Episode # 39 – And the training continues….


The buzz of the alarm woke Sarah as she stretched and did her now normal routine. She rolled to her night stand, took the suction tubes and placed them on her nipples then walked to the chair to suction her clit. She set the timer and leaned back in the chair, with her legs spread open. As she looked in the mirror she seen what Master Daniel had been talking about. She was still swollen from their play almost 2 days ago. She was slightly bruised from their pounding. She remembered with delight the feel of both Master Daniel and Sir Joshua deep inside her, as she came on their cocks feeling them get wet as the slide faster and faster inside her.  She could not resist the urge to touch her puffy lips and pull them back just a bit. She seen more darken skin as her own juice was a making in shine as her thoughts again went back to the day. She could still almost feel the vibration of the wand against her clit.

The timer beeped and brought Sarah back to now as she felt her fingers sliding along her still slightly raw pussy lips. She removed her wet finger from herself and released the tube on her clit. She ran her finger over the tip of the hard nub and found that her body didn’t care if it was still a bit sore it wanted more. Sarah resisted the urge to keep rubbing herself. She had not planned on taking a shower this morning as she had just had one last night but her desire and need told her she needed to cool herself down.

Sarah turned the water to warm, no need to freeze this morning. And with her towel wrapped hair she stepped from the bathroom. She looked to the chair she had left earlier expecting to see Sir Joshua sitting there, but even as she looked she knew he was not there. Master Daniel had told her Sir Joshua would be away for a few days. She returned to the bathroom to get ready for school; drying her hair and putting what little makeup she wore.

When she returned to her room there was a tray sitting on the desk and a note was waiting for her along with her keys.

Dearest Slave;

You will be allowed to leave on your own early in your training due to some scheduling issues. With Sir Joshua gone you will have to drive yourself to and from school. I have a list of instructions for you this week as I will also be away most of the day and night. You are to follow these directions as this is out of necessity and part of a test in your training thus far.

  1. Your clothes have been marked by the outfit to wear each day
  2. You are to drive yourself to school and conduct yourself the same way you would if myself or Sir Joshua were with you.
    1. You may spend time with your friends and talk with them. I must warn you they might ask questions about your change in appearance and attitude. Even small changes are always noted by others more than by yourself
    2. They might question the recent presence of Sir Joshua, you are free to tell them what you would like as for the relationship. However, I will warn you against just playing it off as nothing as they will be more curious about it. I suggest telling the truth in the way this is a new relationship that you are seeing where it takes you. As this is true and you have much more to learn and see.
  3. When you arrive home, you typically removed your clothing at the door, you will continue to do this. Your posture collar will be left there each day. You will be required to wear it at least 5 hours then you may switch to the metal one. After a few days it will be easier to wear.
  4. You will study each day, I expect good grades as much as I do a good slave.
  5. You will dine with True this week as much as either of you have time between studies.
  6. You are to continue to suction your nipples and clit each day.
  7. You are still in training and being watched. Remember your rules and follow them.

Your training continues


Sarah sat the note on the desk and took the piece of toast on her tray. She walked to the closet and seen a full set of clothes in the closet. Each outfit was labeled to which day and what shoes. Sarah was starting to really like this. She loved the way your Master made her look. She could understand his warning about how others would see her. She remembered the first time she had seen True. She was almost afraid to approach her. But now she was so glad she had.

Sarah had only seen True briefly in the last few weeks since her training kept her very busy. She was glad she would have time to talk with her. And to thank her.

Sarah dressed and got into her car, there was a cell phone on the console with a small note attached. All it said was “Call Me, Master”

Sarah turned the phone on and went to the contacts and there his number was in it’s place as her first favorite. It wasn’t until that moment she realized that she didn’t actually know his cell number nor Sir Joshua. But there they were on the favorites list, along with her parents. He must have had her cell phone to get that information.

Sarah pressed the button for her Master and is surprised when the ringing is through her car. Then her Master’s voice fill her speakers.

“Good Morning, slave.” his voice surrounds her.

“You will notice that you have a new phone as well as hands free for your car.” she could hear his smile even over the phone. “Don’t be surprised, slave, it is safer if you need to make or take MY calls.”

“Yes, Master.” she smiled as he emphasize the word “MY” .

