Episode # 15 – Everyday a New Lesson

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I glanced at the clock and noticed that I still had a bit of time before dinner would begin. I started to notice that everything in this house had a set time. There was complete control I don’t know why I never noticed that before. I knew when I was to get up, go to school, and eat. I could see where that would be a pain to some people but it felt that I always had time to get everything done. I wasn’t rushing to get an assignment done or making sure that I had clothes to wear the next day. Now I had a set time to do school work and my clothes were picked out each morning. I have to admit that last one does still bother me. But I have love each outfit that has been waiting on me.

My thoughts were brought back to the here and now as I heard the turning of the knob on the door and enters Master and Sir Joshua.

“Very good, slave.” Master said as I began to sink to my knees. “You are learning well.”

I kept my eyes and head down and answered, “Thank you, Master.”

“Rise, slave.” Sir Joshua said from next to the bed, “Lean over the bed.”

I rose from my kneeling position and went to the bed where I leaned over. The silks were tied in a way they did not cover my ass in this position.  I felt Sir Joshua’s hand on my back as his foot pushed against my foot indicating that he wanted me to spread my legs apart. When my legs were far enough to please them I felt Sir Joshua’s hands on each side of my ass then he pulled them apart.

“I like the looks of that puckered swollen ass, slave.” Master said as he touch the swollen opening and rubbed lightly. The touch caused a bit of pain but it was quickly replaced with pleasure.

“Joshua tells me that your ass didn’t want to open far enough for him.” Master said as he slid part of his finger in my ass, the excitement of it made my nipples tingle and my pussy become wet. “It will need to be trained over the next several days for us to play.”

“Do you think it would take the small bead now?” Master asked Sir Joshua.

“It might, you can feel how tight it is around your finger now.” Sir Joshua responded

Master slide his finger in and out a bit, before removing it.

“It will need to be lubricated first.” Master told Sir Joshua. “Do you have the syringe?”

“Yes, I figured we would need it.” Sir Joshua laughed as did Master.

The sound of syringe scared me. I was not sure what a needle had to do with this. I could feel my entire body tense.

“Relax,” Master told me. “It is a syringe filled with lubrication. It is not a needle.” I still was not sure.  Master could feel how tense I was. He told Sir Joshua to show me the syringe. It was what you would attach a needle to, but was much larger, it was full of lubrication and no needle. But the size of the syringe was scary itself. It was long and wide with a small little tube at the tip. That could hurt being inserted in my ass. I could barely get my finger in the opening earlier so I knew that would hurt.

“This is the only part that is inserted in your ass,” Sir Joshua explained that it was only the tip. “Then we will fill your ass with the lube so it will take the beads more easy.” He produced these small pink beads attached with a string. There was 6 total with a large ring on the end. He explained that they would be inserted one at a time and the ring was to get them back out. It would feel a little strange at first but would actually create an intense sensation when they were removed later.

I felt the tip being pushed into the opening of my ass then felt the lube being squeezed inside. The tube was removed and I felt and finger rubbing the lube over the opening of my ass, then being inserted inside. Sliding out slowly then plunge back inside. He would insert just inside the opening and make a circle motion.

The finger was replaced with a harder object. I assumed was the first bead. One set of hands pulled my ass apart and the bead was slowly inserted. I felt the pain as the largest part slipped through the opening then it was pleasure. I felt the next bead being inserted. The same pain mixed with pleasure as the largest point was inserted. The next was a bit easier to slide inside and with each one it was more pleasure and less pain.

Master pulled on the cord just a bit to cause the last ball to come to the opening of my ass but not come out. It was pure pleasure. Then he released it let the ball slide deep inside. “Nice tight ass,” Master then smacked my ass hard, “it sucked that ball right back inside.” smacking my ass again and rubbing his palm where each strike left a slight stinging. He reached around my hips and rubs my still swollen and tied clit.

“Nice swollen clit,” he flicked it, cause me to moan with pleasure. He pulled gently on my clit then slipped his other hand lower and inserted a finger inside my pussy that I knew would be dripping by now. I felt him push against the beads in my ass and that sent a tingling sensation all through my body. Then he began to rub my clit harder and fucking my pussy with his fingers harder. When I was just about to ask if I could cum, he stopped withdrawing his fingers from my clit and pussy.

“Stand, slave.” He said with another smack to my ass.

“I will clean up myself and meet you for dinner.” he said as he walked toward my bathroom. “Joshua will escort you down.”

“Yes, Master.” was my response as I returned to my kneeling position to wait for Sir Joshua.

As Sir Joshua attached the leash to my collar he leaned down toward my ear. “How did you like your finger rubbing your swollen ass?” My head jerked up expecting to see anger in his face, but there wasn’t any.

“Sorry, Sir Joshua,” I said as I bowed my head back down. “I meant no disrespect to you by my actions just now.” I just hoped that I would not get in trouble again. “I had never had my ass feel like that before.” I said lowing my voice. “I was curious how it felt.”

Sir Joshua leaned down again, “I enjoyed watching your discover your swollen tight ass,” he said pulling on my exposed nipple. “Now stand.”

I did as ordered. He escorted me out of the room and down to dinner. I was seated to Masters left with Sir Joshua sitting next to me. True was absent from dinner tonight. Master told me she was working on a project and would be along later tonight.

