Episode # 27 – The quiet before the storm…..

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I was never more glad to hear the words “Dinner is served.”

 Master came back to take my arm escorting True and myself to the dinning area. He dropped me at my chair to the left of him and went to pull the chair out for True. Sir Joshua took my arm and guided me into the chair that he had pulled out for me and took the seat next True. The was a formality to the dinner and although my clothing was barely covering my body I still felt formal. My nipples hardened at the cool air that filled the room.  The conversation seemed to swirl around me just as it had that night in the beginning.  It occurred to me that there were faces there from that night. There were not just business associates, if there were even that, they were other Master. Those with women companions I noticed had the very same ring as Master and Sir Joshua. The women were all wearing a sort of necklace that would handle a leash. There was always some sort of loop on them all. I had never noticed this before. These ladies were well behaved and very elegant just like True. Was that all part of the training or were they always that way. They spoke with each other and the other men in the room not as equals as I had first thought that night but you could see the difference when you are looking for it. They spoke when spoken too, the conversation was directed to current events, recent vacation, new projects. It was almost surreal these ladies were slaves. This is what I wanted, to have my Master see me as their Master seen them and as Master looked at True. They were elegant and truly beautiful women. They were my new role models they were what I wanted to be. With this new resolve I sat up straight and watched what I said and how I ate. It was pure torture at first but this was what I wanted and I would be this kind of slave.

After the meal was over and coffee and drinks were served, Sir Joshua whispered in my ear, “You have done well, slave.” I nodded my head and left it in a slight bow, “You are very kind, Sir Joshua,” I said in nothing more than an whisper myself, “Thank you.” Sir Joshua smiled and that was the first time in days that I knew he was pleased with my actions.

“You may retire to your room, slave.” Sir Joshua said, “You have school tomorrow.”

 As I turned to leave the room I hated to leave, but I knew to be a good slave I had to accepted what Master and Sir Joshua decided were best for me.

 I entered my room still happy that I had finally pleased Sir Joshua. I see that there is a note with my tubes on the night stand.

 Dear slave; 

Don’t forget to use the suction on your nipples and clit tonight. They are coming along nicely. In a few days we will start to increase the time they are used and you will need to get your rest. In the next few weeks your training will increase and you will need to rest when you can.  

Enjoy your night, sleep well 


 I readied myself for bed. I didn’t shower as it was only hours before that I did and there was not playing at dinner or after. I climbed into bed and put the tubes on my nipple and pulled the plunger back watching it being pulled inside the clear tube. I applied the tube to the other nipple and pulled it inside. When I was applying the one to my clit I felt the nub standing out more than before. It was hard and standing out and very sensitive. I did not rub it more than once to know that it would get me in trouble to continue to play with it. I hurried and added the tube and suck it deep inside.

 After the timer on my tablet told me it was time to remove the tubes I could feel my nipples pulsing inside the tubes. When I released them from their confined they were dark pink and standing out further than before. They were hard and just the slightest touch sent my clit twitching in the tube. I pushed the plunger releasing my clit and I could feel it still pulsing. I did not dare to touch it, although I knew it would feel wonderful to rub it and please myself but I was not allowed to have an orgasm because I had one without permission. That was the part that had confused me. I thought it was a good thing to have one, but as I started to realize controlling my climax was one thing I could take control over when everything else was as my Master wished. This was just another pleasure that would be denied if I was not a good slave and that is exactly what I wanted to be.

 I climbed into bed and noticed that the time was only 10:30 but without anything to really do today I was more tired than if I had been chained up all day. That thought gave me a bit of a smile. I actually preferred being used by my Master and Sir Joshua than to having nothing to do. What a change this was.

 I found myself starting to drift off as the wine at dinner had me relaxed.

 I awake to  the feel of the bed lowering as another person climbs into my bed. I felt my hands being raised over my head and cuffs being attached and locked to the headboard. I feel the sheet being removed from my body and pulled down. There is a hand on my ankle that only pulls it a bit and I spread my legs at the unspoken order.

 After a moment there is a touch to my still swollen clit, it is being rubs lightly with the tip of his finger, just enough making me want to move my hips to take more, but not daring too.  I feel the bed move and know that they are now between my legs, I feel the wet touch of a tongue against my clit, it causes me to arch my back at the sensation that spread through my body. I felt their fingers on each side of my lips holding them back and sucking on the hood of my clit and running their tongue under the hood to the swollen clit. I felt the sensation spreading over me and I had to take control of it. Their fingers grasped the hood of the clit and stroked it over my clit making me arch my back further moaning and wanting more. This was pure torture, they would suck and stroke and lick until I was climbing then would stop and run their fingers over my thigh or run them slowly inside my pussy that I knew was dripping wet.  Then they would return to sucking my clit make me cry with need. I wanted so much to ask to cum but I did not want to punished and still denied. I would take this torture and the feeling of ecstasy that they were giving me.