“Now be safe and if you have trouble call me,” he said “Sir Joshua will be away from his phone, and slave, have a good day.”

“Yes, Sir.” she said and the phone disconnected.

Sarah drove to school by herself for the first time in weeks. She was happy that she was trusted to be on her own, but there was a part of her that missed Sir Joshua being there. But when she turned the radio up she soon forgot all about being alone.

Sarah went through the day, going to class, talking with friends who did exactly what her Master had said they would. They asked her about her sudden moving from the dorms and the new guy. She told them she had moved in with True, which was true as that was her and Master Daniels house. And the “new guy” was a relationship she was starting out slow, taking her time to get to know his likes and dislikes, which again was true, but slow was not exactly a word she would have used to accurately describe when they were together.

She had finally made it through her first day, it was not all that bad. She thought she handled herself very well.

When Sarah arrived at home, she stripped of her clothes and laid them on the table as usual. She picked up her collar and there was a note. She attached the collar and opened the note.

Dearest Slave;

You have completed your first outing during training. I hope that you did not do anything that would cause you trouble. You may have the day to yourself, study, call your parents or friend but you must remain home. I suggest taking the time to rest and relax as you have test the rest of the week.

If you dine outside of your room tonight you will wear your silks, you should start getting accustom to wearing them, however, if you dine in your room you will do so nude. Other than a robe after shower, you are no longer allowed to wear clothing in your room (with the exception of dressing to leave the house).

I will be late tonight, get your sleep and rest.

Your Master

Sarah took the note to her room and sat the computer to study, it was harder with this posture collar on, she could not bend her head. After about three hours her back was killing her from keeping it straight.

She dined with True that night and they caught up on things.

They days seemed to pass away quickly as her finals seemed to consume most of her time. After a few days the collar was easier to wear, it didn’t cut into her as much and her back didn’t hurt as much after a few hours.

The day her last final was complete she treated herself to a treat of going out after school with friends. After she was there for about 30 minutes, she received a text.

“Why aren’t you home?”

It was from Master Daniel. Was he waiting for her? He had been away and she had not seen him in days.

“Call me, NOW!!!”

Sarah excused herself and walked outside to call her Master. She pushed button and the phone barely rang one time.

“Are you alone?” He said. She could tell he was not happy with her. She whispered the word, “yes” when she realize he took a breath and was holding it. She knew he was extremely upset, she didn’t have to see his face to know it, she felt it.

The silence was killing her, she didn’t know if he was considering her a waste of time and was about to say so, or not.  When he finally spoke she felt the full impact of his anger.

“You are not where you should be, right slave?” The way he said “slave” sliced through her. She bowed her head, knowing she had made a huge mistake this time. She knew he was not to be kept waiting and it appeared that is exactly what she had done.

“No, Sir.” she said with all the disappointment she felt in herself. She knew that she should have asked to change plans or ask to be anywhere other than home. His orders were very specific about where I suppose to be.

“Get. Home. Now.” Master Daniel clipped his words at her before hanging up the phone.

He was so angry with her, the first time she is allowed to conduct herself without someone there to monitor her, she disobeys. She will have to learn that even when he is not there that she has a certain way to act and should follow the rules just as if he was standing there. He had cut a meeting short to get home before she arrived hoping to surprise her with a little gift for doing well in school and her following her training.

Master Daniel was going to reward her with diamond earrings. When he sat there in the chair in the living room and the time for her to be home had come and gone, he waited just a bit longer. After 30 minutes waiting and no call or text saying she was late or going anywhere else he used the GPS in her phone to locate her. She was just off campus at a coffee shop. Yes, there was nothing wrong with her being there but she was not given permission. He thought they were past this part of her training. He thought that she understand that she was to do as ordered. He anger grew as he pulled up her number in his phone and texted her.

The minute his phone rang he answered and could not control the anger in his voice. He was just as upset with himself that she was not learning this simple part of the training. But his anger was directed toward here.

He sat in the same chair as before as it gave him a clear view of the front door. When he heard her car door close it was only a matter of second and the door opened. There was a second of scared shock when she seen him sitting there. He read it on her face.

He pointed toward the floor right in front of him. Before she could kneel before him, he stopped her, “Stand and undress.”

