Episode # 12 And a slave I shall be……

The alarm sounds at 6:30 am; I fold the covers back and slid my bare legs off the bed. There is a robe placed neatly at the end of the bed. It is made of a rich blue silk. I run my fingers slowly over the soft fabric. I slip one arm in the robe then the other feeling the cold fabric against my bare breast. Any touch to my nipples caused them to become erect and hard since they had been clamped.

I tied the robe loose around my waist as I made my way to the shower for what was my Masters order to bathe in the mornings as well as anytime he was done playing with me.

The water ran over my body and across my hard nipples causing me some pain. They were still a dark red and sore to the touch. Not that I was allowed to play with them myself. So rather than get myself in trouble again, I washed myself clean and left the shower putting on the soft silk again.

When I entered my room I noticed that there was a set of clothing hanging on the closet door with a note:

“I found very little in your wardrobe that I liked, you will have to wear this today. There is no underwear as you can see as I do not like them. Your wardrobe will be enhanced in the next few days to the color I have chosen for you.  You will wear your hair pulled back in the front and let it hang down in the back. Your shoes are just inside the door of the closet. Have a good day and I will see you at dinner tonight.”

The shirt was blue with a slight Vee in the front, a bit tight across my breast and with these huge nipples they will show at the slightest breeze. The skirt was a cream linen skirt that hit about mid-thigh. I had bought this skirt for a social function a year ago and forgot it was even in my closet. What was he thinking, these would never go together….

After I pulled my hair back and brushed it straight in the back. I put my chosen clothing on opened the closet to find my shoes. There was only two pairs of shoes in the closet and only three dresses and one skirt hanging in the closet. Where were all my clothes? Did they not bring them all?

I could feel myself getting very angry, those were my clothes, and they had no right to get rid of them. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was totally amazed at the image reflecting back at me, sexy yet very classy and chic. Wow, who would have thought?  But that didn’t excuse the fact that I didn’t have all my clothes. I didn’t have much but they were mine and I had worked off and on to pay for them. This was not acceptable.

As if he could read my mind, Joshua walked into the room, not knocking of course. “You look at bit angry?” I almost forgot my place when I turned. It took just a moment for me to remember my rules. I kneeled down where I was standing and placed my hands on the knees, palm up. “No, Sir.” Joshua advanced toward me, “The slave girl should not lie,” he said as he reached me, “you can be punished for it.”

He looked in the open closet door and started to laugh, “I see he cleared it all out.” I could feel myself getting angrier. “Not that you didn’t dress well,” he said grabbing my chin, “but you will dress in what your Master thinks you should wear,” letting go of my chin, “Slave you can raise.”

He started walking toward the door. I stood where I was. I was not sure if I should crawl in this skirt or not. Joshua turned to see my puzzled look on my face.  “You may walk,” he said with a smile.

After we exited the bedroom and was making our way to the stairs, he turned and informed me that Master and True were already gone for the day and asked if I wanted anything for breakfast. I told him that I didn’t typically eat in the mornings.  He said that was good as he needed to get me to my first class but needed to give me a few instructions before I went to class.

More training began in the car on the drive to campus.  Joshua instructed me on the finer details of my training.

  • Always crawl when leashed, unless otherwise instructed.
  • When dressed, I may walk. Dressed meaning outside clothing. (He would explain other clothing later)
  • When dressed in a skirt and I kneel, I am to pull the skirt up to allow my knees to be at my sides to expose my clit which was to be neatly trimmed or totally bare.
  • Dinner: If I was instructed to get dressed then I would be seated at the table to the right of my Master. If I was not instructed to get dressed then I would kneel at the right of my Master on the cushion.
  • For two weeks I was to return home and undress except for the jewelry that would be provided to me later.  Any jewelry provided was to be worn as instructed.
  • School work would need to be completed prior to dinner and any outside activities had to be approved by my Master and I would have an escort.

We arrived at the campus and found a parking place near the building for my first class. Joshua turned to me after he turned the ignition off, “Although you are a slave,” he began, “we are still gentlemen, you will wait for us to open the door.” I nodded to him as he got out of the car and walked around to open my door.  He instructed me that I was to put both feet on the ground out of the car and to stand. It was the proper way to exit a car. I did as instructed and he offered me his hand. He body was so close to mine I could feel the heat. He leaned close to my ear and just but a whisper in the air, “Very good, slave.”

Joshua was waiting there just outside the door when class ended. He offered his hand. As I took it, he pulled me closer to him and whispered to me again, “You will walk just behind me.” Joshua turned and pulled me to just inches of his right side. I thought it would be like 5 paces behind him. It was almost a protective move rather than the slave one you would think.

“You have two hours before your next class,” he turned his head slightly. “We shall have a talk.” He walked me to a more private area out of ear shot of others. This was fine with me. I didn’t want to try to explain to friends why I could not talk with them.

“When in public, away from others in our realm you will act normal.” he said as I took my seat when he instructed me to sit. “Now, because you are new to this,” he said, “you will have chances to ask questions.” He told me that there was to be honesty between everyone, lies can cause problems as they do in most relationships.

My first question was a simple one, “What do I tell people?” Joshua told me that most people have an image of what this lifestyle was and telling them would only create more questions that I would not want to answer. Most people would never know. In public it just appears that you are the same as before, with a bit different way of acting. Every behavior was a reflection of the Master and that I should never do anything to draw undo attention to myself or my life and those in it. People would never know unless I was to say anything. After the first two weeks I would be allowed to do the things I did before but with limits.

