Episode # 28 – The Longest Week…..


I awoke at the sound of the alarm wishing I could have had just another minute. It was like real life was affecting my dream state. I was not allowed to have an orgasm in my awake state and it appeared that my dream state was not going to allow it either.

I drug myself out of bed. Even though I had waken in the night I still felt rested. I was not sure when Master had allowed me to please him but it was actually heaven. Maybe that was why I didn’t feel tired. Not to mention, my day of not doing anything had just about killed me.

I decided not to shower again this morning as it had only been 2 hours since my last one and my hair was not even fully dry. I decided to pull my hair back today in an updo. Most of the clothes that Master had chosen would allow this style. It also made it easier for me to do my hair because it was a mess.

After I had finished my hair and applied the little make up that I wore I entered my room to find not only my food waiting for me but my clothes out on the bed and Sir Joshua sitting in his chair by the door.

I entered the room and walked toward my cushions to knee but was stopped by Sir Joshua’s words before I could start kneeling down. “Remain standing, slave.”  I turned to face Sir Joshua with my head bowed. I felt him walking across the room toward me. He had the my kegal balls (which I had learned the name for) in his hand. I had taken them out this morning to clean them before replacing them inside after the suction. I found that it was easier to add them after as the suction on my clit made it hard to keep them from wanting to push out.

He was rotating them in his hand. I could see them moving and almost hear the vibration from them. I was going to ask if I was to wear them at school or just when I was in the house.  I guess this was the answer to my question, I was to wear them all day every day.  The thought excited and made me nervous. Having to make sure they did not slip out. Master had decide on a skirt today. I was not allowed to wear panties so this was going to be a challenge.

When Sir Joshua got to me to ordered me to take a seat on the bench at the end of the bed and to spread my legs. I did as ordered and felt his finger run up and down over my folds. He let his finger sink in between them and down to the opening of my pussy. He slowly inserted one finger inside and took it out, “You are very wet today.” as he inserted his finger into his mouth to lick my juices off. I could feel myself getting wetter and feel my nipples harden. It was so exotic to see him taste me like that. He moved his hand back between my legs and inserted one ball, using his finger again to push it deep inside. He moved it around then inserted the other ball pushing it up to meet the other. He moved the finger around to get them to vibrate then removed his finger again. He offered his fingers to me to lick clean for him. I complied with the unspoken order. I sucked his fingers into my mouth licking the tip and the length as it entered my mouth. I closed my lips tight on his finger and sucked hard taking the whole thing into my mouth before he pulled it out.

“You should eat now before it gets colder,” Sir Joshua said as he stood up off the bench. I turned myself over still not wearing anything and sat on the bed and ate breakfast. I was a good girl and ate all my food and took my vitamins. After I finished I got up and went to the night stand to retrieve my suction tubes. I thought Sir Joshua might want to help me with these also but he did not move from the chair he had claimed again. He was using his phone to text or email I was not sure. It was the first time I had seen him doing anything other than just being there.

I added the first suction to my nipple and pulled the plunger back. I moaned lightly as my nipples were getting more and more sensitive each day. I placed the other tube on my nipple and pulled the plunger back on it too and twisted them just a bit to make sure they made a good suction.

When I started to apply my last one I realized that I usually used the chair that Sir Joshua was not using. I hoped that I got it right since he was in the room. I wasn’t sure what the punishment would be for not doing it right and I had just gotten in his good graces after the last mistake.

I sat on the same bench and spread my legs wide open and used my finger to pull the lips back to get the tube over the clit and hood. I pulled the plunger back and hit the timer on the tablet that was on the bed.

I sat there not moving much till the timer was up. I lifted my head and opened my eyes to see that Sir Joshua was standing between my legs. His hand was reaching for the one on my nipple. He took the plunger and push in just a bit then pulled it back more. I arched my back and moans at the sensation. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure as he pulled it back just a bit more. I moaned loudly. He took the other nipple and did the same. My breast for thrust forward as my back arched more. He then turned is attention to the one on my clit. He pulled on the tube causing it to pulse with pent desire to release. I had to stop the instant desire. He must have sensed the sensation I was feeling because he stopped pulling and twisting and released my clit of the tube. I had to keep clinching my muscles to keep the balls inside as my pussy pulsed with more desire. Sir Joshua then pushed the plunger back down on my nipples one as a time releasing them. He could not resist himself the rub the very hard dark red numbs.  He took a step back, “You should get dressed before you are late.”

