Episode #48

Sarah was still in the same position when Joshua came back in the room. Her head slightly off the bed, her lips darkened pink and swollen from his cock moving in and out. There was the glisten of cum in her face. He wanted her. It had been way too long and last night only added to the desire. Taking her hand he sat her up and slowly wiped his cum from her face. Looking into Sarah’s eyes, even in her pain she was smiling. Joshua slowly wiped her lips, looking down at them unable to stop himself kissing her deeply. His hand on her cheek caressing as his tongue entwined with hers. Sarah raise her hands to his face cupping his freshly shaved face. Not caring about her pain she move closer to him, the sheet dropping off her chest. Joshua’s voice whispered against her lips. “Oh you do make me want you” leaning his forehead against hers. Sarah’s hand still caressing his face. When she tried to kiss him again he took her face in his stopping her. “Sarah your body cannot possibly take what I want to do to it right this moment” lightly kissing her lip looking in her eyes, “but soon it will be and you will wish for the quiet then.”

Joshua slide off the bed and got dressed. He let her know she was to rest the entire day. He would be back later to add more salve to her bottom. “Sarah I won’t apologize for how hard I took your ass, but will apologize that I have to wait to take it again.” Smiling Joshua left the room.

Sarah waited in bed for few minutes before deciding she also needed a shower. But getting there was a struggle, she was in pain but smiled at remembering the cause. She was almost to the bathroom when her phone indicated a message. She had set up personalize text and ring tones for both Master Daniel and Sir Joshua. This way she knew when it was them texting and also during the silence it would make her smile to get a text from either.

Looking at her phone there was a text from Joshua.

Rather than taking a shower I do suggest the tub. There is a bath salt for you to add, soak for 5 minutes then turn the jets on low. Yes, Low. This will help you sore muscles and the soaking will help heal other things. You will be ready for this afternoon. Complete nude and in bed resting.

Sarah felt herself blush, how did they always know what she was going to do. It was crazy. She did as instructed and soaked in the tub. The hot water did amazing things for her sore body. She looked down at how long and dark pink her nipples were. Not able to resist the urge to touch them, they were hard and even the lightest touch she felt all over her body. The sensation went straight to her already throbbing pussy and ass. Sarah looked down to her mound and seen it was still pink and bulging, she needed to touch to see if it was also as sensitive as her nipples. That was a mistake, her clit was still distended and slightly sore. She dared to go further, feeling the puffy lips of her opening. Her finger slipped in to her tight hole and she could tell it was very swollen inside. Sliding her finger out, traveling down just a little. She felt the inflamed pucker of her ass, the slightest touch made her jump with pain. Now she understood what Joshua had told her this morning. She was too sore and needed to heal from the pleasure she gave and received last night.

Doing as she was instructed Sarah soaked until her fingers were raisins. She dried off her body taking care of her pussy and ass. Went back to her bed and decided to read.

Sarah wake to see the room is dark and she is covered with a blanket. She stretches and gets a reminder of her being taken just the night before. There is a card next to the light on the night stand. Sarah turns the bedside light on and reads….

Joshua and I found you resting very nicely and did not want to disturb you today. You are healing my pet and should rest for at least another day then we will resume your training. Joshua will be back as promised later this evening. Dinner will be up at 7 pm sharp should you should eat everything to keep your strength up….you will need it soon.

Sarah looked at the clock and it was ten till 7. She sat up in the bed and covered herself and waited for dinner. She ate and started to read, her body was just tired and she awoke to Joshua telling her to relax.

Before she was even completely awake she felt his finger slide between her ass cheeks, before she could tense he push his finger in her ass. There was pain and then instant cooling, Sarah’s whimper as almost more than Joshua could take. He had not meant to take her tight ass so hard, but when it was wrapped tight around his cock, feeling like a tight hand griping him, all he could do was to give over to the temptation. He mind filled with images of her small puckered hole opening allowing him to feed his desire. Joshua needed to get control of his mind and body. His cock was hard as a rock feeling that tight ass around his little finger.

“Sarah, relax baby only a little more.” Sarah felt his finger withdraw from her ass then another finger inserted. Biting her lip she relaxed as much as her body would let her. Taking deep breaths. Joshua was finished and covered her body with that blanket before going to the bathroom to wash his hands. Sarah didn’t move for fear it would hurt. She knew staying tense would only make it worse but could not get her body to relax.

Joshua had stripped off his clothes on the way back to bed. His finger moved the hair behind her ear from her face. “Sarah, open your mouth”

Sarah opened her mouth as instructed. Joshua push his hard cock into her mouth. He moaned as he push until the crown was resting against the back of her throat. Pulling out to the tip and pushing back inside. His hand grasping the base of his cock keeping him for doing to her mouth what he wanted to do to her ass. His control was wavering with each stroke. He wanted her more than he knew he should. He felt her body relax as the extra push her throat opened and his mushroom slide inside. He tight throat squeezed his head was his undoing.

“Pet, I am about to fuck your mouth,” his stroke slow and deep, “I am going to use it like I did your ass.” With that Joshua began to push deeper in her throat coaxing it open for him. When he was balls deep, he began to increase his speed. Using her mouth harder and faster, his cock buried in her throat, giving her a breath then pushing deep again. Drool starts to drip off her chin only making him fuck her mouth harder. Tears form in her eyes from the lack of breath. His body driven by pure want and need fucks it even harder. His hands caress her neck pulling her mouth against him. He pumps his cock in and out of her mouth faster, wanted to be deeper. Needing for feel his release. His ball slap her chin, he’s cock swells and jerks. Joshua pushes himself completely down her throat and releases hot spurts of his cum in her throat, pulling back covering her tongue. “Suck me dry little pet.” Sarah sucks on the head as his hand pushes streams of cum in her mouth.

When Joshua is empty he leans back on the bed catching his breath. Standing Joshua pulls back the bedding, picks Sarah up and climbs in bed behind her. Wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her up against him as she wraps his legs over her. “This is so I can get some sleep you little nymph” whispering in her ear. “Now sleep little one” Sarah just smiled and drifted off to sleep. 


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