I asked Master if I might talk with him later about my role in my room. He told me it was simple. If he was the only one in the room I was to act like a slut, but understand my place as a slave. I could use my body to attract him but that I was never to cross the bound, that I still a slave that would be used as he wanted. I was allowed to show him my pussy by spreading my legs and pulling my lips apart, but not to cause myself pleasure in the process. My pleasure should be his acceptance of me being there. I was to learn his likes and dislikes, such as did he like to have the head of his cock sucked and how hard. And when to suck him, before, during or after he had taken his feel of me. I was not to touch him without permission but other than that, I could do anything that would make him want to grant me the privilege of him touching me. That made more sense now.

He also told me that until Sir Joshua had granted that permission to me that I was to only be a slave when he was present. I was not allowed to do anything other than what was told. I was to assume my kneeling position when he entered the room and wait for instructions.

Okay now I understood my role with each person. It was pretty easy to understand when they told me exactly.  I asked if I could be frank before I said that. Master told me, “All you have to do is ask if you don’t understand.”

“If you don’t understand something,” Sir Joshua said, “you have to ask.”

“We don’t expect you to understand everything.” Master said touching my hand. “If we did you would be in trouble as that silk Is not tied correctly.” He laughed.

I felt myself getting red. I thought I had tied it right.

“Just a small error,” Sir Joshua said, “I will show you again.”

“But there will be a time when you have to know exactly how to tie it correctly.” Master informed me.

“Yes, Sir.”

“When we feel that you should know how,” Sir Joshua said getting up from his chair then placed a hand on my shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze, “you will be let known if it is not correct.”

I knew that implied that I would be punished if it was not tied correctly. But they were vague about how long I had to get it right.

Sir Joshua pulled my chair out to allow me to get up. I turned and moved away from the table and assumed my kneeling position. Sir Joshua attached the leash back to my collar and instructed me to stand. Master took my leash and told me to stand and walk to the play room. We enter the play room and there is a soft looking table set up in the middle of the room. I was told to bend across the table. Sir Joshua too my wrist and locked them to the sides of the table and Master attached cuffs to my ankles spreading my leg wide to the width of the rectangular table.  Master stood and pull the string again puling the ball right to the opening and letting it slide back in. Sir Joshua put a blindfold over my eyes and I heard retreating foot steps. I was not sure who was walking away. I felt finger pulling on my swollen clit then felt the string being taken loose. The blood rushing back was so painful it almost caused me to cum right then. I felt the head of a cock being pressed against my pussy opening and sliding in very slowly. I felt the beads in my ass move as the cock filled my pussy completely. I was not sure which cock was in my pussy as both Master and Sir Joshua had large hard cocks. When I felt my cheek being hit with a hard cock I instantly opened my mouth to receive it. As the head of the cock passed my lips I knew who’s cock it was, Sir Joshua. Master had a slight curve to his cock where Sir Joshua was straight with at bigger head.

Both Master and Sir Joshua timed their thrust. Each would plunge their cocks in me at the same time. Slowly inserting, slowly withdrawing. Again and again. Master reached his hand down and fingered my clit and caused me to press my hips higher taking him deeper inside my pussy. He continued to rub my clit cause my hips to jerk more and more. Sir Joshua grabbed the sides of my head and fucked my mouth hard and Master slowed his pace. Holding me still as Sir Joshua plunged deeper and deeper in my mouth. I felt the jerk just a moment before I felt him cum deep in my mouth and it slide down my throat. Thrusting a few more times for me to suck all the cum from his cock.

When Sir Joshua removed his now limp cock from my mouth, Master began to pull and rub my clit harder, thrusting his cock deep in my pussy. I felt him pull in the string as I began to plead with him to let me cum. He let the bead slip back inside and pounded my pussy harder. This time I begged again to cum as Sir Joshua now pulled the bead to the opening of my ass. My request was granted as the bead slipped out the opening. Master continued to fuck me hard as Sir Joshua pulled another bead out, causing my orgasm to increase. Master was pounding so hard I thought I would have bruises on my ass. Another bead came out, I cried out in pleasure. Then another bead and another and with each bead I came more. I felt Master cock harden more as the last bead came out and he came deep in my pussy as he slide all the way inside me.  He stayed inside for just a moment as I felt his cock jerk inside me, then he withdrew it. Pausing for a moment behind me, Master walked around to the face me. His cock was almost dripping wet.

“Slave, lick your cum off my cock.”

My Cum???? Females don’t cum like that.

I began to the lick the cum from his cock. It was a mixture of his cum and what I had to assume was mine. “Slave, you squirted when you came.” Master said as I continued to lick him. “Only as few actually do.” He lifted his balls so that I could clean them too. “You were very wet.”

I could hear the smile on his face. I had pleased my Master.

When his cock and balls where cleaned to his satisfaction I was released with orders to shower and that Sir Joshua would show me again how to tie the silks.

After the leash was attached to my collar I was ordered to stand again. Master grabbed the leash. “You will be ready for more training tonight.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Sir Joshua led me to my room and released the leash. I assumed my kneeling position until he left the room. I took the silks from my body, laid them across the chair and went to the shower.




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