Episode # 20 – And the punishment

I knew that I was going to be punished that was what I had been waiting on all night. The waiting for the punishment was killing me. I kneeled all day waiting for Master or Sir Joshua to return and hand out my punishment, but they never came. Now it was day and there was the note sitting on my dress. Although I could not see the writing on the outside it was screaming at me. My mind was working over time wondering what was in that note. Were they ready to say I could not be trained and releasing me back to my life that I now viewed a boring and lacking. The thought were whirling around in my head I didn’t know what to expect.
I pushed the covers aside and eased out of bed. I took small steps to retrieve the note, I needed to know what was inside of the note but not wanting to see it.

My name was written very elegantly on the outside of the folded paper. Inside was what appeared to be a list of things.


Your actions yesterday were very disappointing to myself and Sir Joshua. You have not learned to control yourself. Your training for the next few weeks will be to not allow your release. You must learn to control your orgasm as they are a gift that we allow for you when you have pleased us. You will have additional duties added to your schedule this week as part of the punishment you will receive.

1. Regardless of how close you are to your own releases you are not allow to ask permission to have an orgasm.
a. If you ask for permission you will receive 5 strike from the paddle for the first offense, 10 for second and if there is a third time in this week you will be whipped
b. If you have an orgasm without permission – first offense will be 10 strikes from the issuers punishment toy of choice, second offense will be 30 strikes, third offense will be strung on a rack.
2. You are to use the suction cups on your nipples 3 times a day
a. When you awake in the morning you will add the suction cups to your nipples before your shower. Your alarm has been set to reflect this new awake time.
b. Each day when you return home you will attach the suction cups to your nipples for at least 30 minutes.
c. Each night after your shower you will be required to add the suction cups to your nipples for at least 30 minutes each night to stretch your nipples
3. You are to use the suction cup on your clit 3 times a day
a. We have decided that your clit will be pierce in the next two weeks and would like you to make your clit larger for the piercing.
b. Each morning when you wake you will attach the suction to your clit before you shower for at least 30 minutes.
c. Each day when you return home you will attach the suction cups to your clit for at least 30 minutes.
d. Each night after your shower you will be required to add the suction cups to your clit for at least 30 minutes each night.
4. You are to wear your kegal balls each day all day.
a. You are to take them out each time you use the restroom and clean, then you are to reinsert them
5. When you return from school you are to apply suction cups and do your work. At 6:00 pm each night you are to report to the door to the play room wrapped in silks and kneel on the wood board that has been added.
6. You will have your ass trained at least 3 times a week. We are not wanting your ass to lose much of the tightness.

You must be on your best behavior as your training will continue as long as you continue to obey the rules. You are to dress in silks and kneel. And don’t forget the suctions cups

I looked to the right off the note and seen the syringes that had a large opening. I noticed that the one for my clit was larger than for my nipples so I would not make a mistake. I took one of the ones for the nipple and sucked my nipple slowly into the tube. When I started to feel the pain I pulled just a bit further and stopped. I began the same process with my other nipple.
I took the other tube to the bed. I laid on the bed and spread my legs. I took my fingers and opened up my lips to expose my clit. I tried with my other hand to attach the tube but I could feel that it was not right. I looked around the room and seen the dressing mirror and the reflection of the chair. The chair that Sir Joshua was usually sitting in.
I moved the chair in front of the mirror and sat down before it. I had never paid much attention to my pussy before. I did noticed that it needed to be waxed again. I took my hand and ran it between the folds, I felt myself getting wet. I removed my fingers fast. I held the folds open and seen the spot when all my desire was located. I pushed the tube against it, letting go of the folds and pulled the plunger back. I felt it being pulled inside. I was exciting. I pulled further back. The pain was coming but I seen how it was encased inside the tube and pulled more. It sucked it further inside. And again the pain was overwhelming. I again pulled the plunger. The pain was too much I released the plunger a bit. Just enough so that the pain was not too much.

I sat there looking at my clit sucked into this tube and my nipples. It was a sight, my nipples were getting red as they swelled inside. I felt the throbbing in both nipples and my clit. I didn’t dare twist either although I so wanted to move them around. I could feel the pain turning into intense pleasure, one movement could cause me to cum and that is what got me in trouble. Although the note didn’t say anything about the punishment for my actions yesterday. Was I not going to be punished for it? Was the kneeling the punishment? Oh I hoped. My legs still hurt from it.

I looked at the clock, my time was almost up. I pulled on one of my nipples and feel the sensation go straight to my pussy and decided that was not a good idea. I slowly pushed the plunger of the suction tube to release my nipple. It was red and hard and longer than before. I touched it with my finger tip and removed it fast. The sensation was just too much. I removed the tube on the other nipple and was amazed at the size of them.
Next was my clit. I pushed the plunger slowly back and felt the desire and wanting immediately. My swollen clit was slowly coming out of the tube. When the tube was completely off, my clit was large and red and very swollen. I ran my finger of the hard swollen skin and nearly jumped off the chair. It was so sensitive.

I rushed to the shower. I turned only the cold water on, it seemed to work for males or at least I think it did, so I was going to try. The cold water hit my body and caused my nipples to get harder if they could. I turned the hot water on and hurried to finish my shower.

I dried off and wrapped myself in the silks hoping that I got it right. I kneeled with my hands on top of my knees and with head dropped. It was only a few minutes when Sir Joshua entered the room.

“Rise, slave.” there was a harshness in his voice.

I stood before him with my head still bent down as I was not allowed to look them in the eye unless ordered too and in this case I didn’t want to see the anger there.

He slightly adjusted the silk, “Good job, slave.” I replied in just more than a whisper but loud enough to hear at his distance, “Thanks you , Sir Joshua.”

He rubbed his fingers over my hard, stiff nipples. He pulled on each one and twisted cause me to moan in pain. “Spread your legs, slave.” I did as I was told. He rubbed the swollen spot between my legs, “nice and swollen.”

He attached the leash to my collar and told me to follow by walking. We went straight kitchen where there was food for me on the table and kneeling cushions on the floor.

“You are to eat then kneel.” he said releasing my leash. “I will return for you later.”

Oh that word “later” how long was later? Was this another day of kneeling?


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