Episode # 21 – After Breakfast……

I took my time eating. I did not want to be on those kneeling cushions again. My legs were still hurting from the day before. Each bite I chewed as long as I could. Then it occurred to me that if I was to take longer to avoid the cushions and Master or Sir Joshua was to enter the room and noticed that I was lingering to avoid what I was assuming was punishment they would be madder and my punishment might be worse.

After that thought I decided that it would be best if I just finished up and took my punishment for what I had done. I had never controlled my orgasms before. Most of the time when I was with a guy it was more like if I could make sure I got mine and fast. I mean not all guys were like that but most were so I didn’t stop mine for the romance novel, cumming together. But I guess I should have learned something. I mean how do you tell you body not want to feel that intense pleasure. This was going to be harder than anything I have ever done. I didn’t know that certain things could give me so much pleasure. The sliding of a cock in and out of my mouth now made me wet, even the thought of it was making me wet.

I decided this was not the thoughts I should be having since I was in trouble. I opened my eye slowly and noticed a pair of bare feet standing in the door way. They were attached to a male body or they would have looked very out of place on a females. I did not let my gaze drift up ward as I did not need another reason to be punished. I was took look down and face my shame of disobeying.

Then I could not mistake that voice, “I thought you had fallen asleep, slave.”

“No, Master.” I said in hushed voice, “I was thinking.”

He walked across the room and took a seat behind me at the table. “Care to share your thoughts?”

I was not sure if this was allowed or not so I started with a questions. “Master, they were thoughts on my past.” I took a breathe and he said nothing. I wanted to turn and look to see if I was to continue, but that would have violated my place.

After a few moments Master said, “Continue slave.”

“Sir, I have never learned to control myself.” I said feeling my head drop lower in shame that I was not a proper slave.

“That is part of learning, slave.” Master said, “You must accept that you are mine of your own free will.”  I heard him get up but he was still standing behind me. “You must accept that you are not to do anything that you have not been allowed to do.” He started to walk around in front of me. “I am your Master, you will only do as I have commanded or suffer the punishment.”

With that last statement Master follow behind him without a leash on my hands and knees. When we arrived that the stairs I was ordered to stand and walk then resume my crawling when at the bottom.

By the door to the play room was a wooden board that had been added just outside. It was just a simple wooden board placed outside the door. I thought it was going to be something else but it was “just a board.”

We entered the room and when we were just to the horse I was instructed to stand. Master instructs me to straddle the wooden horse.

“Put your arms behind you.” Master instructed me.

He attached the cuffs to each wrist and then chained the together and down behind me.  My hands were able to use the horse for balance. Master then attached a cuff to each ankle and attached them to the rings on the side of the horse. The way the were attached caused me to be exposed to Master.

When he was done, he moved the silks back from my waist to expose my pussy to his view. He took one finger and slide it between my folds, “With daily suction your clit will always be exposed.” Then he pinched it between his finger and thumb and pulled with a slight twist causing me to moan with pain.

He walked away from me to the cabinet. I seen that there was lots of devices in there. I had never actually seen inside of it before.

Master returned with a syringe that was like the one in my room. The larger one for my clit. Master took one hand and opened the folds and then used the other to place the syringe against my clit and then pulled back on the plunger. The excitement soon turned to pain as he continued to suck it further inside. When Master was satisfied with how far it was inside he released the syringe and then turned his attention to my nipples. There was still red for the suction they receive earlier.

“I love these long nipples of your.” Master said taking one into his mouth and sucking on it. “They will look great pierce.” Master said as he toyed with my other nipple.

He walked back to the other side and got into another cabinet and pulled out the blindfold and the ball gag. He came back to me and attached both, turning my world black again. He lightly touched my nipple causing me to jump.

“Having pleasure is just one part of this training.” Master said lightly moving to the other nipple circling it. “This is not about controlling the pleasure.”

He pinched both nipples and pulled slightly on them, “Your orgasm is not yours to take and have freely.” Twisting them now and pinching harder, “Your body is mine to do with as I wish and I will give you the rights to have that pleasure or not.” He pulled even harder causing me to arch my back from the pain and whimper from around the ball gag. “Do you understand me, slave?” I shook my head so hard I thought I was going to hurt myself.

Master released my nipples and I could hear him walk away.

When he returned he was standing to the side of me, “I usually don’t do this,” he began, “but you have pushed Joshua too far this time.” Then I heard that sound just before the tails came down on my breast. “He was very upset with you.” then another strike.

Master walked to the other side of the horse, “You are a slave and do not have the rights to do as you wish.” Another strike, they were getting harder now.

There was only a moment and another strike. There was just a moment where I thought Master had walked away. But by my ear I felt his breathe. In a voice just barely loud enough to hear, “You will not disobey me again, slave.” then a strike that caused my body jerk and arch against my restraints. Then there was a silence. Then the every noticeable open and close of the door.

I sat there feeling more exposed that I had ever before. I felt ashamed that I had not learned anything. The pain was more from my failure than the actual punishment. I et my head fall forward and hang in shame. My thoughts were on how I could please Master and Sir Joshua. I only wanted to have the chance to tell them and show them just how sorry I was.

I was not sure if I had fallen asleep or not but my next thought was on the sound of the door opening again. I was not sure how long I have been there, but I tried to listen to the sounds of the movement to determine who was in the room. But it was silent. Then I felt the slight pull of my clit that was still inside the syringe being released slowly.


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