Sarah turned and started to undress as she would have done if she had arrived home as she should have. She felt her fingers tremble as she closed them over her buttons. The look on Master Daniels face was more than she could take. She kept her head bowed and turned so that he could not see her disappointment and she did not see his anger.

She knew that she was taking longer than normal to take her clothes off. She slowly slipped the skirt off her waist and took time to fold it before placing it on table. When she turned Master Daniel was standing right behind her. He had a rough leather and metal collar in his hand. He reached up put it around her neck.

Sarah turned without being ordered and raised her hair. The collar was wide leather, with metal inserted in the middle to make it keeps the shape. There was a wide buckle on the back and large ring on the front. When he tighten the collar she felt him pull tight against her neck. Not enough to hurt her, but just enough to get her attention and make her take deeper breaths.

It was all Master Daniel could do not to spank her right there as she took her time undressing. He knew what she was doing, stalling. But it was not going to deter his anger. When he fastened the collar and she turned he noticed that her nipples were still dark pink and hard. Under normal circumstances he would have taken each one in his mouth and sucked them till he had his fill. She had to understand that an order was an order.

She attached the leash to her collar and yank it downward, letting her know to get on her knees and kneel before him. When she was in her kneeling position, he finally trusted himself to speak to her.

“You disobeyed me, slave.” He said “slave” again in that way that made it sound like a slur.

“Crawl behind me, slave.”

Sarah felt herself cringe as she got on all fours and followed him to the original room that she had been locked in the cage that first day. She wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing. But she was at least happy he was still referring to her as “slave”.

Master Daniel thought she needed to understand that rules didn’t change and that she needed a reminder of the beginning.  He ordered her to stop in the middle of room where he told her to kneel and hold the end of the leash out for him. She held it on her open hands just out in front of her chest. He walked to the cage.

Sarah’s eye widened as she knew where she was going. That cage, the one that told her she was in a lot more trouble than she thought. Master Daniel unlocked the cage and opened the door, then sat the key on the mantle. He walked back to her and to the end of the leash. He walked to the chair on the others side of the room. He told her to stand and place her hands on the back of the chair and bend forward.

The moment her hand was secure on the back of the chair she hear the slice through the air then felt the sting on her ass. Before she should let her breath out there was another one and another.

There was a slight pause then another. Master Daniel then spoke, “Slave, there are rules for a reason.” then another smack against her ass. “Those rules are so we both understand the roles and expectations.” And smack. They were getting harder. Sarah knew that he was leave whelps on her ass, she could feel them each time he spanked her.

“You disobeyed one of the first rules” this time there was not smack. “You will start your training over.” That was worse the another smack. She was back at the beginning and this time Master Daniel was starting out disappointed, she felt crushed.

As the moments pasted with no additional punishment she thought the worse was over. Sarah was just about to relax, when she heard his order close to her ear, “Count, slave.” his words were as loud as if he yelled them at her. Her body tensed from head to toe just as the next swat connected with her. She yelled out, “ONE!!!!”

Master Daniel knew that she was grasping what he was telling her but she was not getting it fully yet, he next set of punishment was to teach her by disobeying him there was a severe punishment.

He swung again making contact “TWO!!!!” she cried out. He seen the whelp appear the moment the belt made contact. There would only be 8 more and he hoped that he did not have to punish her again for not obeying. It would be 20 the next time.

Master Daniel hated to spank for punishment he would rather it be a pleasure for both. Sarah’s ass was bright red. She was shaking from the pain of both her ass and she disappointment. After what felt like forever, there was a cool lotion applied to her ass. I soothed but just the touch made her jump from pain.

Sarah knew that she was on the verge of losing her place here as his slave. Her tears were from her disappointment more than the pain. Master Daniel pulled on her shoulder to make her stand. He still had her shoulder in his hand when he spoke to her again. “Slave, please do make me do that again.” those words were full of emotion. He let go of her shoulder and sat in the chair. He told her to sit down. He held her in a way that was to comfort her now sore ass.

Master Daniel held her tight not wanting to feel that anger again or have to punish her. Causing pain during play was one thing, causing pain in punishment was not something he had ever liked.

His hand ran over her hair, “You will now completely obey.” It was not a question but a command. One that Sarah was going to make sure she followed.



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