Episode # 42 – Sarah’s Training Begins….again

Nipple Clamp

When Master Daniel had once again gained his strength, he pushed way from the wall. He looked down at the face of his slave, her eyes were now questioning, where once she thought she knew how to please, she now was ready to put that aside and question if she had pleased him. He smiles as she continued to look for her answers. He was always hard to read, but that was part of the training, she would have to learn his likes and actually learn them, not just the mechanical part.

His smile put Sarah at some ease, but there was something else in his eyes that she just couldn’t read or figure out. She was looking so hard to see something that may or may not have been there that when he spoke it startled her.

Sarah brought her mind back to what he was saying. She hears this last words, “….now stand.” as he pulls on the leash. She prayed she did not miss any information but was scared to ask him to repeat.

Master Daniel had told her several times in notes for the past two weeks that trust and communication was the most important part of this relationship. With all her mistakes she didn’t want to give another reason to him, but she needed to know what he had said. Her hands trembled with fear as she didn’t want to disappoint him again. With a little more than a whisper Sarah asked him to repeat himself. Master Daniel stopped walking and turned to Sarah, he did not look angry or disappointed as she had expected. He had a half smile on his face.

Master Daniel knew that she had been trying to figure her answer out and had not heard his first part of his order. She was just blindly following him although some might like that, he wanted her to know why she was following. And he was pleased that she had asked him, although he had barely heard her words. To make a point to her, he was going to ask her to repeat herself.

“Slave, if you expect me to understand you, you have to talk louder.” he said with a little force to get her full attention. “You are not a mouse, don’t talk to me like one.”

Sarah dropped her head, “Yes, Master.” Although she did not hear disappointment in his voice she wanted to please without fault. “Master, could you please repeat what you said,” she tried to keep her voice from dropping, “I did not hear because I was trying to see if you were pleased or not.”

Master Daniel was a little surprised but more pleased that she admitted her fault and was willing to take the punishment it might mean. She was learning and he was proud. He repeated that what he had said, that she was to follow him, they would have a brief session and for her to stand. She nodded her head, keeping in bent and finished with, “Yes, Master, thank you.”

He rewarded her correct response with a pinch of her hard nipple and a whisper in her ear, “Very good, slave.”

Sarah followed a half the leash distance behind her Master. She didn’t want to be too close nor did she want to be too far. They left the hall and walked to the playroom, where Sir Joshua was waiting for them.

He was waiting for them by the device that still reminded Sarah of a saw horse. She didn’t like this devices, she knew that she was still being punished and understood why. Just because her training was continuing….starting again she reminded herself, didn’t mean that she would not still be punished. She was just relieved that there was no longer disappointment in her Masters eyes and she didn’t detect any in Sir Joshua’s either.

Master Daniel walked her to the horse and released her leash. He ordered her to climb on the horse. He seen the look of pain as she remember the horse from before and he liked it, she was now starting to really associate pain with disobeying. Not that he wanted all pain to be for her disobeying, but she was seeing that her actions had consequences and that pleased him.

Sarah used the wooden box on the floor to step up on the horse, she slowly eased herself down on the smooth cool wooden surface as it pressed between her lips opening them. She knew she was still wet from the hallway. Sir Joshua took her ankle in his hand, he was pulling it up so that he could secure it. Sarah’s heel touched the back of her thigh as her legs was bent in half and her knee pointed down. He fastened her other leg the same way. She could not move herself around and her full weight was on the tip of the horse and it was pushing deeper between her folds forcing them completely open where her clit was against the hard wood.

Sir Joshua enjoyed the sight of her pussy being spread open, he knew she was wet. He had stepped back and seen her taking Master Daniel deep in her throat. He felt his own cock getting harder as he seen it slip deep inside her mouth. He had been tempted to have Sarah do the same for him right there when she was done and milked Master Daniels cock, but decided her needed to control himself and take her in multiply ways. Since his absence he had desired her more and more, he wanted to try to prolong pleasing himself as long as possible and that would take control on his part.

Once Sarah’s legs were secure to the horse she was ordered to hold her arms out in front of her.  Sir Joshua tied her wrist together with a long silk purple rope, binding them so they were palm to palm. He looped the long end of the rope under her wrapped wrist then threw it over the beam above her head and pulled her arms above her head. Sir Joshua secured the rope with a series of knots between her wrist.

Sarah tried to use her arms to lift herself up a bit off the horse as the edge was starting to make her clit a bit raw from her slight moving. It was a bit painful which she knew was the point. She tried to pull herself upwards but the binding on her legs only allowed just a bit of movement, Her folds were still open and the tip was still touching her clit, not as bad now, but she knew she would not be able to hold herself up for long.

Master Daniel seen Sarah lift herself up off the edge of the horse just as he expected her to do. He smiled knowing that her clit would start to swell from the point pressing against her and the session she was about to receive. Her pulling up would do nothing to relive herself later. He felt himself start to harden again at the thought of her clit being red and swollen for later play. He had missed his play with her in the last few weeks, but that part was necessary to teach her that each action has a reaction and to disobey has consequences. Her lesson was continuing with the punishment.

Master Daniel walked over to the horse and placed the ball gag and blindfold on the end. He took the blindfold and placed it over her eyes and fasten it tight. He then took the gag, “Open up, slave,” he said in her ear. Sarah did as ordered and felt the ball being placed in her mouth forcing it open. As the straps were tightened the ball slide tight in her open mouth.

Sarah’s arms gave out as she lowered herself back down slowly on the horse. She could feel her fold part and the corner rub against her clit. It stayed swollen just a bit from the suction each day, but she could tell that it was swelling more now with the pressure of her weight against the wood. With her eyes blindfolded her body seemed to react more to touch or stimulation.

