Episode # 26 – Quiet time……

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I returned to my room and showered again even though I had just been showered in the playroom. I did not know the rule about that. I would have to remember to ask Master. As the water hit my hard nipples it called my attention to them. They were swollen and much larger around as well as longer. They were at least 3/4 of an inch long. They stuck out hard even against my touch. Even the touch was sending pulses straight between my legs. I did not even want to wash between my legs as I was having trouble already controlling myself. I turned the hot water off and let the cold water hit me. That was an even bigger mistake, the cold water hit my nipples and made the instantly harder causing the pulse to return. I turned the hot water back on to get rid of the chill

I wrapped myself in a towel and left the bathroom to find Sir Joshua sitting in the chair. It almost startled me as he had not been there since I had gotten in trouble last. Knowing he was there, I lowered my head and walked to my cushion and began to kneel. “Stay standing.” I stopped where I was and turned toward him. He rose from the chair and walked toward me. I could see that he was holding a small jar in his hand that looked like a cream. He was opening the jar as got to me and it was a thick white cream inside. He reached for my towel and pulled it loose to let it fall. He touch his index finger into the cream and rubbed it a bit between his thumb and finger then took one of my nipple in between his finger and thumb and rubbed the cream over the nipple. He put this finger back Into the cream taking a bit more out this time. I looked like a heavy whipped cream and was cold on my nipples. He rubbed the same nipple again making it harder and shiny. I felt my back arch just a bit and it was getting very wet between my legs.

“This cream is for your nipples,” his voice caused me to jump as I was concentrating on the view of his finger and thumb rubbing my nipple making it taut at his touch. “They will get dry from the suction,” he dipped his fingers in the cream again and started to rub the other nipple, “use this after each suction.” All I could do was nod. I had to get my mind back in focus his finger rubbing my nipple was causing me serious issues. There was a ripple straight from my nipples to my clit that was not throbbing wanting to be touched.

My stomach saved me, it grumbled and I remembered that I had not eaten today. All the days were starting to run together for me. I still had to put my ball back in put my silks on and wait for instructions. I still have to study for a test that would be tomorrow, Yes today is Sunday I thought to myself.

There was a knock at the door and Sir Joshua left my nipples standing out in his wake. He opened the door fully to a take a tray. I stood there with a towel pooled around my feet exposed to whoever was at the door, but I stood. I could feel myself getting red. Sir Joshua turned around and placed the tray on the bed and came back to me and rubbed more cream on my nipples.

“There slave, that should help that dry nipples.” then he flicked one of them cause me to moan and arch my back from the pleasure. “Do you have your balls?” he asked and I nodded. “Get them.” and I turned to the dresser to retrieve them for Sir Joshua. I placed them in his hand and stood in the same spot I was before.

“Spread you legs, slave.”

I did as I was told and spread my legs wide for him without making it hard for him to reach so he did not have to lean down to insert them. He ran his finger between my folds and rubbed my clit. His fingers still slick from the cream glided back and forth on my clit, stroking it. I was biting my lip to control my pleasure. Just feel the sensation, not view it as pleasure. His finger was still rubbing my clit as I felt the first ball slide in easy, then the next ball. He then slide his finger down to join his other as he inserted them deep inside my pussy pushing the balls inside.

He withdrew his finger and put them to my mouth and I sucked them deep inside, “Good, slave.” He took his fingers out of my mouth after I had cleaned myself off him. “You need to eat.” I waited till he was at the door before I even started to move. He stopped and turn, “You will make a fine slave once you understand what is yours and what is not.” That stopped me from moving even an inch. I heard the slight disappointment in his voice. I guess he had not gotten over my huge mistake. It just meant I had to work harder to please him.

I wrapped my towel back around me and climb on the bed to eat. On the tray was more food that I usually ate in a day. There was a note with a cup of pills. I wasn’t sure about the pills. What were they? I knew that I trusted Master and that he would not hurt me but I still would like to know what he wanted me to take.

Slave:You will see that you have more than normal amounts of food. Dr. Jace said we should increase your calorie intake at breakfast and lunch then lighter at dinner when you will be more active. It will give you the energy throughout the day rather than using the food at dinner to make it through the night. You will have a set diet when you are not in the home for any meal. I will make sure you have a list of foods that you should eat and when.

You will also notice that there is vitamins on the tray as well. You have not come to trust us without question, that will come in time. But you can know that these are just a vitamin for your heath, just a multi-vitamin and extra vitamin B, D, and C. You will take these daily and more may be added after the blood work.