I turned and looked at the clock as I realized that it was almost time to leave to get to school in time. I had to hurry. I dressed fast not paying attention to my clothing until I grabbed my bag and looked in the mirror. I had not been given a bra today and my nipples were poking out of the slightly tight shirt. Sir Joshua was still sitting in the chair and I seen that he was smiling at my realization that I did not have a bra on. He got up from the chair and came across the room. I remained still not moving as he reached around  and pinched my hard nipples, “They will go down a bit,” he said with his mouth just an inch away from my ear. “You have naturally long nipples,” he said, “you should show them off just a bit.”

He took his fingers off my nipple and pulled my shoulder back causing my breast to thrust out. “Posture is very important.” he instructed, “we will work on that soon.” I nodded as I seen imagines of walking around with books on my head. The movie “My Fair Lady” popped into my head. I almost laughed but then I thought back to last night. All of the ladies that were here all walked and talked very elegant. The same thing that drew me to True in the first place. They were true ladies, or at least they were trained to be. That is what I wanted. I wanted to be a lady that pleased her Master and from the looks of it this is what he wanted.  So I would learn this as well.

I was not sure what the coming week had in store for me but from what Master had said I was going to be in training as much as possible.

The day pasted without and incident. With the exception of trying to keep the balls inside my pussy and the constant stares of the males and some females in my classes. I kept my head bowed as I was escorted from class to class. Since I had submitted to Master I had seen less and less of True. Partly because I had been in trouble a few times, other reason were I was escorted too and from school by Sir Joshua and then my training continued when I got home.  In between classes I had some research to do in the library so that took up most of my free time. Before I would go at night if I didn’t have a date. Now it seemed my nights would be filled with other activities. I grinned at that thought, thinking about last night and the shower.

Oh I had to stop that line to thoughts. I could feel my nipples getting hard again. Sir Joshua would know something was up at the difference. I think he noticed everything.

After my day was done and a cancelled class later I had arrive back home. This time I was told to go to my room and change into my everyday silks and to wait. My collar was still in the same place it was when Sir Joshua removed it this morning. Which meant he would be coming soon to attach my collar again. I actually started to miss the feel of the weight today as I was gone. It was strange how soon things that I had started to miss from my daily routine.

After about 5 minutes Sir Joshua entered the room. He had changed clothing and was wearing just his black slacks and belt, no shirt. I was kneeling on my cushions waiting for his arrival. “Stand, slave.” I stood as he walked toward me and picked up the collar from the place where it was left. He attached it to my neck and fastened a leash to the ring. I sank to my knees and then to my kneeling positions as a good slave did when leashed. I didn’t see his smile but I knew it was there. “Follow me by crawling.” I complied with his order and he took me to the study where Master was. I was led to the cushions in his office. I had not noticed them before. Were they there before or added for me? I took my position on them kneeling with my hands on my knees face up and my head bowed. After Master finished what he was working on he stood and took my leash and ordered me to follow behind him and Sir Joshua to the play room crawling.

I did as ordered again. When I arrived at the door to the play room it was open with a bench in the middle of the room. I was ordered to lean over the skinny bench. My stomach hit the center and my hips rested against the side. My breast were to hang over the other side.

When I was bent over I was ordered to place my hands behind my back. They were tied together, starting at my elbows all the way to my wrist. I felt them being lifted behind my back up into the air.

I felt the metal clamp onto my ankles holding them to the floor. My legs were then tied to the sides of the bench. There was a rope tied just below my knee to the leg of the bench and one tied just above my knee on my thigh. I could not move but to ensure no movement even my head there was a mask added to my head with a ring that allowed it to be strapped on and tied to pull my head back. I felt the cold metal clamp being added to my still red and hard nipples and I felt them being pulled downward by some sort of a weight. I moaned at the pain and exciting sensation of my nipples again being pulled.

It seemed like I was in this position forever. I could not hear what was going on around me. The hood stopped all the sound and did not allow me to see anything. When I felt the touch of a finger against my swollen clit I almost jumped. It was from the surprise of the touch and the sensation of not knowing it was coming.