My next question was what the next two weeks would be…..he simply answered me, “That is up to your Master.” But he did say that as far as what to expect there would be instructions daily left for me. But the training would be in the ways to be a good slave. Such as how to sit, how to dress, how to pleasure my Master, what to basically do.

 When time came for class Joshua walked me there and was waiting just outside each time. When my day was done we returned to the house where I was instructed to take my clothes off in the living room and place them on the table near the entry way. Joshua told me that I could use the computer in the smaller study, the one with the cage. That he had things to do and would return for me within the hour and if I finished my work before he returned to assume my position on the kneeling cushions and wait. “Remember, you are being watched,” as he pointed out the camera’s in the room.

I got to work on a paper that was due at the end of the week and finished in no time. It is amazing when you have no interruption what you will get done.  When I finished I walked over to the cushions and kneeled, knees to the side as far as I could with my feet tucked under my ass, exposing my clit to anyone that walked into the room.

Joshua entered the room and I bowed my head. He attached collar back to my neck and attached a leash and began to walk. I did as I should and crawled. Down the stairs again to the playroom. When I entered the room there was a X device in the middle of the room. Joshua walked me over to the device. “This is a slave cross,” he informed me, “stand up and lean against it.” There were places for my arms and legs. I raised my arms and spread my legs to the restraints that were attached. “Good, slave.”

Joshua tightened the straps against my wrist and ankles. He pinched on of my nipples cause me to winch in pain. There was still red and sore for the days before. He just smiled and walk to the cabinet. When he returned he had to bulb looking things in his hand. He squeezed the bulb end and placed it over my nipple which sucked it hard inside, pulling on it. I again winched at the pain of my nipple being pulled. He placed the other bulb on the other nipple and gave each a slight pull and twist.

He moved back to the cabinet and returned clamp. I was hoping it was not my nipples again. I didn’t know how much more they could take. But that is not the planned area for the clamp. Joshua pulled back the clitoris hood to fully expose my clit. He attached the clamp to the clit and I felt the pressure and pain, but was soon replaced with excitement. I felt myself getting wetter with each passing minute. He placed weights on the clamp that pulled my clit. He pulled a blindfold out of his pocket and placed it over my eyes. I heard him in the cabinet again and when he returned he instructed me to open my mouth. He placed the ring gag in my mouth and fastened it to my head.

Joshua pulls on the bulbs attached to my nipples, I moan through the gag in my mouth.  He leans closes to my ear and tells me to not move too much as it will cause the weights to pull more. Then I hear his retreating steps but I don’t hear the door open so he is still in the room with me. I feel a cool breeze blowing across my body. My senses are heightening by the lack of sight. It feels like tiny little fingers touch every inch of my body.  My nipples are sucked deep inside the bulbs and feel the slight pain from them being pulled.

Joshua’s voice near my ear startles me. His voice is but a whisper, “Good Girl.” I feel his warm breathe searing my neck as I feel my body react to just the brief words. When my senses come back to me I smell leather just the moment before I feel it strike my skin. My body arches outward at the unexpected sting from the leather ends hitting me just below my breast. It felt like a thousand hits at once. It must be the cat o’ nine tails that I had seen from the internet. The next hits my just inside my right thigh causing me to arch again. The next blow hit just below my left hip. The twinge of pain causes me to more violently. The weights attached to my clit pull harder down.

Joshua pulls the gag from my mouth.

“Tell me slave why you are being punished?”

I have so many indiscretions that I have a hard time remember which one that I am being punished for.

“Sir,” I say with a catch in my voice, “I have so many mistakes that I need to be punished for.”

The leather comes down on my again this time over my right breast. The sting from the pain causes me to move again.

“Slave you will list why you are being punished.” Joshua said in a stern voice that I had not heard before.

I was not sure my punishment if I did not remember all of my mistakes. I begin to list all the ones that I could think of.

“I have not pleased the Master,” I said in a shaking voice, “I came before I was told I was allowed to.”

Joshua whips my left breast, this one a bit hard than the previous ones.

“I have forgotten my place as a slave.” I said hoping that would include all the smaller mistakes I made.

He hits me again with the leather biting into my skin more just over my left hip again. This time the tips hit the exposed clit cause me to buck with pain.

“When have you forgotten your places, slave?” Joshua says with this deep authoritative voice.

“I forgot that I should clean you first, Sir.” I no more than got the words from my mouth than the next strike hits me again on my breast, causing them to sting like I had been slapped by 10 people at once.

“And?” he was being to sound a bit angry. I was not sure what else he was referring to. How many mistakes had I made?  I question myself. Thinking back over the time I have been here. It could not recall anything else.

When I did not answer within his allotted time I received another swat to my breast, this time even harder.

Joshua leaned close to my ear, “Slave, you have lied.” I feel myself cringe. I remembered this morning that I had indeed lied about being angry. “And you lied to me.” I brace myself for the next smack of the cat o’ nine tails. But it does not come. I couldn’t tell where Joshua was. He was very angry with me. I did not notice any anger before. We spent the biggest part of the day with each other. He smiled and we talked. Why didn’t he bring this up before now? Just when I begin to relax my body from its tense position the next swat comes as a total surprise. I hear the leather cut through the air just a moment before it hits my exposed clit. I scream out in pain that causes tears to form behind my blindfold.

I feel Joshua’s fingers on my face and he lifts the gag back into place. This time the door opens and closes with his retreating steps.  I feel like such a failure as I remember that I not only lied to him but right to his face. He even warned me that I could be punished. I must remember my place. The stinging of my body does little to over shadow the pain I feel at not pleasing Master and Sir Joshua. I must try harder.


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