I felt the bed shift again, this time I felt their hands under my ass lifting my hips as I felt the head of their cock at the opening of my pussy. They slipped inside just a bit then withdrew. Again they slips their cock inside just a bit and withdrew again. They continued to slide just about 2 inches inside and withdrawing. After what seemed like forever, they inserted their full cock and buried it deep inside my wet pussy. I arched my back taking the full length deep inside. With their cock buried deep inside I feel my clit being rubs and my moans become louder as I control my climax again. The release my clit and begin to slide in and out of my pussy. I am so wet as I can hear the sounds and his cock slide with ease in and out. The balls inside move around vibrating and pushing deep inside.

They start to increase their speed, sliding harder in and out. I feel their balls start to slap against my ass as their cock gets harder. There is a slight moan and I feel them release their cum deep inside my pussy. I feel a great sense of happiness that I am honored to have their cum inside me. As I had learned that was a great honor.

They stay still for just a few minutes then I feel the bed raise as they got up. I feel the breathe on my hard nipple just the moment before it is taken into their mouth. They reach for the other and pulls and tease it as they lick and lightly bite the other. There was an instant pulse inside my pussy and I had a hard time controlling my climax. My nipples were sensitive and the touch of his tongue was pure pleasure.

Then the nipple was released as was my wrist. He grabbed my hand and helped me sit up. I slide my legs off the bed and stand.

I feel their hands on my breast squeezing them and pinching my nipples. They release them again and move behind me leading me to the bathroom.  They stand me just inside the door and walk to the shower, there is just enough light that I can tell that is Master. He turns the water on and climbs inside holding out his hand to me. I felt a measurable amount of pride and happiness that he wanted me to wash him.

I walked into the shower and took the body soap and added it to the sponge. I took care of make it bubble just enough as I started to run the sponge and my hand over his neck and chest as he faced toward me. I run my finger over his nipple and circled it. I remembered that I was allowed to be a “slave slut” in my room with Master. I leaned my head forward and took his nipple into my mouth and sucked it lightly. His moan encouraged me to suck harder as I let my other finger play with this other nipple. I feel his hands go into my hair and hold my head on his nipples. He pulls my hair and moves my head to his other nipple. I run my tongue around his nipple and take it into my mouth.

He takes my hand and moves it down to his cock. I gasp it lightly and begin to stroke as his hands stay on my controlling the speed of my strokes as I continue to suck on his nipple. His moans pleased me greatly. This is what I was to do, my pleasure was in pleasing my Master.

His cock start to harden in my hand as the water flows over us. My mouth still on his nipples moving from one to the other. His hand in my hair hold my head again his chest. His hands speeds up the stoke on his cock. He removes his hand from my hand and places it on the other side of my head grasping my hair and pushing my head down his chest toward his cock. I slide to my knees and look up at Master the moment I take his semi-hard cock into my mouth. The head slides between my lips that are wet from the water gliding over his body from the shower. I like the rim around the head and suck lightly on just the head. I open my mouth just a bit to let his cock slide slowly, into my mouth, sliding deep inside. He let his head lean back and pushed his cock deeper inside. He held my head and slowly began to fuck my mouth. Sliding his cock out to the head, letting me lick the tip then slowly sliding it back deep into my mouth.  His cock begins to grow harder in my mouth, filling it full stretching it open. His hands holding my head as he began to increase the speed. He was sliding his harden cock faster in my mouth. His cock growing longer and harder in my mouth. He fucked it harder gaging me from time to time and yet he kept up the pace. His moans and grunts were louder, his cock jerk and balls harden and he pulled out his cock and poured his cum on my face. I held my tongue out trying to catch even a drop of his cum. I licked it off my lips and chin. He held it out for me to take in my mouth again. I smiled as I began to suck the rest of the cum from his cock. I sucked till every last drop was milked from him.

“Stand, slave.”

I did as I was ordered. I had just noticed that there was an additional shower hose handing on the wall. It was metal looking hose and attachments on the end. He took the hose down and turned a knob there was water squirting out of the tube like those for cleaning my insides. He took the nozzle and inserted it in my cum filled pussy. The water was very warm and the water felt extremely pleasurable. Master turned the knob again just a bit and the water intensified the pressure inside. I found myself moaning as Master began to slide the nozzle in and out of my pussy very slowly. The began to suck on my nipples and he was fucking me with the water and nozzle. I felt the sensation spreading through my body. I fought to control my climax. Master must have sensed my struggle and removed the nozzle and turned the water off.

I took the soap and sponge that had been forgotten at the bottom of the shower and finished cleaning Master. When I was done and he was clean, he turned to me. “Clean yourself and get to bed, it is late.” I nodded toward Master. He was standing in the door of the shower, “The new nozzles are to be used daily, you will need the other after anal play here.” Then he stepped out of the shower and I examined the other nozzle it was the shape of a small anal plug, with a hole in the top to let the water fill my ass. I was looking forward to it but was not sure about how to insert anything in my ass. I had only inserted my finger once.

I hurried my shower and climbed back into bed. It was just after 4:00 am and I knew my alarm was going off at 6:00. I found it hard to relax my body to find sleep. It was pulsing with need for release and visions of Master in the shower.

I must have fallen asleep thinking about Masters tongue licking my clit because when the alarm went off I was on the verge of a wet dream.



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