The spread the folds back and exposed my cilt pulling the hood back. I felt the rubbing of something slick on it just before it was pinched. I cried out with pleasure. The quiet again.

I felt the smack of a cock on the side of my face. It was a indication that I need to open my mouth and take the cock that was offered. I could not move my head but I felt the hard cock slip over my lips as I closed them a bit on the head and sucked it. I knew this was Master’s cock that was in my mouth. I had come to know the difference in the shape of their penis’. Masters cock had a fat head and fatter shaft that was more oval. Sir Joshua’s was fat but more round.

I ran my tongue under the rim of his head and  felt the jerk of pleasure. He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. Not pushing the full length inside. He slowly pulled it back out then slide it back inside, just inserting about half his shaft inside. I sucked his cock harder making his have to pull with his body to get it back out. This must have pleased him as it barely reached this head before he was pushing it back inside and sliding it out again. Over and over his slowly pulled his cock out of the suction my mouth had created. Then he pushed his cock deep inside my mouth not allowing me to suck as hard then he held the sides of my head and slowly fucked my mouth deep.

I felt my ass being spread apart and the gel being inserted into slowly deep inside. The tube was removed and I felt a finger rub around the rim, rubbing the gel over my ass before his finger slide into my pussy making it all slick too. I felt the cold metal touch the side of my ass just before it was slowly added to my ass. He push slowly just a little at a time until I could feel my ass opening then the wide part of the plug was pushed inside and it was as if my ass swallowed the rest of the plug. The slight pain turned to pure pleasure at having my ass full again.

There was fingers on each side the my pussy opening it as I felt the head of a cock start to enter me slowly. It was warm against my pussy. I felt it hit one of the balls that was still inserted. It pushed it deeper inside as he pushed his entire cock deep inside my pussy where it rested, still not moving. I felt my pussy start to pulse around the huge cock that was inside me.

The cock in my mouth began to start moving faster still deep strokes as the one in my ass start to keep pace. One would fill my mouth as the other filled my pussy. I knew I had to concentrate on not having an orgasm. This was torture. They were both sliding in and out of my holes while the other was full of metal.

Their speed increasing, faster and faster they were fucking me. My mouth was being fucked hard by Master. I could hardly keep my climax down. I felt his balls start to hit my chin as he was going deeper inside my mouth. He had his hands on the side of my head. I felt the grip of Sir Joshua hands on the side of my hips, grasping them as he fucked my pussy hard. Long hard forceful strokes that made me want to scream if there was not a cock in my mouth. Even if I could ask to cum I would never be able to with the stiff cock in it.

I held my climax, then I felt the unmistakeable jerk of Master cock. He pushed it deep inside my mouth, massaging my throat to take her completely deep inside. I felt the squirt of his cum hit the back of my throat and almost gag me as it slide down. The pounding on my pussy had increased. He was ramming his cock so hard his balls were hitting my swollen clit with force. He continued this pace and pushed himself deep inside and I felt this releases.

Master limp cock was still inside my mouth not allowing me to cry out for my own releases. Sir Joshua held himself buried deep inside as his cock jerk more and I felt the last of his cum slide deep inside me.

Master took his cock from my mouth and Sir Joshua removed his cock from my pussy. It was just a moment I felt the slap of a cock on the side of my face. I opened my mouth to find Sir Joshua’s cock being slide inside. I cleaned the cum and my own juice from his cock. He removed it and just a few minutes later I was being released from my restraints. The clamps on my nipples were the last thing to be removed. They stood me  up and let me get my balance then removed the clamps. The pain of the blood rushing back to the tips almost caused me to cry out. I moaned and I felt the cream being added to them. It was cold and soothing.

Master attached the leash back to my collar but order me to remain standing. “Very good, slave.” then he tweeked my nipple causing me to jump.  He handed the leash to Sir Joshua. “You are to take a shower, dress in your silks and then study till dinner.”

He left the room and Sir Joshua ordered me to walk behind him to my room where he released the leash. He reached down and wiggled the plug still in my ass. “That should stay comfortable in your ass for a while.” I just nodded and entered my room. I showered and dressed back in silks. I sat down very easy but was surprised that other than the sensation of pure pleasure if I moved just right the plug was comfortable in my ass.

I studied and waited for dinner to come…….



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