Sarah heard movement around her, but could not be sure who was moving or if they were moving toward her. She felt his breath and knew his scent the moment he was near her. She felt the cold metal just as it was added to her nipple. She moaned from behind the gag. Then the other nipple was clamped and again a moan escaped her. She felt her nipples being tugged and pulled then realized there was a weight added to her clamps. She fought to control her moans of pleasure.

Master Daniel loved how long her nipples were getting. They had been nice when she started but now with the daily suction they were getting larger and stick out much more. He loved how they stretched under the weights he added to the clamps and the fact the tips were turning a red from the clamp. He rubbed the tip of his finger across each of her nipples causing her move against the wood horse and moan from the pain and her pleasure.

Sarah was making the horse wet from her juice seeping from her pussy. Master Daniel was more than ready again to have her satisfy him. The sight of her fold being spread open was making him want her more. He knew she was more than ready for them but she was not going to get her reward so easy. She was going to work for it.

Sir Joshua kept his distance from her, the sight of her nipples getting red and pulled from the clamps and weights and the edge of the horse sliding between her folds forcing them open. His cock was rock hard but he would have to wait, he knew the time away was going to test his own control when he finally had her. She need to be punished for her disobeying but it was him that was being punished now.

Sir Joshua walked toward the horse caring the flogger, since she was only spanked by Master Daniel she was going to be punished by him as well. His disappointment had subsided in his absence which was good as he was more than just anger with her. But she was learning and expected to make mistakes from time to time. He was just disappointed in himself that his part of her training had resulted in this disobeying.

These thoughts did much for his raging desire. He felt his body relax just a bit. He faced Sarah and told her what was going to happen. She was to receive ten lashes from the flogger. They would not be soft but meant to teach. She was to also apologize for her disobeying. If they were convinced she had truly learned a lesson the flogging would end, however, if they did not believe she had learned they would give her five more in a set until they believed she was truly remorseful of her actions.

Sarah nodded her answer to Sir Joshua that she understood her instructions. She then felt the gag being loosened from her mouth and dropped around her neck. Then it was touching her collar bone the first strike from the flogger came. Her body tensed and jumped at the pain from it. The ends bit into the skin just above her breast. She took a deep breath and apologized for her disobeying, “I am sorry for disobeying.”

The words had just left her lips when she felt the next one hit her across her breast, her nipples reacted by getting harder in the clamps causing them to throb and hurt from the restriction. She again apologized.

The next strike landing hard on her ass. Her body thrust forward forcing her clit to slide hard against the edge of the horse. Sarah cried out in pain as pulled on her already swollen clit. She felt her ass start to sting again before she even go the apology out. She rushed to say she was sorry again.

Each time she repeated the same phrase, “I am sorry for disobeying.” When the tenth strike and apology came she waited to see if they believed she had learned her lesson. She was allowing herself to relax and let the breath out of her when the next strike hit her just on her hip. The edge of the flogger tapped her folds. This time she felt her skin tighten and start to burn from the force. She knew they were not satisfied with her. She had just gotten, “I am” when the next lash hit her in almost the same place. She cried out from the pain. Her body rocked against the hard wood surface as her clit slide against it again.

Sarah was just about to take a breath and apologize when the next lash struck her on the other side in the same area. Then within the space of a second, the fourth and fifth lash came.

She dropped her head and her body ached from the lashes. She choose her words very carefully before she spoke. Sarah knew that she needed to convince them that her shame and disappointment in herself was real, she had learned not to disobey. When she opened her mouth she closed it as the tear ran down her face, “This slave is very sorry she did not do as you had instructed,” she took a breath and continued. “Thank you for my punishment as it will teach me not to disobey again.” She if her head could have gotten lower, she sank against the horse and the restraints. She waited for what seemed like an eternity. She felt her arms being released then the ropes on her legs were loosened and removed. Her wrist stayed tied together and the blindfold remained.

She felt arms around her waist lifting her from the horse. She knew they were Sir Joshua’s hands as his tended to be rougher than Master Daniels. His grasp was stronger but secure as he put her on the ground. He held her waist until she was steady enough to stand on her own.

Sir Joshua removed his hands from her waist even though in his mind he wanted to take her right there or at the very least put his hard cock in her slight swollen mouth. His resistance was wavering the thought of the flogger striking her skin making her jump from the pain and watching her skin turn a nice shade of pink renewed his desire to have her.

He slowly removed the clamps from her nipples. Sarah gasped as the blood ran back to the tip. He ran his thumb over each nipple watching her reaction in her blindfolded face. The mixture of pain and pleasure as he rolled them between his thumb and finger made him smile. Her back arched slightly pushing her breast toward him, filling his hand. He slowly bent over and took a nipple into his mouth and started to suck it.

The moment his lips touch Sarah’s hard nipple she gasped at the pleasure. The slight pain from him rolling them was forgotten as he pulled and sucked her nipple into his mouth. He continued to roll the other nipple between his thumb and finger. She felt herself getting wetter, she wanted to feel him touch her, to be in her. She had missed the physical touch for weeks. I kept reminding her to behave and do as instructed. She never wanted to please anyone more than she did her Master and Sir Joshua in her life.

She smiled as her nipple was pulled more into his mouth, he sucked and bit on the tip. She wanted to much to touch and to please him as much as he was pleasing her. The rope on her hands reminded her of her place, she was to do as ordered.

Sir Joshua released her nipples as her moans and cries for release was almost his undoing. She was going to please him and Master Daniel but first she would have to start learning again. She was going to learn to please them before she was allowed her release. He took her collar and pulled downward giving her the unspoken command to kneel.

He slapped the side of her face with his cock and she opened her mouth but he did not allow her to take him in her mouth. He touched the side of her face and told her simply, “Slave, today your training starts on how to please.” And with that he walked away.



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