You will finish all that is here for you to eat. When you are done, place the tray outside the door and then you can study. You will wear your silks all day. You will be expected in your silks at dinner and don’t be late. Dinner will be at 8:00 sharp. The rest of your meals today will be served in your room. Enjoy your quiet time, after tonight your days will get longer.

Your Master

I spent the rest of my day checking emails, talked to my parents and did my studying for the day. I was ready for the test. I looked at the clock and it was only just after noon. Now what was I going to do with the rest of the day? I started working on other things for class but that got boring very fast. At 1:00 pm there was a knock on the door and there was a tray for my lunch. Again, more food but no pills this time just another note.

Slave;I hope that you are finding this quiet time enjoyable. Make sure that you are well rested for the coming days. We shall see you at dinner

Your Master

After I finished lunch I put the tubes on my nipples and clit sucking them. I rubbed the cream on my nipples and tried to find something to do for the next 6 hours. I tried to take a nap but that didn’t work. I kept thinking about my training. Did all slaves get trained like this? What was different?

My curiosity was getting the better of me, I had to look it up. I went to the computer and started doing a search, submission, training, Masters, and what to basically expect. The information I found was a mixture of excitement and others scared me. I wasn’t having second thought because Master nor Sir Joshua had every hurt me like with cuts or actual damage. My pain as more from shame. And the sexual pain was just as much pleasure, but would my training include these beating session just for their fun? I wasn’t sure what to think.

There was another knock on the door. I looked to see that the time was now 6:00 pm. That can’t be right, I had been sitting there for hours doing research? I got up and went to the door, there was a box and a note.

Slave:This is a new set of silks. They are a formal dress and will cover your body just a bit more but still reveal your body. They are for formal events or when you are ordered to wear. Joshua will be in to help you learn how to apply them. It will take some time to learn so you should practice when you find time.

Also did your enjoy your internet search? Yes, slave there is all different kinds of Masters in this world. We do not seek to cause pain to give us pleasure. An acceptable amount of pain is exciting but not mutilation or to even cause wounds. If you have questions we will be happy to answer them for you.

Now you should shower and get ready to be waiting on Joshua. He hates to wait.

Your Master

I all but dropped the box and the note to run for the shower, I did not want to disappoint him again. I think I took a record shower, put my hair up as this was a formal silk. Maybe I should have searched that.

I was in my kneeling position when Sir Joshua walked into the room. He walked to the bed and opened the box, “Come stand, slave.” I did as requested, my head bowed and silent.

He turned me around so that I could see myself in the mirror. “You will start at your waist. Place it on your left hip and hold then wrap up between you breast and over your shoulder and back to your hip. Cross it then around your waist.” He showed me twice then walked me through it a few more times. After we were done it was amazing how it looked. My breast ere covered but you could see them through the sheer fabric there was fabric covering my ass and my pussy was covered with just the end of the fabric hanging between my legs just about 3 inches. The shimmering silk was beautiful and felt amazing on my body. My still swollen nipple were holding the fabric out and if I moved it would rub them making them harder. “Absolutely stunning” said Master as we joined them in the study. He walked over toward me and examined the work. “Very good, slave.” he said running his finger over my nipples, “you are learning.”

True was standing off to the side dressed in the same silks I had seen her in before. Her nipples were hard and red showing that they had also be played with. Her nipple rings glistened under the silks. I can’t believe I had never noticed that her nipples were pierced. But that only added to my fantasy about having them in my mouth just once. Oh stop that thought before you get in trouble again.

“ladies.” was all Master said and held his arm out. We both laid our hand on top of his and walked out of the room. I was expecting to do straight to the dinning room but we passed the room and I started to hear a mix of voices. We enter the living room and there had to be at least 25 more people there. I felt myself getting red. “Just smile, they will love you.” was all Master whispered in my ear as we entered the middle of all the people. We were lead to the center of the room, Master removed his hand “Stay right here.” he said taking True to the other side of the room to be seated as Sir Joshua stood next to her. Master came back to stand next to me. “Welcome all” My head was still bowed as I was trying to hid my red face. I could still feel it glowing.

“This is our new slave,” Master took my hand and made me turn, “she is in training.” He let go of my hand, He stepped away and walked back to True and Sir Joshua. I was left there with all the people staring at me.

I have never been so grateful to hear the word “Dinner is served.”



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