Episode #5 – Let the teaching begin…

I laid there on that table for what felt like hours. If I moved more water rushed into my already full ass. The pain from being full was causing my nipples to harden even more than before and my pussy began to get more wet. This is a sensation I had never felt before. I liked the rim of my ass to be played with but no one had ever inserted anything in it before, much less a plug and all this water.

I decided to experiment a little. The water would move each time I moved my hips so I wondered what it would feel like to really move my hips. I started to move slowly and the water moved and caused a very erotic sensation, so I moved more. Each time I moved more water rushed in and I could feel my ass getting really full and stretching. I was not sure how much more it could hold, but the pain was a welcome pleasure that I continued to move my hips as much as my restraints would allow.

I could feel my pussy getting wet but the sensation was not quite enough to cause me to cum. If I could just pull my nipples or rub my clit I could get rid of all the sexual frustration I was having.

I heard to footsteps in the small hallway and stopped moving. There was only one pair. How long had I been down here? I turned my head at the sound of the opening door, Daniel dressed only in a robe loosely tied at his waist entered the room.

“How does that feel?” he asked walking to the table and pushing a little on my stomach. The pain from the water beginning pushed back toward my ass opening as almost too much pleasure. A low moan escaped from my lips.

“Very nice, Sir.”

“Just nice?” he said turn his head a bit, “Tell me what it really feels like.”

“It feels like my ass is full of water and each time it moves it caused my pussy to get wet,” I said. “It is a mixture of pain and pleasure,” I could feel my cheeks getting red, “I have never felt pain that excites me.”

He smiles down at me before taking one of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and rub it hard. I moaned again and my hips automatically began to rise and fall with each rub.

“You will not move unless directed to,” Daniel said using his other hand to hold my hip down.

“Your pleasure will only come at my hand and when I decide,” with that said he rubbed my nipple harder and pinched it hard.

He released my hip and stopped his nipple play to walk to the sink and wash his hands. This time it put on latex gloves before walking back to the table. He took his stool and sit between my legs again. “You must relax.”

What is it with him and this “just relax” thing? I tried this time with all that was in me to relax. But I could not with all that water and that inflated plug in my ass.

I heard the valve being release to deflate the plug and he turned the water valve off to the bag. He began to wiggle the plug inside my ass. I thought I was going to cum right then.

“You are not allowed to cum unless I instruct you too.” he looked up at me, “You must learn to control it.”

How on earth was I going to learn to control my orgasm with him moving that plug in my ass?

Slowly he took the plug out. When the large part reached my rim I thought I was going to squirt him with my cum. I had not controlled my orgasm. He pulled the plug the rest of the way out and I heard all the water hit the floor. He stood, took his now soaked robe off. Standing there with nothing on his cock looked very tasty. I wished for him to put it inside my drenched pussy and fuck me right there. But when I looked at his face I could see disappointment in his face.

He walked to the sink and grabbed a towel to wrap around himself. Then he returned to the table, “You must learn to control your orgasm.” he said not touching me this time, “That shall be your first real lesson, one that I will not accept broken again.”

With that he turned and left the room.

I feel so ashamed and had disappointed Daniel my Master. I could not let him be disappointed again.

I must have fallen asleep on the table because I woke with a start at the door being opened again. This time True stood in the door way.

“I am to clean you up as the Master is disappointed in you.”

I could feel my cheeks getting red and I could feel my heart sink. “Yes, I know.”

She went to the sink and grabbed a towel and soap and came back to the table. She started to remove the straps from my legs then my hands, “You must remain still until I am done.”

I was not sure what that meant, “…done” done with what?

She released my hands at reached into the draw of the table and took out two cuffs. They were not attached but there was a place for a lock on each one. I was not sure but I knew there was going to be some sort of punishment for my earlier actions.

She placed a cuff on each wrist and added a lock to each one. She told me to rise and I could feel the weight of the cuffs they felt heavy and pulled my arms down.

True told me to follow her, we walked behind a half wall and I was shocked to see a full size shower there. it looked like those that you see in a gym locker room.

“Hold you arms up,” she said in a commanding voice. When my arms were up in the air she attached a chain to one cuff, “stretch, I have to get this chain over the bar.” I looked up to see this bar she was talking about. It was above my reach I would have to stand on my tip toes just to reach it.

Stretching as much as I could True attached the other side of the chain to the other cuff. It was just a small chain and did not allow me to relax. I was standing there on my tip toes and these cuffs were pulling at my wrist.

Behind me I could hear the water running now the splash that was hitting my ankles and legs was cold. Before I could brace myself the blast of cold water hit my back. “Master wishes for you to cool off before he will continue the training.”

She turned the water off me and rubbed the soap over my body. If he wanted me to cool off he should have skipped the washing. True’s hands on my breast and rubbing between my clit and now swollen ass was not cooling me down but heating me up.

Another blast from the cold water had my teeth chattering. Okay so the water did help, how could I think of anything else when I was chained there freezing.

I heard the water go off and foot steps retreating from the room. I was left there chained to the bar and could not move.

I woke to a swift tap on my breast. My head jerked back and it took a moment to focus on the person in the room. Daniel was standing there was a riding crop in his hand.

“Slave, you must obey.” then he hit my breast with the crop. “If you do not I will have to punish you.”

He hit my other breast. “When you are punished you may not make a sound.” this time he hit my ass hard with the crop. I could feel the lingering sting from the hit.

“Your punishment will not be serious this time, but will in the future if you disobey.”

With that he spanked my ass two more times with the crop.

Daniel released the chains from the cuffs and allowed me to touch the ground solidly again. My arms and legs felt like jello. He ushered me out of the shower area and back to the table. “You may sit down.” He walked to a cabinet along the wall and took out what appeared to be metal panties with a hole two holes, one in the back and one just under.

He walked back to the table and instructed me to stand. He removed the lock from the panties and unlatched them there was three pieces. He wrapped the first part around my waist and latched it in the back. Then he told me to spread my leg and he attached the other piece to the front and bwtween my legs to the back where he attached the latch and lock.

‘”Put your hands behind your head.” he was not as polite as before. I could tell he was still upset with me.

Inserting a finger in the one hole “This is for a dildo,” withdrawing the finger, “assuming you deserve it.” He turned me, “This is for a plug,” again withdrawing, “assuming you deserve it.”

He withdrew another chain from the draw and attached it to the underwear and then one to each cuff. “This is a chasity belt,” he said pulling on it, “You will wear it the rest of the weekend.”

He attached a leash to my collar and led me out of the room back to my cage, but instead of instructing me to enter,  “Kneel here on these cushions.” he told me. “You are for display because of your disobeying earlier.”

I finally opened my mouth to respond, “Yes, Master.”

“Very good slave.”


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