. My Master and Joshua began to walk out of the room and down to what I started to know as the play room.

We entered the room and I was again ordered to the table where I was strapped down again. Joshua pulled the stool between my legs this time. “Very nice,” he said sliding two fingers into my pussy and stretching it apart. After a few insertions he withdraws his fingers. I hear a squirt sound then feel his finger slide into my ass. “This is nice and tight,” he said sliding it in and out of my ass quicker with each stroke. “You might want to tap it before it is completely trained.”

Daniel walked over to me and pull a nipple and smile. “Would you like me to fuck your ass today, slave?” As I had said before I had never had my ass fucked before and from the way the plug and water today made me cum I wanted to feel his cock.

Not looking directly as him I answered, “Yes, Master.” He took the strap from my wrist and Joshua took them from my legs. Daniel grabbed the loop on the collar and pulled me toward this thing that looked like those things they use to cut wood, just larger. He tells me to bend over the horse and spread my legs. He chained my wrist to loops attached to the floor and did the same with my ankles.

I heard the lock on my chastity belt open and it was detached from my body.

Daniel removes his clothes and Joshua has a tube full of lube that he inserts into my ass. He runs his finger in my ass several times trying to get a second one inserted, “This the tightest ass I have ever seen.”

Daniel walked up and thrusted his cock at my face. “I will teach you how to suck my cock,” he said then slowly pushed his cock into my mouth. He was slow at first, having me suck just the head of his cock, then he began to make longer stroke. He was getting very hard and long in my mouth that is when he grabbed the side of my head and began to fuck my mouth hard. If my ass was going to get this hard cock it was going to stretch.

He removed the hard cock from my mouth and slapped me in the face with it, “You will say “Thank you, Master for allowing me to suck your cock.” I quickly corrected my mistake.

He took his position behind my ass and I could feel the head pushing against my ass. It was not opening up for his cock so he inserted one finger from one hand and pulled then inserted a finger from his other hand into my ass and pulled the rim open. I cried out in pain, but among all that pain there was all this pleasure from it. He continued to pull apart and slid them in and out of my ass. Then he tried again. This time the head slid into my ass then he withdrew a little, pushed again inserting more of his cock in my ass, then withdrew again. After about 5 slow stroke my Master rammed the length of his cock deep in my ass. I cried out with so much pain, it was like this prompted him to fuck my ass with hard, fast and deep strokes. I could feel my ass swelling around his hard cock. He continued to fuck it hard. After the pain began to subside the pleasure took over. I kept telling myself I could not cum, I could not cum. But that hard cock ramming my ass was making it hard. I could just get to the edge of an orgasm and he would slow the speed, then pick it up. He knew I was closes.

I felt his cock get harder and bigger in my ass then he squirted his load deep in my ass.

He walked back to my mouth, “Now clean it off.” I licked every inch of that cock with everything I had. “Good girl.” he walked away then I heard the shower. That is when I felt the pressure on my ass again…….


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